Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cloak of the Illuminati: The Lumpen Elite

Picking up the thread from the comments section of the last post. There does seem to be a basic contradiction, or conflict, at work here, not just in Chris Knowles, Jake Kotze, or myself, but in all of us. The fascination with conspiracy lore and the basic “need” – compulsion – to investigate it and then propagate the narratives we discover, goes very deep. I suspect this is due to the nature of the subject itself: that it contains a germ of obsession within it, or rather an active agent that engenders obsession. A big part of it has to do with the desire to convince others, to find out how much others know, and to suspect that they are somehow less clued in than we are, insufficiently “paranoid.” Because “conspiracy” facts are suppressed, not talked about, they assume an urgency for those of us who discover them, and we tend to overcompensate, become fanatical, in the face of what we perceive as the resistance of “the lumpen herd” (as CK calls it. : D )

This is an effective method for ensuring that many parapolitical researchers sabotage themselves in the process of dissemination (Jones, Icke, et al.) by becoming overwrought and overstated, and finally implausible. By pushing too hard what is finally just an interpretation, we risk discrediting the info we wish to convey: we tend to exaggerate or overstate it out of frustration and exasperation (“You don’t get it, it’s all a conspiracy!!!”), rather than measuring our statements and forbearing from making premature conclusions or sweeping condemnations, and simply allowing the information to exist as part of a greater tapestry.

Chris K posted (at the comments section of the last post) an interesting summary of a book called The Family, about what he calls “the REAL globalist conspiracy- the one that all the rest of big conspiracy hucksters conveniently never talk about”: Christian fundamentalism's most elite organization: a self-described 'invisible' global network dedicated to a religion of power for the powerful - fundamentalism's avant-garde, waging spiritual war in the halls of American power and around the globe.” In a later comment Chris states that for him, conspiracy material is “redundant.” Contradiction? Yet I experience a similar sort of ambivalence: on the one hand, I can’t quite stay away from this stuff, because the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper; on the other hand, like Kotze, I’d love to just put it all behind me and enter a new “galactic paradigm.” But clearly, we can’t put this stuff behind us until we sort it out and figure out what the real narrative is.

I think it’s significant that, while CK feels the subject of conspiracy is now behind him, he also feels a need to point out “the REAL” truth, regarding a global Christian elite. Significant not just as regards CK’s ambivalence, but his choice of who the real perpetrators are. Very different from a global Luciferian elite, no? I also think he is on to something—it can’t be coincidence that I am currently listening to Kevin Annett’s various lectures on “Christendom,” as preparation to interviewing him next week. Annett spells out, in a very sober and researched manner, how the Catholic Church became a corporation—loyal to the State—back in 317 AD, and how the Christian ideology—combined with some Aristotelian logic about hierarchies and moral virtue being inseparable from superior strength—formed the basis for a centuries’ long agenda of genocide and social engineering.

On the same thread already mentioned, Knowles posted the following:

“I think in the future we will look back and see the myth of the Illuminati as a projection of the unacknowledged shadow side of Christianity- those who are unable to acknowledge their own unbridled avarice, their own overweening totalitarian impulses, their own sanctified genocidal fantasies project them on to amorphous bands of plutocrats. Couple this with the often-justified inferiority complex that many Fundamentalists are constantly nursing and it makes for a toxic stew.”

All of these ideas are raising a new question in my mind. What if the whole mythic narrative of a Sun-worshipping, Luciferian Illuminati has been fabricated by the real global elite, who are basically just very weird Christians (or better said, Yahweh-ists)?? I suggested in Lucid View that the true “Illuminati” did not exist—yet—that it was actually a budding counter-movement to the global hegemony, and that it was entirely unorganized, not to say disorganized, since it consisted of sun-worshipping, Luciferian individuals who would rather die than join a group movement, or ever submit to any kind of dogma or allow any God above them.

Is the “real global elite” creating a cloak for themselves, out of the very elements they most fear, out of their own Shadow? It would be the perfect strategy, because not only would it conceal their own true nature and intentions, it would also render the true “Luciferian Illuminati,” the Gnostics - those who do not worship but aim to embody Christ, the Sun - it would keep us confused and splintered, fearing and hating the very archetypes and methods that would allow us to realize (and organize) ourselves. Gnosticism is knowing; the true “conspiracy”—when all is said and done—is that of unknowing, a highly sophisticated form of stupidity. What better example of the supreme influence and power of the very, very stupid—and of the lumpen herd—than organized Christianity?

Round and round we go. I haven’t even got to what I really wanted to talk about—the conspiracy behind the conspiracy, the one we are all in on, every last one of us, the one woven from the stuff of our dreams. The one for which the nuts-and-bolts Bilderberg/Illuminati conspiracy theories, like everything else, are simply a smokescreen, to get in our eyes and distract us from a far more frightening possibility, that reality itself has been hijacked. But this topic—the Sorcerers’ Revelation—will have to wait.

Meanwhile, I’ll finish up by responding to a private email I received. Since the sender hasn’t agreed to my posting it yet, I will keep them anonymous for now. First off, the person wrote:

>I still don't see how you are anything like JSD , I read KK33 again last night, and just don't get it.
Are you all in cahoots maybe? Something to do with selling ?

The comparison to Shelby Downard was a quote that Adam Gorightly generously donated but which I have now decided to take down from the blog, since it seems to be giving the wrong impression. JSD was something of a one-trick pony—he is famous for one piece (“King Kill 33”) that may actually have been written by Michael A. Hoffman. In the 2nd part of my chat with him, Chris Knowles dismissed Downard’s work as science-fiction (I neglected to point out to CK that he adores sci-fi!); but for myself, it’s the very outlandishness that I love about KK33. To my mind, the further from what we think we know about reality a conspiracy narrative gets—while still intersecting with the “facts” such as they are, and so long as it has archetypal truth in it—the more likely I am to buy it. Downard was, in my opinion, and whether he knew it or not, a gonzo parapolitical writer, like Robert Anton Wilson only without the humor. I consider myself to be in the same tradition—gonzo, that is, without being restricted to parapolitics or even occultism. (My real field is psychology, and I guess biology, though I know next to nothing about it – hence the need for “gonzo”!)

Moving on: anonymous wrote:

Personally, I see a new post 2012 slave age for humanity, a collective living hell which we are building, in fact have nearly finished construction of. As a Christian, I thought you would be aware of that, certainly I doubt that Jesus would be promoting any one-ness given the current state of affairs. Perhaps I am wrong, though I doubt it.

“As a Christian, I thought you would be aware of that.” Huh?

Is this person referring to myself as being a Christian or to themselves? The former seems unthinkable; but since I do resonate at the deepest level with the Christ archetype, since in my Gnostic moments, I recognize the self AS Christ (don’t worry, I’m not gonna do an Icke on you all), maybe some people do think I’m Christian? Lucifer forbid. Nothing could be further from the truth. From a Christian perspective, I am the ultimate heretic and blasphemer. Not only do I accept Christ and Lucifer as One Archetypal Force, with polar expressions, I identify myself with/as both of them!

Moving on. Would Jesus be promoting One-ness, “given the current state of affairs”? To Christ all things are Christlike. What else would Jesus be promoting save oneness? “I and the Father are one” (John, 10:30), and “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” (John 14:20)

What is with these Christians? They do nothing but talk about the infallibility of the Bible, but they ignore the most pertinent bits of it, in order that they can stay on their knees, arrogantly worshipping their own sense of unworthiness. Can’t they even grasp the essence of their own goddamned religion? Apparently not.

>I read many comments which seem to infer that everything is going to be just fine as long as we all think in the same manner - surely you see that it is not.

I see nothing of the kind, but nor do I see that all of us thinking in the same manner has much to do with anything. In the end it comes down to each of us, as individuals, face to face with IT, the Spirit, the Christ event, the eschaton, call it what you will. There is no collective that is anything but “lumpen” without this first alignment with intent, also known as “God’s will.” And then there is no collective, as such, because we become God’s will, an expression of the divine. And yes, everything will be fine—whether or not the human species survives the process—which it can only do by surrendering to it, the very inverse of fighting “Satan,” or the New World Order, or whatever, since all are aspects of the divine which we have disowned and pitted ourselves against, in our infinite arrogance and stupidity .

>I don't have a problem with anyone as individuals - I don't know them - but Kotze= turncoat/plagiarist, Knowles= delusionaly optimistic, both therefore dangerous in terms of humanities future in my opinion.

Anyone who listens to the latest podcast will see that Chris Knowles is anything but optimistic, delusionally or otherwise. As for humanity’s future, see above. Another red herring to distract us from the real question: What the hell IS humanity, anyway?

>You should bear in mind why your great country was founded, who by, and what is happening now with the "global credit crisis". It surely does not take a knowledge of Jung and his archetypes to understand that, nor any specialist prophecy skills to see the disturbing conclusion.

Any conclusion we have reached, without the very helpful context of Jung and his archetypes—which is to say, an understanding of how everything that happens externally reflects and enables an inner psychological process—will always be useless: the exact same conclusion we have been led by our noses to reach, by the lumpen nature of our own dementia, no more and no less.

That’s all for now.

One more thing: I am taking the month of March off, meaning I won’t be engaging with readers, though I’ll try to keep posting stuff. Time to get off my podium and worship a while in the temple of Chronic Pain, pay my dues to Chronos. To those who have supported me of late and been attending so closely to my words, I am very grateful—don’t be discouraged by the absence of responses. I will still be reading comments, laying low behind the scenes, working on processing some of the endlessly accumulating psychic waste, forging gold (or at least copper) from the lead.

Helios willing, I shall return in Springtime!

Love Will Out.

Frater AK

Monday, February 23, 2009

93 Current: Lucifer, Christ and the Pros and Cons of Sun Worship

(Image by Cary McCoy)

There's a lot of talk about the "Illuminati" that revolves around two main ideas: one, that they are "Luciferian"; and two, that they employ symbols and narratives that relate to the "pagan" practice of Sun worship.

First up: The Sun has two faces, if you will: 1) the visible, material Sun, that gives light and (organic) life to this system, whose number is 666; and 2) the hidden or black Sun, whose number is 888 and who relates to Sirius, the "Sun behind the sun," and (as I understand it) is an Opening or Portal (cosmic vagina?) that takes any aspiring Soul who makes it past the Archons out of this fallen Universe (B-reality) into the Primary Reality of Universe A, the realm of the divine, also known as Paradise (the third attention in Castaneda).

Next up: Archetypally, the Sun is the true Morning Star. Venus is not a star but a planet, it heralds morning but does not bring it: the morning is brought by the Sun, making it not just the Morning Star but also the "Lightbringer" - namely, Lucifer (666). However, the Sun is also "the way, the truth, the light," the vesica piscis, the intersection between earthly and divine consciousness, Christ, 888.

Third up: the beast 666 is an instructor who - either by deliberate deception (assuming airs) or, more likely, through our own tendency to take appearances for reality - becomes a surrogate for God, a false prophet, a pretender and deceiver (BO anyone?). This is because the beast - organic existence - is a gateway to the divine (a vessel for it), but if taken for the divine itself (since it is without consciousness or "light" of its own) becomes a trap, a snare, a road not to immortality (the goal of the old seers and modern post-humanists both), but to "damnation."

Lucifer brings the light but is not the light; the light He brings is Christ, Lucifer's younger/twin brother. So to worship the Sun is to take the finger for the Moon, the form for the force, and become fixated on - and trapped within - "the world of shells" - the shadow realm where Qlipoth feed. One must embody the Sun, as a solar/Lucifer being, and so become "bride of Christ" - merging with one's hidden, apparently "dark" (yin) nature that is the Other, the true hidden source of light - immortal spirit that lies beyond body and soul, both of which are temporal, and so also temporary, as is the Sun and Stars, all of which are under the dominion, at least at this time, of Ahriman, decay.

There is one law: the law of the Sun. And that law is Love. DO with it WHAT THOU WILT.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Into the Zone

Oh, also this: seems i am due to be "exposed" on The X-zone tonight. Not sure what to expect, have never listened to it; one good thing about doing SW every week, makes getting interviewed almost seem like time off! But not quite....

"God is a man-eater."

The new SW chatroom is taking up a lot of my attention and the risk is that I will overlook updating this blog!

So if lacking anything specific to post, I will occasionally copy comments by myself from threads there. Such as this one from Will the Real Whitley Strieber Stand Up?

"God is a man-eater. For this reason men are sacrificed to him. Before men were sacrificed animals were being sacrificed, since those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods. Glass decanters and earthenware jugs are both made by means of fire. But if glass decanters break they are done over, for they came into being through a breath. If earthenware jugs break, however, they are destroyed, for they came into being without breath.
--Gospel of Phillip.

In response to a comment about Whitley's "aliens": "From all accounts, they are not benevolent whatever they really are. There are too many accounts to discount."

The accounts say infinitely more about the resistance of the experiencers than they do about the nature of the phenomenon itself. The "aliens" are an expression of the divine, as everything is. What we experience as "demonic" is the result of our own fear of facing the truth of ourselves, our disowned "darkness". We have nothing to fear but unconsciousness. Demons are also an expression of the divine. There is no "evil" - there is only energy, with a negative-positive polarity flow. Angel is one end of the spectrum, demon the other. Christ spans the abyss.

"Unfortunately evil is ever growing."

Because the amount of unprocessed trauma/disowned Shadow-matter is growing. Christianity, with its "all-good God" who nonetheless sends sinners to burn in Hell for eternity, is a major cause of this collective disowning of our "satanic" ie, primal nature. Perhaps the major cause. "Satan" is merely the law of matter - "he" becomes conscious only through Man.

God as worshipped by Christians (Jehovah) is also an unconscious force, which is why "He" behaves so badly in the Old Testament (eg. Job)! Indeed "Jehovah" became (was exposed as) "Satan" when the light of Christ was shed upon his Law (light brought by Lucifer, the bringer of light?).

Formless energy - "god" - assumes the form we project onto it - unconsciously - using the disowned psychic matter of our souls. We then mistake the form for the force, and assume it to be demonic (or angelic). The only real demon present is us - or rather, our own distorted understanding of our true nature, which is God.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Bottom Line: Bridging the Disciplines

Moving on: a private message to me today allows me to take this "discussion" (if that's a fair description) into less personal and more specific areas:

"AK, you just nailed for me why I instinctively disliked synchromysticism, right from the start!"

This was a response to the following:

My next project (if i ever find the time!) is a book on Paratainment - which I believe is where the Masonic Sorcery Theater reaches its fullest expression, and hence is an area very little investigated or written about (Dave McGowan is doing it, and Peter Levenda also, but few others).

Of all the tentacles of the Masonic military-intelligence-medical-industrial-entertainment-complex Leviathan, I think this is the one that has the mass-mind most firmly in its grip.

Every level of the entertainment industry is as precisely controlled (not just monitored but directed and created) as any other intelligence operation - Hollywood, the music and television industry, and probably even sport culture, is one big Psi-Op, and everyone who's part of it is either a witting or an unwitting agent in the agenda.

It is here that synchromysticism, occult research, and paranoid awareness not only intersect, but must be woven together, for a fuller, deeper context to be discovered.

The archetypal resonances of movies and pop culture cannot be understood, or properly described, as belonging to some great "galactic blueprint," UNLESS the crucial element of "paratainiment" (conscious manipulation of media and personalities to a specific end) is first taken into account.

Aeolus has spoken.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mapping Hades is a Dirty Job, But... (Footnote on don Kotze)

When all the dust has settled I realize that most of all my “frustration” (if that’s even the word) with JK's methodology is personal: there are so few individuals in this field who are able to sustain the cognitive dissonance of paranoid awareness—to allow an understanding of satanic global agendas, ETC, to co-exist with the wider perspective of galactic consciousness. There are so few of us building bridges between the two right now, and though I understand JK’s choice to leave that stuff behind for personal reasons, it still feels like a loss, even a kind of defection.

We are all stuck in the dark labyrinth of consensus reality, and no amount of hash brownies are going to change that. Until we have fully developed our inner vision, our gnosis, we have no choice but to grope our way through it, and to create maps for those who can’t, won’t, or daren’t, take those terrifying blind steps through darkness. There is almost no one out there (Neil Kramer comes to mind, but only a handful of others) taking these steps and making these maps, because it depends on being both willing and able to look unflinchingly at what’s occurring on the world stage (and behind the scenes), while at the same time, allowing it to form part of a greater, more archetypal and illuminating context. It requires an ability to “spin” the darkest most distorted material into a beautiful tapestry of light. And it's only from this dark matter that we can spin a new world: that's what it's here for. We all know JK is capable of this too, and he's doing it, in his own special way. I just can't help but feel he could take his kaleidoscopic vision a little deeper than into Robin Tunney.

OK, that's all I have to say!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Imaginal Landscapers Wanted: Apply Here

The Stormy Weather Forum is now Open
Venture at your own risk.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

By Their Roots Shall Ye Know Them: Dialogue with Jake Kotze

Someone at this blog asked for my thoughts on JK’s latest post GR8 WaterG8, which I had just (an hour or so earlier) read and enjoyed. I also couldn’t help notice JK’s somewhat chiding reference to “Masonic sorcerers”—a term that first appeared, so far as I know, in the writings of James Shelby Downard, but which I imagine JK associates mainly with myself. Anyway, since the commenter also asked for my own perception of Jake’s post, I thought I’d look at it again and see what came up.

I will reproduce the entire post below, in block quotes, with my comments interwoven with JK’s. For those who want to read the post as it appears at the blog, the link is above.

In the first paragraph, Jake writes:

The transience of materiality and form unveiled. The eggshell cracks... 911. While watching "Frost/Nixon" (nice OX/OZ in there..) it become clear that the Watergate scandal follows the same pattern one finds in what I have called Mega Rituals. This term 'Mega Ritual' is a massively confusing title with much potential for misunderstanding. Minds with extreme variations of 'external conspiracy' have probably read a few things into the term not intended by this author.

After my last chat with JK (SW podcast # 22/22.5), I did some thinking about JK’s decision to emigrate from the waters of paranoid awareness, into his more happy-go-lucky jaunts down the yellow brick road of popular culture in search of the unified theory of cosmic awareness. In our first talk (SW podcast # 7), I had questioned JK’s departure from such realms as premature, arguing that an awareness of the darker, conspiratorial aspects of reality was a necessary bridge to the kind of unitive consciousness JK so eloquently advocates at his blog. My reason for arguing with JK on this was partially personal, a matter of predilection, but it also stemmed from an awareness that there were many intelligent and worthwhile folk out there, deep in the trenches of parapolitical research, who simply wouldn’t give JK’s version of reality the time of day and would consider it so much New Age drivel. This seemed a shame to me, since anyone who looks at JK’s work carefully will see it’s anything but that.

(JK is a visionary, rare enough in today’s world, but especially so in the field of alternate perceptions, a field one would naturally expect visionaries to be drawn to.)

Anyway, after our second chat, it occurred to me that perhaps the reason JK had decided not to use the lore of paranoid awareness as fodder for his galactic Weltanschauung was that he had received some negative feedback in the past, specifically for his description of 9/11 as a “mega-ritual.” In fact, it seems highly unlikely that JK wouldn’t have received some flak for daring to spin the “tragedy” as part of a “Stargate” global shift of consciousness from local to cosmic and beyond. I know from personal experience how touchy people can be about such matters. JK also mentioned (during his second chat with me) that he no longer felt in any personal danger now that he had moved away from researching actual, temporal conspiracies, into a field so “out there” that it was unlikely to threaten anyone, or to arouse hostility.

Based on this, I wondered if such personal discomfort wasn’t partly behind his decision to focus on what interested him most (no, I don’t mean Robin Tunney), and leave the nuts and bolts, in-the-trenches work to those of us more temperamentally disposed to it. If so, he is of course more than entitled to his decision; it’s only at the point which JK, perhaps without meaning to, has suggested that his position is a movement beyond that of conspiracy researchers, that I feel myself bristling slightly. Face it, JK has not left conspiracy research to enter into the realms of galactic awareness (which after all is non-local), but to fully immerse himself in pop culture, in other words, he has moved further from “reality”—such as it is—not deeper into it. JK’s argument is (as you’ll see) that there is no conspiracy because everything is the reflection of a single consciousness, and so there can be no “us and them.” This is fine, but my argument is that, nonetheless, the world continues to exist regardless of how evolved our understanding of it becomes, and that JK lives in the same world as the rest of us, however his visionary tendencies may allow him to remake it in his own image. To dismiss (for example ) satanic ritual abuse or Masonic Sorcery Theater (of which the 9/11 Mega Ritual is a perfect example) as no longer “relevant” from this unified consciousness perspective is contradictory - surely if JK can analyze Hollywood movies and Robin Tunney shows to map the movement of the divine through the material realm—as intersection points between archetypal and personal consciousness—then he could also do the same with global conspiracies—if he wanted to? The difference, of course, is that people take global conspiracies rather more seriously than they do pop culture, and they will get upset if you dare to suggest (for example) that the death of thousands of people is really just a metaphor for something else… People don’t like hearing that a global tragedy was really a mega ritual; they get angry. But tell them that Robin Tunney is a clue to galactic consciousness unfolding in the species, and they could care less. They are either already on your wavelength and will lap it up, or they will have stopped listening before you got to the end of your thesis. Safe ground indeed.

Back to JK’s post.

Certainly I have helped sow the seeds of confusion as my belief system has mutated rapidly during the writings at The Brave New World Order and The Blob.
My mind saw a giant conspiracy in the events of 911. Then my mind saw occult symbolism in the make-up of the event; Twin Towers as Jachin and Boaz, Pentagon as Pentagram, George W. Bush reading about Goats (Pan) as the event started...
The assumption was made that if conspiracy elements are associated to the event; building 7 collapsing, free fall of the Towers, no plane wreckage at Pentagon etc.., then the symbolic resonance emanating from the event stem from the same purposeful human conspiracy.

The truth is way cooler then that nasty work of business...

So here’s an example: anyone personally involved in researching the 9/11 conspiracy, etc (which does not include myself), is probably going to stop reading JK at this point. Reason: apparently what JK is saying is that he has rejected his former belief in favor of one he considers wider, deeper, and cooler. But surely there are many levels to truth, and finding a new, more complex or sophisticated level (less nuts and boltsy, and hence closer to the abstract, metaphoric core), does not invalidate the previous, lower level of truth but only provides a new context for it. JK is surely aware of this, but he chooses not to describe it thusly, for reasons of his own.

Luckily I decided to investigate pop culture references to the World Trade Center as I was extremely mystified and attracted by all the 911 resonating synchronicties to be found in media. I would at first attempt to fit the old model - giant 'all powerful' conspiracy orchestrating 911 with occult symbolism for nefarious reasons - into the synchronicities. It meant the human conspiracy elements connected to the Mega Rituals had to be part of the production of the synchronicties in the media.
Somebody or some thing involved with the making of "The Lone Gunmen", "Escape From New York", "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Stargate", "World Trade Center", "The Wiz", "Super Mario Bros." etc, was connected to a chain of influence that reached the orchestrators of 911.

This belief has to continually adapt, if it is to survive the pressure of the mysterious evidence of synchronicty, which keeps creeping closer to home and your self.

It’s here that JK’s approach veers dangerously (though also necessarily) close to solipsism, and even “schizophrenia.” I say necessarily, because the visionary or shamanic individual (which JK is) has no choice, in the end, but to acknowledge his or her role as the author of the narrative s/he is investigating. This is because, as JK describes, each of us is a holographic component within an intelligent system, and therefore we are not just part but the whole of that system. Ergo, any unfolding narrative, if traced far enough back to the source, will eventually lead us to the deepest most recondite area of our own being. As above so below: as without, so within. Does this invalidate the idea of an external conspiracy? Sure it does - it invalidates the idea of an external anything. (It also invalidates the idea of a Jake Kotze.)

The nature of the 'somebody' becomes very mercurial and mystical in order for it to continue to be responsible for 911 and its synchronicties. Indeed the 'somebody' responsible for the synchronicities has to become more and more powerful and more and more removed from the material realm. This unveils the truth if you pursue it to its most extreme and logical conclusion, it leaves you barking mad (attached to ideas) if you don't...

Barking mad. Yes. Emphasis on “barking”—a la Alex Jones, who has glimpsed the truth—that the intelligence behind the NWO, etc, etc, is indeed Godlike—omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent—because, yep, that’s right—it’s God! Only Jones (and so many other nuts and boltsers) still want to fight it! They can’t make the leap from the paranoid to the shamanic perspective, partly because they have been inured with a deep distrust of all mystical or magikal ideas by the “Illuminati” themselves, but mostly because they aren’t willing, or able, to relinquish their tentative hold on identity, reality, and, yes, sanity, to allow a wider perspective to flood and transform them. JK has no problem with this—he lets go with the best of them. But he may be in danger of losing the baby with the bath water. He may be too ready to make that leap—or rather, too eager. If so, he is going to encounter the pitfalls of premature enlightenment.

Most researchers who include sync patterns and media symbols in there work will eventually evolve there conspiracy theory to include very hard to define 'somebodies' like aliens or trans dimensional beings etc. If not that 'flexible' they might stick with 'practical and material' conspiracies like 'Masonic Sorcerers' working in conjunction with Hollywood and such. Some alternate back and forth, some include everything. A few brave souls admit they don't know what the hell is going on.

Note the (I trust unintentional?) little dig at myself there, a veiled suggestion that a propagator of “Masonic sorcerers” is less “flexible” even than a believer in “transdimensional beings,” never mind a galactic hashmuncher like JK. As for the “brave souls who admit they don’t know what the hell is going on”—presumably JK considers himself to be in this group, otherwise, why the endorsement? But his blog rarely suggests the deep uncertainty of the unconditionally surrendered. JK has a bevy of devoted fans and followers who do little but shower praise upon him for showing them the way. There seems to be very little by way of questioning or dialogues going on at his blog—presumably because most of the readers there think JK has (or maybe even IS) “the way.”

Any story ME/WE tell ourselves will turn out unsatisfactory. No revelation of history or set of future events will bring us peace.

I’m not sure who JK is trying to counsel with this sentence, or why. I suppose the many all-too-serious nuts-and-bolters who think that, if they can crack the riddle of the Illuminati, they will somehow become enlightened in the bargain? But there are other ways to use paranoid awareness that are far less coarse, and in fact are every bit as sophisticated as what JK is doing with his movies and logos. As anyone who follows this blog and the podcasts knows, the narratives I weave from conspiracy/occult/Ufo lore are intended to allow for a better understanding of my own psyche, and by extension, that of the species. There is nothing inflexible about taking historical events and using them to go deeper into the Imaginal realms from which these events emerged. In fact, it’s considerably trickier than doing the same using pop culture.

If I have any single criticism of JK’s work—and of most of the writers in this field—it is their lack of awareness of human psychology. This prevents their ideas from being grounded, from begin given a context that allows us to practically apply them in our day-to-day life. JK’s work would seem to encourage watching a lot of movies and reading corporate logos for hidden signs, and (more implicitly) taking lots of entheogens in order to get on the Synchromystic Stargate wavelength. Of course, JK and I are a whole generation apart, so this isn’t necessarily a criticism, so much as the acknowledgment of a difference, even a schism, in our approaches to the Mysteries. Since JK is a visionary, he is temperamentally disinclined to defer to his elders. I can dig that. I was the same way myself at his age. ; )

Only realizing who WE/ME are will heal the wound of separation from Self left by the formation of mind.
The mortality of the Father and Sun King vivified. The eggshell cracks... JFK

It does seem very likely, on the practical form level of reality, that the JFK event, like 911, was part of a orchestrated conspiracy. Either way these are not ultimate truths. Ultimate Truths relate to your real Identity and Nature, not the particulars of the shape and form of reality.
There is no harm in being interested in how JFK's assassination could be a massive government cover up and a Masonic Sun King ritual.

Nice of JK to allow us that.

Of course WE are free to ask questions, doubt official accounts and push the boundaries of how the influence structures of authority interact with world events.
This is exactly why The Blob is interested in conspiracy memes and occult narratives. It has brought me much joy to contemplate how much influence fraternal organizations have had on society, mind and consciousness.

JK’s acid test of research is whether it brings him joy or not. Hard to fault that, and I’d be a fool to try. But it puts me in a tricky position, doesn’t it. Because if I argue that I can find joy in researching satanic ritual abuse and all the rest, I am setting myself up for some very dubious looks. Yet whose capacity for joy is greater? One thing I can’t get much joy out of, however, is crappy TV shows. Life’s too short.

Some thoughts I like to play with, of the conspiracy variety..
What does it mean if Freemasons are the first humans to go to the Moon?
Why is there a Pyramid with All Seeing Eye on the back of the dollar bill and what is its significance...
How does the occult interact with Popular culture?
Why does Howard Hughes, Genghis and Kublai Khan consistently reappear in my sync web?
Why does the fringe seem to inform everything consensus is participating in?
Where is Akhenatons Mummy?

These are fascinating but not primary or ultimate questions.

JK has chosen some pretty frivolous examples of paranoid awareness here. He’s been careful not to include anything that entails real human suffering, such as the systematic ritualized abuse of thousands of young children across the globe, for example. I wonder why…? I also wonder what JK thinks are “primary or ultimate questions,” and why he thinks he has the inside goods on naming them for the rest of us?

If you don't 'know' (it can never ultimately be known) the answer to the who you are, your models for reality will always be incomplete.
Find out who you are first, then return to the 911, JFK and Watergate StarG8 Mega Rituals, if you still care at that point.
The ego and fallibility of the president clearly unveiled. The eggshell cracks... Watergate

Here’s the basic flaw in JK’s argument: how are we supposed to “find out who we are,” if not by using the evidence of the world we live in—the reflection of our total psyches, disowned shadow aspects and all—to do so? By watching movies, I suppose?

So what is a Stargate Mega Ritual?
We will make this a mind object, a concept. Hopefully the slippery nature of our WaterG8 will avoid US - The United States of Consciousness - making it too solid a concept. All concepts and metaphors are gross reductions of the infinite essence of any thing.

If all things are imagined as a Great Spiraling River or WaterG8, Mega Rituals would be huge whirlpools in its ever coiling flow. The flow itself is comprised of twirling mini nebula of thoughts, things and events. What allows there to be flow at all is the pull of consciousnesses, Being, No-Thing or the infinite. The entire river snakes down into the Great StarG8 of the Eschaton. The Eye/I/Self of God.
Inside the ever tightening helix of this WaterG8 are infinite whorls of varying complexity and size. These are things, events, thoughts and conscious consciousness like human beings. Notice how all the whirling entities in the Flow (Wolf backwards) are only temporarily stable and are always recycling themselves. Some whirlpools are tenacious and linger, some are very brief. All are made up of flow and are never comprised of the same material, constant flux recycles all forms.
Ever so often, in mysterious cycles and with increasing intensity, the flow Self organizes into unusually large spinning vortices. Mini StarG8's within the ultimate StarG8' eye/I of God, all non-locally connected as All centers in MOM's heart beat as ONE. All centers are the same center. All are indeed centers.. (keep it quite, that's the secret teaching..)
Through the calm eye/I/Self of these storms sufficiently surrendered facets of Being (such as consciously conscious human nervous systems (many of you reading these words)) can perceive the eternal essence they - the StarG8 eye/I and our own awareness - share. The black hole at the center of the StarG8 is recognized or mirrored in the void at the center of your Self.

All things that gravitate to the center of the spinning mandala are things that share resonance with the unnameable which creates the StarG8 Mega Ritual. In this fashion Masons, architecture, media and symbols, that echo the Core are found as part of the swirling matter surrounding the event (911, Watergate, JFK etc). Imagining a set of things - secret societies, governments, aliens.. (or whatever) - that circle the center cause the phenomena is error of limited perspective.
You will selective identify debris swirling around in the cloud wall, circling forever and ever until you realize all things can never be the Source Itself.
A StarG8 Mega Ritual, like all phenomena is spontaneous and arises out of the eternal NOW.

Seriously it's wild, You, the real You, is exactly what caused JFK, Watergate and 911!
You are the Consciousnesses, Being, No-Thing or Infinite that sits, beyond all flux, out of which ebbs and flows transient phenomena.

If I knew of a simpler way of saying this right NOW, I would.

Don’t worry JK, you did just fine. All the fight just went out of me. There’s nothing to argue with here. JK nailed it. For now.

America symbolizes one of the sturdiest mental structures in consensus reality.
A male dominated, ego centric and materialist government of disproportionate influence.
An inflexible hard lump (think Nixon) in the Great Spiraling WaterG8 must be eroded in order for flow to be joyous and smooth. The closer the form resonates with the formless, the longer it survives. America, like Starbucks, Monsanto, McDonald's and Oprah can survive, even thrive, if it harmonizes with the Self. Nothing that exists, ultimately, is ever out of harmony (shhh (don't tell!), that's the secret teaching..) with the totality.

Curious, isn’t it, how a galactic viewpoint can so easily lead to a disconnection from what IS?

The idea that somehow Starbucks and MacDonald’s could harmonize with “the Self” and still exist, in any form at all, suggests (to me) how deeply infiltrated JK’s psyche is by pop culture. At this point, having been wooed and wowed by JK’s poetic shamanic insights, the only thing I can say is: Jake, GET REAL! Wake up, kid. Camels don’t pass through the eyes of needles, and there’s a damn good reason why not.

If all is One, Mr. Kotze: try picking your teeth with a chainsaw. Then get back to me.

The Mega Rituals mentioned in this post; JFK, Watergate and 911, massively challenged and changed collective perception about the tenacious whorl called America. By implication and extension challenging the very foundation of consensus reality. What ever isn't in alignment with the Gr8 WaterG8 mentioned above will be swept away or swallowed by StarG8 Mega Rituals.

And let’s face it: that means everything. Oh, am I being a pessimist again? I have no doubt JK would say so—or perhaps that I lack the “flexibility” to imagine a world attuned to galactic consciousness in which fast food and chat shows still exist. If so, I’d counter that it has less to do with a lack of flexibility than with an awareness of just how much unprocessed psychic matter there is right now, in the collective unconscious of the species, and just how deeply entrenched in denial your average MacDonald’s-munching, Oprah-gazing human being really is. JK seems to think his Stargate paradigm is so transcendental, so beyond comprehension or logic or anything we can imagine, that it’s not necessary for us to even think about the mess we are in as a species, because, hey presto, it’s all an illusion anyway. Stargate (JK?) is here to save the day! Which sounds suspiciously like New Age-think to me. What JK isn’t taking into account is that the more profoundly the signal of truth ("resonating with Self" as JK calls it) becomes in the world, the stronger the resistance of untruth will grow, and consequently the more atrocities will be occurring in the world.

Put simply: things have to get a hell of a lot worse before they get better. This isn’t pessimism; it isn’t even conjecture. It’s energetic fact; no amount of galactic tap-dancing should distract us from it. Never mind what might be, Jake—let’s start from what IS.

I believe WE will all be massively surprised in the 'near future' by what structures survive as things align and which dissolve under the pressure of change.
In keeping with the spirit of this change The Blob NOW distances its mercurial form from the term Mega Ritual.

JK has a right to mutate, and even an imperative to do so. But is this just his way of playing it safe?

Its essence will remain in the blanket and flexible term StarG8.
Be Deep Well

Funny, but a deep well is the last image that comes to mind reading JK’s happy-galactic gospels. What I see is closer to a tree with enormous, fruit-bearing branches, but whose roots just don’t want to go where it’s dark and dirty.

That’s it. Let me just add that all the above is said with great affection for Mr. Kotze, a man—maddening as he is—who is almost impossible not to love.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Occult of Personality Interview

A chat I had late last year with Greg of Occult of Personality is now up at Greg's site; check it out, Greg will be coming on SW in the next couple of weeks to pick up the thread...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Alchemical Dada: Recruiting for the End Times

As Leonard Cohen said, poetry isn't an occupation, it's a verdict. Same applies for whatever the Hell I am doing, or not-doing, with the latest podcast!

Create a new art form? Very highfalutin, that. To remove the interpretative distance or filter that comes between the audience and my own unconscious? Wearing my soul on my podcast?

Trying out new forms of mind control, neuro-linguistic programming, or magikal recruitment for the end times??

You be the judge.