Thursday, October 28, 2010

Galactic Raffle

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Accelerated Evolution and the Other Self

Excerpts from the recent John De Ruiter seminar, juxtaposed with teachings of don Juan from Castaneda's The Eagle's Gift.

JDR said:
And there’s more to you than what you have believed. You have Direct Knowledge of more-of-you that has no relationship to your self yet. It has no purpose in your life yet. For you to believe as-awareness that Direct Knowledge, within, is for you within-your-self to be absorbed into that Direct Knowledge - turning you-as-awareness from the perspective of what your self is, into something completely different - and completely foreign to your self - foreign to what your self is at present, and yet beautifully you.

Carlos wrote:
Our total being consists of two perceivable segments. The first is the familiar physical body, which all of us can perceive; the second is the luminous body, which is a cocoon that only seers can perceive, a cocoon that gives us the appearance of giant luminous eggs.

One of the most important goals of sorcery is to reach the luminous cocoon; a goal which is fulfilled through the sophisticated use of dreaming and through a rigorous, systematic exertion called not-doing.

JDR said:
You within-all-of-your-self . . . summoning all awareness into one point - accomplishing the Being of Real Knowledge in your self - remaining one-pointed, accomplishing entrance into Direct Knowledge that isn’t in your self. Direct Knowledge in all of that-within that precedes the level of what your self is.

Carlos wrote:
The act of remembering the other self is thoroughly incomprehensible. In actuality it is the act of remembering oneself, which does not stop at recollecting the interaction warriors perform in their left side awareness, but goes on to recollect every memory that the luminous body has stored from the moment of birth.

This act of remembering, although it seems to be only associated with warriors, is something that is within the realm of every human being; every one of us can go directly to the memories of our luminosity with unfathomable results.

JDR said:
Believing that entering that is you within-all-of-your-self . . . being completely absorbed into the more-of-you-within. The form of your self has no relevance in that. Its relevance is made real in the all-of-you entering the level of our self, making it all different. The all-of-you accomplishes the all-of-your-self.

In that, there is no room for a little self. The little self becomes completely absorbed into the all of a greater self. A self capable of the all of your reality: Reality-of all-of-you. A form of self, reflecting that . . . making a self.

The making of a self that matches the all-of-you.

Carlos wrote:
Losing the human form is the only means of breaking that shell, the only means of liberating that haunting luminous core. To break the shell means remembering the other self, and arriving at the totality of oneself.

Losing the human form brings the freedom to remember your self. Losing the human form is like a spiral. It gives you the freedom to remember and this in turn makes you even freer.

JDR said:
You won’t be your self any more. You’ll be real pure You . . . that has a self and that will now, - completely change. The unpleasantness of that change, as profound as it is, is to Pure-You, un-daunting. Knowing moves only by Knowing; - the being-ness of that reflecting that. Every structure in your self, by you, will bend to that. Response to Direct Knowledge will have a face in your self.

Carlos wrote:
Warriors have no life of their own. From the moment they understand the nature of awareness, they cease to be persons and the human condition is no longer part of their view.

JDR said:
[With] knowledge that is greater than what your self is, … the presence of your self fades - and what comes into the fore is presence of THIS - presence of connection with more-of-you. A connection-within to the core, that doesn’t yet really relate to your self - making its fading … right for you.

With that fading . . . comes something of a seeing - from other dimensions within. Dimensions that your self and your life are not in sync with; they’re not the same-as.

Carlos wrote:
In those states of heightened awareness you've had an incomparable richness of personal interaction, a richness that your body has understood as a sensation of speeding. The richness of your perception on the left side has been, however, a post-facto realization. Your interaction appeared to be rich in the light of your capacity to remember it. You became cognizant then that in those states of heightened awareness you had perceived everything in one clump, one bulky mass of inextricable detail. You've called this ability to perceive everything at once-intensity. For years you have found it impossible to examine the separate constituent parts of those chunks of experience; you have been unable to synthesize those parts into a sequence that would make sense to the intellect. Since you were incapable of those syntheses, you could not remember. Your incapacity to remember was in reality an incapacity to put the memory of your perception on a linear basis. You could not lay your experiences flat, so to speak, and arrange them in a sequential order. The experiences were available to you, but at the same time they were impossible to retrieve, for they were blocked by a wall of intensity.

JDR said:
Your own belief in your knowledge of what is occurring here - your own belief in knowledge of more-of-you - subscribes to bulletins-of-resonance coming from . . . what I do here - supported by the awakened more-of-you.

These bulletins come into your self - and they are to you - direct sustenance that you are, in your self, desperately and wonderfully dependent on. They hone your awareness.

Carlos wrote:
We are not merely whatever our common sense requires us to believe we are. We are in actuality luminous beings, capable of becoming aware of our luminosity. As luminous beings aware of our luminosity, we are capable of unraveling different facets of our awareness, or our attention. That unraveling could be brought about by a deliberate effort, as we are doing ourselves, or accidentally, through a bodily trauma.

JDR said:
The conversion of your self … is the highly accelerated evolution of your self. Making up for time, far beyond any scope of your life. Bringing you into the more-of-you - accomplishing shared responsibility … in where everything - is going.

Carlos wrote:
The task of remembering, then, is properly the task of joining our left and right sides, of reconciling those two distinct forms of perception into a unified whole. It is the task of consolidating the totality of oneself by rearranging intensity into a linear sequence.

It occurred to us that the activities we remembered taking part in might not have taken long to perform, in terms of time measured by the clock. By reason of our capacity to perceive in terms of intensity, we may have had only a subliminal sensation of lengthy passages of time. . . . [If] we could rearrange intensity into a linear sequence, we would honestly believe that we had lived a thousand years.

JDR said:
By the time that lands, something entirely different . . . has landed on this planet - appealing only to the Innermost of what this planet is. Appealing not to its understood structures. Appealing not to its ways. Giving invitation for awareness from within its Outermost to surrender to knowledge coming up from within its Innermost - answering everything.

And the more . . . is all coming.

Carlos wrote:
To cross over to freedom does not mean eternal life as eternity is commonly understood--that is, as living forever. What the rule states is that one can keep the awareness which is ordinarily relinquished at the moment of dying. I cannot explain what it means to keep that awareness. My benefactor told me that at the moment of crossing, one enters into the third attention, and the body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge. Every cell at once becomes aware of itself, and also aware of the totality of the body.

This kind of awareness is meaningless to our compartmentalized minds. Therefore the crux of the warrior's struggle is not so much to realize that the crossing over stated in the rule means crossing to the third attention, but rather to conceive that there exists such an awareness at all.

JDR said:
Unseen-movement . . . accomplishing a different order of seen-movement.

Beautifully and perfectly. Bringing about levels of excellence in your self not possible before.

Carlos wrote:
To elucidate the control of the second attention, I've presented the idea of will. Will can be described as the maximum control of the luminosity of the body as a field of energy; or it can be described as a level of proficiency, as a state of being that comes abruptly into the daily life of a warrior at any given time. It is experienced as a force that radiates out of the middle part of the body following a moment of the most absolute silence [. . .]

It is a moment of blackness, a moment still more silent than the moment of shutting off the internal dialogue. That blackness, that silence, gives rise to the intent to direct the second attention, to command it, to make it do things. This is why it's called will. The intent and the effect are will; they are tied together.

We don't feel our will because we think that it should be something we know for sure that we are doing or feeling, like getting angry, for instance. Will is very quiet, unnoticeable. Will belongs to the other self. We are in our other selves when we do dreaming.

JDR said:
Your self doesn’t move perfectly. (Pause) THIS does.

Carlos wrote:
Will is such a complete control of the second attention that it is called the other self.

JDR said:
As the more-of-you awakens . . . the more-of-you in your awareness requisitions all belief of you-in-your-self into THIS.

Giving it . . . personal-ness.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Warts & Storms # 10: Diagnosing the World/Diagnosing the Self

A.k.a. Satan’s Blues. Jason Kephas’ unauthorized collaboration with philosopher Slavoj Zizek, using clips from The Pervert’s Guide to the Cinema, discussing together the impotence of male fantasy, fear of the feminine, focused and unfocused awareness, the cowboy and the fool, the natural state of oneness, the psychic womb of the mother, developing identity consciousness, the overlap between entanglement and enmeshment, splitting the atom at birth, Norman bates’ mother and the three levels of subjectivity, the threat of the father to the son and the son to the father, father as original agent of child’s wounding, the Mystery Man in Lost Highway, father bonding and mother bondage, how focused awareness evolves out of unfocused, the co-ordinates of fantasy, Frank Booth of Blue Velvet, the psycho-baby and the spectacle of the father’s impotence, Dorothy’s passivity, the wounded husband, turning the wife into a model of satisfaction, the original wound of birth, the tragedy of Vertigo, the game of appearances, the ideal of the fatal woman, the ultimate abyss of the other, filling the void with fantasy, masculinity as an escape from subjectivity, the primary threat of female sexuality, tuning into dark matter through the womb, the supreme desire for merging, crushing female sexuality, Frank Booth and reality as an escape from dreams, the war between light and darkness, masculine and feminine, obliterating female desire, Scotty’s obsession, fantasy realized as nightmare, losing the imaginal realms through sexuality, individuation & fragmentation, the first impulse of anger, the hardening and closing of awareness, the beginnings of intellect, the psychopathic male, phallus as insignia, the drive to denigrate the female, replacing the anima, the male fantasy of control, Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick’s self-diagnosis, Masonic Sorcery Theater as a result of masculine impotence, the old seers’ dream realized, Kali’s desserts.

A six minute youtube clip for the first part of this podcast is here.

Songs used in this podcast: “How Do We Slow This Thing Down?” by the Gothic Archies. “Apple of Sodom,” by Marilyn Manson.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Warts & Storms # 9: The Energetic Nature of Enmeshment

Part One, Big Picture: JK discusses soul loss and spirit possession, fragmentation of the psyche through trauma abuse, the creation of sub-personalities as a means to control the victim, MKULTRA and sex slaves, installing energy threads into another like strings on a puppet, the cosmic predator, mining the earth plane for awareness, psychic vampirism, the foreign installation or “flyer mind,” enmeshment seen shamanically, the grid, being driven by psychic wounds, fragments and hungry ghosts, the anxiety of want and need, patterns of thought and feeling, the perpetuation of trauma and abuse to create psychic fragmentation, the virus of abuse grows exponentially, “do unto others,” scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, co-dependency, sexual relations, considering the other’s feelings as a way to get what we want, the pressure of fragments, matching others, working for the cosmic predator, fragments as plug-in-pods in our matrix pod, hooked into the grid, the agitation of fragments, the fundamental purpose of existence, putting our life force in service of want and need, what SWEDA is for, exposing the flyer mind, identifying the patterns of enmeshment or “plug-in” points, how our conscious minds are grown by alien intelligence inside the matrix of the collective unconscious, one size fits all, the same patterns at play in all of us.

Part two, Small Picture: JK talks with Mark on compulsive behavior, being used by our fragments, Mark’s very own hungry ghost, entity possession as the result of soul loss, nature abhors a vacuum, containing the fire of desire, experiencing the split, being still inside the agitation of the fragments, recognizing that the part is not the whole of you, the beginning of integration, not blaming the fragment, children as receptacles for disowned fragments, parenting our fragments, finding the more of you, being a loving parent and not a reactive one, communicating with the fragment, holding a healing space, sending okayness through time, spanning the abyss between child and adult selves, old trauma in the body causing current anxieties, the prison of sex, being seen in distortion, the pressure cooker of SWEDA, facing the truth, changing orientation from self-interest to what you know is true, impotent revolt of the ego, letting our patterns burn us, the wound manifest.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Heart of a Child

(with thanks to JDR)

the simplicity of living a true life
is astonishing to see
it is effortless
notice the subtleties of goodness
as living points of knowledge
give your awareness to those points
and the heart is softened
the way to give awareness
to the subtleties of goodness
is to bring fairness to your interior
the quietest kind of honesty
first give your face
to the subtlety of goodness
give your voice to that
that's it
now go live your life
it all begins
with noticing the subtlety of goodness
that's why we need John
or someone
to see that
let your face light up
and know
it is radiating goodness
even when you don't know
where it comes from
and ride it
until your body lights up
and is carried by that goodness
and the voice follows the face
it's not you
not yourself
and yet it is
becoming what you are
and I limp along
inside that current
it is so easy to lose
and yet so very easy
to find
as soon as you try
and use the voice
before the face
you lose it
the face conveys everything
an open face, opens space
for the voice to move into
not only do we use the voice to get
we even use our faces
every little movement and expression
to conceal, secure, defend, obtain
poker players know it
and how to hide it
an open faces hides nothing
smiles like a child
it is the only way to be
the only way
sorcery is suicide
without the heart of a child