Friday, April 24, 2009

Is This That? (Harmonic Jesters - Or Do They?)

Mercury Dances
By no Single Entity
Frolic in the Sun

Walk through the graveyard
Spot a fractured branch hanging
From a crooked tree

Thrown upon a wheel
Water, wind, and clay in hand
Glaze then bake the mask

The smell of particles
Irrelevant fecal matter shines
Beatifically through my smile

The joke's on me now
Acting like heaven was already here
Spilled my beer

Swimming upward
Into mercurial waters
I summon intent

Where do I go next?
Study active chemtrails

Bewildered by beauty
A storm of pimples
Erupts upon my perfect horizon

Harmonic Jesters
The Breath of Spirit blowing
On the Winds of Change

(signed -
The Butt-Hungry Hamsters)