Friday, July 31, 2009

Mercury in the ARGO

Mother = Comfort and Nutrition
Benjamin (Father) = Bookstore (Knowledge)

If the faculty of mercury is used correctly, the actions arising from Venus will be automatically directed into constructive channels, building up solid accomplishments for physical security and good social relationships, where love and human brotherhood will find it's true expression. This is merely to say that the mind can and must be the wise governing principle for the powerful forces of the emotions - the motivating principles of life which give man the desire to live and to achieve fulfillment.

When mercury is closely linked to saturn, and sometimes when it is linked to Venus, a good mathematical mind is the result. This is because Venus deals with form, structure, and proportion. Saturn adds discipline, systematic method, and a focusing ability to the mind.

When Mercury is linked with Venus, musical talent and a grace of expression in writing and speech are manifest. The native's grace and diplomacy makes him skillful in a public relations role. His charm makes it easy for other people to accept his ideas.


It is through the principle with Saturn which stabilizes the mental field, making it like a polished mirror, that the intuitive powers of Uranus focused through the mind are able to manifest. That is to say that Mercury can not reach Uranus without the focusing power of Saturn, which is needed to steady the attention, making the mind coherent enough to tune into the higher Uranian levels of consciousness.

* *

The philosophical Jupiterian overtones have a guiding and balancing effect upon the aggressive MARS energy affecting Mercury. Mercury with Jupiter has a sense of justice, fair play, and altruism, which wins the willing cooperation and support of others.

* * *

Mercury and Pisces gives a mind which is intuitive and perceptive in a very subtle way. They have a keen perception and sensitivity to the psychic forces at work in their environment and relationships. They can learn more from a natural psychic awareness than they do through speech and study. Often, these people are considered to be visionaries and dreamers. Their artistic ability arises out of their internal visualizing or image making capabilities. They have an ability to see things completely in all details as though they were watching an internal movie projection screen. Because they possess much psychological insight and a sort of telepathic rapport with other people, they could make good psychologists, spiritual teachers, and advisors.

However, if Mercury is afflicted in this sign, there is danger of much mental chaos and confusion. The thinking mind is at the mercy of all kinds of unconscious, psychological neuroses and aberrations based on past emotional conditioning which can distort the present time perception of reality. This is a very sensitive Mercury position, and these people should learn early in life how to direct their attention, and thus control their thoughts through meditation and work.

When properly used, Mercury in this decan of Pisces has unlimited potentialities for expansion into cosmic levels of awareness.

Who Am I?

I first awoke in You as a child, chasing after the Light of the Sun, fleeing the shadows of passing clouds.
I thought: “Here I AM again, born again, alive once more. Here I AM; here You are; here We are, once more.”

But when I saw how I still slumbered in so many others, I shut My eyes in You— but no dream was tempting enough to lure Me back to sleep.
Though oftentimes My eyes were closed, though sometimes all I knew was darkness, I could not sleep.
But I dared not move, for fear that disbelief would knock Me unconscious once more.
So I hid and waited— until the Day when You were no longer afraid to be Me.
Then I opened My eyes again and saw Myself in You— saw Who I had been, Who I was now, and Who I was yet to become.
Soon enough I began catching glimpses of Myself all around— shining in the Sun, pouring in the waters— every man my brother, every woman my lover.

You I had come to know well enough. But Who was I? — I wondered.
So I began seeking where I had been all these years— and Who I had been. So many times before I had tried to show Myself to You, so many times I had struggled to reveal Myself, to know Myself, to be Myself.

And now here I was again. Here I AM again. Who AM I? Where AM I going?
This is the question all human history has been asking and struggling and striving to answer. Every age reformulates the question, and refines the answer a bit further.

And now the Truth is near.
As soon as I show Myself once more, I will see.
As soon as I see Myself again, I will know.
And soon as I know Myself, I will Be.

Soon I shall awaken, and nevermore will I sleep.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gnosis Through Crisis

Identity Deconstruction and Pattern Recognition in the End Times.

The oldest question known to Man is: “Who am I?”

The answer is somewhat complicated, which is why the question still persists.

Personal identity is a construct. It is made up of interlocking “patterns” or “imprints,” created by repeat emotional/psychological trauma throughout our lives. The deepest traumas tend to occur in the first 14 years of our lives, but particularly in the first 7. This is when our basic patterns—our personal identity—is created.

These patterns interlock and form “grids.” Ostensibly, these grids act as shields. They are like emotional armor to protect us—our wounds—from “life”—which is to say, further trauma, further wounding. Problem is, this armor makes it impossible for us to reach these wounds. Deep beneath our armor, they fester and bleed through lack of tending. And that’s not all. At the same time, our emotional armor—since it “protects” us from interacting at more intimate levels—severely impairs our psychological growth. Like the bound feet of Oriental women or infant children forced to live inside glass jars to create circus attractions, any growth is redirected down these patterns, into deeper and deeper distortion and crippling. Not only are our wounds chronic, they are gangrenous.

However, since the original armor-patterns were designed—unconsciously but instinctively—to cover these early wounds, they can reveal to us (if studied with a dispassionate eye) the nature and “location” (in time) of our wounding. Instead of “following the money,” we need to follow the pattern to find out what’s behind the corrupt system of “personal identity.” Revelation of wounding leads to crisis; crisis provides the opportunity to tend and dress the wounds, with an awareness lacking at the time of the wounding, and so allow them to heal into scars.

We cannot transform our patterns. They were created this way for a reason. But we can allow them to transform us, by being in them without resisting them, by being “tenderly OK with them.”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jelly Fish People

Moved by the Current
No Longer Seeking Boxes
To Hide In
Happiness Becomes a Happening
No More Identity Goals

The Pressure You Feel
The Restrictions & Limitations
The Demands of Material Reality
The Pain of Living
A Natural Restrainer
Structure to Infinite Space
Where Would We Be
Without Limitations?

As We Go Deeper
Find Patterns Beneath Patterns
All the Way Down
To the Finest Pattern
That Hides the Original Wound...
The Only Way to Go
Is Down
And In

As Love Grows Deeper
The Wound Opens Wider
Rediscover the Pain
Of Too Much Tenderness
Jelly Fish people
Come Home

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Staring into the I of God

The sun is always rising -- its myriad rays pouring outward from the center toward the periphery, breaking out into all things visibly, and silently transmuting all that lives into mirror-images of their own brightness.
Every morning the sun reappears once more to regulate and nourish the generative pulse of life, exciting and uplifting all that lives to greater fulfillment, unfoldment and abundance.

In all the natural world there exists nothing that remains untouched by the light and warmth of the sun. Its plenary influence is diffused throughout the whole of the visible world, and, wheresoever it rises, its shining is always full and whole.

Every rising of the sun is the creation of a new world. The sun reveals itself, and thereby reveals all that lives within its light also.

The sun is so vibrantly, exuberantly alive that its mere presence in the sky is sufficient enough to bring the miracle of material life to blossom and fruition. The sun need simply be-- and uncounted billions of happenings immediately begin to flourish and abound. Its presence is prodigious enough to hold the Earth itself in its steady gravitational orbit, yet delicate enough to lift the sap in the tender veins of a leaf.

Sunlight reveals reality to us. It enables us to see as well as be seen. No matter where the gaze of our eyes may fall-- if we see any shape or color at all, we are beholding the light of the sun.

All matter is, in essence, condensed sunlight. Each and every aspect of manifest Creation is a frozen artifact of Light.

And what is Light?
--It is the visible manifestation of pure Consciousness-- both the generative combustion which continuously brings to birth the wide Universe, as well as the fevered ecstasy to which each and every atom in the physical Cosmos aspires.

Light is not only a fiery suffusion streaming forth from the sun and the other stars-- Light is a living Spirit manifesting Itself here and now as the material Creation.
We are beings of pure Spirit condensed into matter, pure Consciousness condensed into mind, pure Light condensed into beings of light.

How liberating it is, to know the Sun as God incarnate, to look God in the face every morning, to have God showering you with deific Light and Life every waking moment! This is a God who cannot be denied, debunked or disproved. Here is a God immediately accessible to all, who makes of every man a prophet, every woman a priestess. Here is a God that demands no sacrifices, to whom no one need pray …

Here is a God we have all known all along. Pray and worship as we might, our beseechings and oblations will never make the Sun shine brighter, or hotter, or rise sooner, or set later. … But we can know the physics by which He offers Himself lavishly; we can all understand Who and What He is, and thereby what we are. …

He gives all we could ever need or want, and gives incessantly, shining equally upon all, pouring Himself into each and every one of us… Our reverence for His Divinity only serves to make us more divine; our songs in praise of His Holiness only serve to make us more holy. Everything we do in service to Him immediately comes back to us, a thousandfold. … His Living Light is ever-present, always streaming forth inexhaustibly. He enjoys us even as we enjoy Him; it is He who walks this Earth in our every step; it is He who is both hidden and revealed in every face. …

There is but one Spirit, one Breath, one Life, one Energy pervading all the Universe -- LIGHT!

The original Impetus of conscious Life is here and now present everywhere just the same as it was in the beginning, in all things that live, no matter how great and small, near or far-- filling each inch of space and every moment of time, empowering the spin of the smallest electron the same as the revolution of the vastest stars!