Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jelly Fish People

Moved by the Current
No Longer Seeking Boxes
To Hide In
Happiness Becomes a Happening
No More Identity Goals

The Pressure You Feel
The Restrictions & Limitations
The Demands of Material Reality
The Pain of Living
A Natural Restrainer
Structure to Infinite Space
Where Would We Be
Without Limitations?

As We Go Deeper
Find Patterns Beneath Patterns
All the Way Down
To the Finest Pattern
That Hides the Original Wound...
The Only Way to Go
Is Down
And In

As Love Grows Deeper
The Wound Opens Wider
Rediscover the Pain
Of Too Much Tenderness
Jelly Fish people
Come Home


poseidon said...

some watery stuff for all!

Jimi Hendrix said...

Moon, Turn the Tides ... Gently Gently Away

DanAriiaNnu said...

Blessed be! ...Angels returning...StarBeasts of Love and Strength...We Salute Thee!

Anonymous said...

.u..uh....aaah yeah....

1200 mics said...

speed of spirit!

Anonymous said...

something for You!

Kate and Peter said...

don't give up!

Got Words? said...

Jellyfish Heaven ~ Dead Milkmen

Gotta go somewhere
When you die
So why not see the world
Through jellyfish eyes

Jellyfish heaven
Where jellyfish go
To get away from Mormons
And drunk Eskimos
Jellyfish heaven
Is a lot
Like LA

If you're bad
You'll go to hell
And jellyfish will sting you
And your body will swell

Jellyfish heaven
In the big blue sea
Where it's too cold to surf
And it's too warm to ski
Jellyfish Heaven
Is full of dead

People always saying
"I won't eat jellyfish
'Cause they ain't got no bones
And you can't make a wish"
People always shouting
"Don't go swimming near those things!"
But when they're close to dying
You can hear them sing

Jellyfish heaven
Is not like Japan
Jellyfish heaven
Is not like Thailand
Jellyfish heaven
Is a lot
Like LA

Sweet jellyfish! [x2]

I've been dazed and confused
For so long it's not true
I wanted a jellyfish
Never bargained for you
Lot's of people talking
Few of them know
Soul of a jellyfish
Was created below!

Papa don't preach!
I'm gonna keep my jellyfish!
I've been tied to the jellyfish
Tied to the jellyfish [x2]
Oh Lord, I feel like I'm dying..

Anonymous said...

bad company

don't check this out! said...

you eat meat right?

Jason Kephas said...

oh JF heaven is pure genius. my grandfather was a milkman too.

AND he's dead!