Saturday, October 09, 2010

Heart of a Child

(with thanks to JDR)

the simplicity of living a true life
is astonishing to see
it is effortless
notice the subtleties of goodness
as living points of knowledge
give your awareness to those points
and the heart is softened
the way to give awareness
to the subtleties of goodness
is to bring fairness to your interior
the quietest kind of honesty
first give your face
to the subtlety of goodness
give your voice to that
that's it
now go live your life
it all begins
with noticing the subtlety of goodness
that's why we need John
or someone
to see that
let your face light up
and know
it is radiating goodness
even when you don't know
where it comes from
and ride it
until your body lights up
and is carried by that goodness
and the voice follows the face
it's not you
not yourself
and yet it is
becoming what you are
and I limp along
inside that current
it is so easy to lose
and yet so very easy
to find
as soon as you try
and use the voice
before the face
you lose it
the face conveys everything
an open face, opens space
for the voice to move into
not only do we use the voice to get
we even use our faces
every little movement and expression
to conceal, secure, defend, obtain
poker players know it
and how to hide it
an open faces hides nothing
smiles like a child
it is the only way to be
the only way
sorcery is suicide
without the heart of a child

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