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Cloak of the Illuminati: The Lumpen Elite

Picking up the thread from the comments section of the last post. There does seem to be a basic contradiction, or conflict, at work here, not just in Chris Knowles, Jake Kotze, or myself, but in all of us. The fascination with conspiracy lore and the basic “need” – compulsion – to investigate it and then propagate the narratives we discover, goes very deep. I suspect this is due to the nature of the subject itself: that it contains a germ of obsession within it, or rather an active agent that engenders obsession. A big part of it has to do with the desire to convince others, to find out how much others know, and to suspect that they are somehow less clued in than we are, insufficiently “paranoid.” Because “conspiracy” facts are suppressed, not talked about, they assume an urgency for those of us who discover them, and we tend to overcompensate, become fanatical, in the face of what we perceive as the resistance of “the lumpen herd” (as CK calls it. : D )

This is an effective method for ensuring that many parapolitical researchers sabotage themselves in the process of dissemination (Jones, Icke, et al.) by becoming overwrought and overstated, and finally implausible. By pushing too hard what is finally just an interpretation, we risk discrediting the info we wish to convey: we tend to exaggerate or overstate it out of frustration and exasperation (“You don’t get it, it’s all a conspiracy!!!”), rather than measuring our statements and forbearing from making premature conclusions or sweeping condemnations, and simply allowing the information to exist as part of a greater tapestry.

Chris K posted (at the comments section of the last post) an interesting summary of a book called The Family, about what he calls “the REAL globalist conspiracy- the one that all the rest of big conspiracy hucksters conveniently never talk about”: Christian fundamentalism's most elite organization: a self-described 'invisible' global network dedicated to a religion of power for the powerful - fundamentalism's avant-garde, waging spiritual war in the halls of American power and around the globe.” In a later comment Chris states that for him, conspiracy material is “redundant.” Contradiction? Yet I experience a similar sort of ambivalence: on the one hand, I can’t quite stay away from this stuff, because the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper; on the other hand, like Kotze, I’d love to just put it all behind me and enter a new “galactic paradigm.” But clearly, we can’t put this stuff behind us until we sort it out and figure out what the real narrative is.

I think it’s significant that, while CK feels the subject of conspiracy is now behind him, he also feels a need to point out “the REAL” truth, regarding a global Christian elite. Significant not just as regards CK’s ambivalence, but his choice of who the real perpetrators are. Very different from a global Luciferian elite, no? I also think he is on to something—it can’t be coincidence that I am currently listening to Kevin Annett’s various lectures on “Christendom,” as preparation to interviewing him next week. Annett spells out, in a very sober and researched manner, how the Catholic Church became a corporation—loyal to the State—back in 317 AD, and how the Christian ideology—combined with some Aristotelian logic about hierarchies and moral virtue being inseparable from superior strength—formed the basis for a centuries’ long agenda of genocide and social engineering.

On the same thread already mentioned, Knowles posted the following:

“I think in the future we will look back and see the myth of the Illuminati as a projection of the unacknowledged shadow side of Christianity- those who are unable to acknowledge their own unbridled avarice, their own overweening totalitarian impulses, their own sanctified genocidal fantasies project them on to amorphous bands of plutocrats. Couple this with the often-justified inferiority complex that many Fundamentalists are constantly nursing and it makes for a toxic stew.”

All of these ideas are raising a new question in my mind. What if the whole mythic narrative of a Sun-worshipping, Luciferian Illuminati has been fabricated by the real global elite, who are basically just very weird Christians (or better said, Yahweh-ists)?? I suggested in Lucid View that the true “Illuminati” did not exist—yet—that it was actually a budding counter-movement to the global hegemony, and that it was entirely unorganized, not to say disorganized, since it consisted of sun-worshipping, Luciferian individuals who would rather die than join a group movement, or ever submit to any kind of dogma or allow any God above them.

Is the “real global elite” creating a cloak for themselves, out of the very elements they most fear, out of their own Shadow? It would be the perfect strategy, because not only would it conceal their own true nature and intentions, it would also render the true “Luciferian Illuminati,” the Gnostics - those who do not worship but aim to embody Christ, the Sun - it would keep us confused and splintered, fearing and hating the very archetypes and methods that would allow us to realize (and organize) ourselves. Gnosticism is knowing; the true “conspiracy”—when all is said and done—is that of unknowing, a highly sophisticated form of stupidity. What better example of the supreme influence and power of the very, very stupid—and of the lumpen herd—than organized Christianity?

Round and round we go. I haven’t even got to what I really wanted to talk about—the conspiracy behind the conspiracy, the one we are all in on, every last one of us, the one woven from the stuff of our dreams. The one for which the nuts-and-bolts Bilderberg/Illuminati conspiracy theories, like everything else, are simply a smokescreen, to get in our eyes and distract us from a far more frightening possibility, that reality itself has been hijacked. But this topic—the Sorcerers’ Revelation—will have to wait.

Meanwhile, I’ll finish up by responding to a private email I received. Since the sender hasn’t agreed to my posting it yet, I will keep them anonymous for now. First off, the person wrote:

>I still don't see how you are anything like JSD , I read KK33 again last night, and just don't get it.
Are you all in cahoots maybe? Something to do with selling ?

The comparison to Shelby Downard was a quote that Adam Gorightly generously donated but which I have now decided to take down from the blog, since it seems to be giving the wrong impression. JSD was something of a one-trick pony—he is famous for one piece (“King Kill 33”) that may actually have been written by Michael A. Hoffman. In the 2nd part of my chat with him, Chris Knowles dismissed Downard’s work as science-fiction (I neglected to point out to CK that he adores sci-fi!); but for myself, it’s the very outlandishness that I love about KK33. To my mind, the further from what we think we know about reality a conspiracy narrative gets—while still intersecting with the “facts” such as they are, and so long as it has archetypal truth in it—the more likely I am to buy it. Downard was, in my opinion, and whether he knew it or not, a gonzo parapolitical writer, like Robert Anton Wilson only without the humor. I consider myself to be in the same tradition—gonzo, that is, without being restricted to parapolitics or even occultism. (My real field is psychology, and I guess biology, though I know next to nothing about it – hence the need for “gonzo”!)

Moving on: anonymous wrote:

Personally, I see a new post 2012 slave age for humanity, a collective living hell which we are building, in fact have nearly finished construction of. As a Christian, I thought you would be aware of that, certainly I doubt that Jesus would be promoting any one-ness given the current state of affairs. Perhaps I am wrong, though I doubt it.

“As a Christian, I thought you would be aware of that.” Huh?

Is this person referring to myself as being a Christian or to themselves? The former seems unthinkable; but since I do resonate at the deepest level with the Christ archetype, since in my Gnostic moments, I recognize the self AS Christ (don’t worry, I’m not gonna do an Icke on you all), maybe some people do think I’m Christian? Lucifer forbid. Nothing could be further from the truth. From a Christian perspective, I am the ultimate heretic and blasphemer. Not only do I accept Christ and Lucifer as One Archetypal Force, with polar expressions, I identify myself with/as both of them!

Moving on. Would Jesus be promoting One-ness, “given the current state of affairs”? To Christ all things are Christlike. What else would Jesus be promoting save oneness? “I and the Father are one” (John, 10:30), and “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” (John 14:20)

What is with these Christians? They do nothing but talk about the infallibility of the Bible, but they ignore the most pertinent bits of it, in order that they can stay on their knees, arrogantly worshipping their own sense of unworthiness. Can’t they even grasp the essence of their own goddamned religion? Apparently not.

>I read many comments which seem to infer that everything is going to be just fine as long as we all think in the same manner - surely you see that it is not.

I see nothing of the kind, but nor do I see that all of us thinking in the same manner has much to do with anything. In the end it comes down to each of us, as individuals, face to face with IT, the Spirit, the Christ event, the eschaton, call it what you will. There is no collective that is anything but “lumpen” without this first alignment with intent, also known as “God’s will.” And then there is no collective, as such, because we become God’s will, an expression of the divine. And yes, everything will be fine—whether or not the human species survives the process—which it can only do by surrendering to it, the very inverse of fighting “Satan,” or the New World Order, or whatever, since all are aspects of the divine which we have disowned and pitted ourselves against, in our infinite arrogance and stupidity .

>I don't have a problem with anyone as individuals - I don't know them - but Kotze= turncoat/plagiarist, Knowles= delusionaly optimistic, both therefore dangerous in terms of humanities future in my opinion.

Anyone who listens to the latest podcast will see that Chris Knowles is anything but optimistic, delusionally or otherwise. As for humanity’s future, see above. Another red herring to distract us from the real question: What the hell IS humanity, anyway?

>You should bear in mind why your great country was founded, who by, and what is happening now with the "global credit crisis". It surely does not take a knowledge of Jung and his archetypes to understand that, nor any specialist prophecy skills to see the disturbing conclusion.

Any conclusion we have reached, without the very helpful context of Jung and his archetypes—which is to say, an understanding of how everything that happens externally reflects and enables an inner psychological process—will always be useless: the exact same conclusion we have been led by our noses to reach, by the lumpen nature of our own dementia, no more and no less.

That’s all for now.

One more thing: I am taking the month of March off, meaning I won’t be engaging with readers, though I’ll try to keep posting stuff. Time to get off my podium and worship a while in the temple of Chronic Pain, pay my dues to Chronos. To those who have supported me of late and been attending so closely to my words, I am very grateful—don’t be discouraged by the absence of responses. I will still be reading comments, laying low behind the scenes, working on processing some of the endlessly accumulating psychic waste, forging gold (or at least copper) from the lead.

Helios willing, I shall return in Springtime!

Love Will Out.

Frater AK


Jack Heart said...


Well spoken…

The illuminati are worth consideration as a concept. An analogy. The question is not “does the illuminati exist”? The question is “what does it represent”? What frailty in humanity’s psyche does it embody?

Newspaceman said...

Let me perhaps help you with your forthcoming quest for gold.

I will start with a quick quote from Adam Parfry on Shelby Downard:

For my money, James Shelby Downard is the one man most intimately tied to the once and future November, on the Camelot calendar's 33rd turning of the wheel, in this age of the Revelation of the Method; the era of the deluge of hidden facts made public, which Downard predicted would not liberate us, but only enslave us further.

More than two decades ago he foresaw the coming of this time as the fulfillment of the final dictum of the alchemical rampage of the elephant Must Be; the behemoth run amok in the fields of our nightmares. As the "X-Files" and the other fictional TV shows which neither I or Shelby have ever seen, purposefully muddy the waters with a flood of pop drivel disguised as revelation, the actual truths are lost in the swirl.

and from the essay KK33:
But the ultimate purpose of that assassination was not political or economic but sorcerous: for the control of the dreaming mind and the marshalling of its forces is the omnipotent force in this entire scenario of lies, cruelty and degradation. Something died in the American people on November 22, 1963-call it idealism, innocence or the quest for moral excellence. It is the transformation of human beings which is the authentic reason and motive for the Kennedy murder and until so-called conspiracy theorists can accept this very real element they will be reduced to so many eccentrics amusing a tiny remnant of dilettantes and hobbyists.

You hit the nail on the head on in your 3rd para when you state that you cannot put it behind you until we sort it out and figure out what the real narrative is. Yet you seem to then avoid the issue which is:

We as humans are collectively building what is no more than a working global prison for our children. This is being engineered at present through the vehicle of freemasonry and, in fact, is nearly completed. Thus our children will carry identification, will be monitored, will have to be heathly, not drink, smoke etc etc., in the manner of farm livestock.

Once you appreciate and acknowledge that you will be getting somewhere.It seems to me that JSD was correct and that Americans have indeed partly died inside.


Anonymous said...

Interesting read Aeolus. What you are talking about makes much sense if I am interpreting it correctly.

To create heaven and god, they had to create hell and satan. Why is it we assume these are "warring factions?" It's an externalized polarity we have within ourselves.

I realized recently that I keep using the word they, which I have a hard time reconciling as well.

leoeris said...

Loser script.

Anonymous said...


You seem to be harbouring a delusion; a romantic idea that we were anything but imprisoned already. We may be seeing a cultural reversion to more overt forms of oppression but we in the West have only really had less than a century of the velvet glove. Remember the Enclosure Movement in Europe? Farming people being forced off the land that was their livelihood so that the wealthy land-owners could graze their cash-crop sheep? Displaced and starving? Steal a loaf of bread and hang for it. And on and on, back thru history.

And America? Built on the biggest, mostly unacknowledged, ideologically Christian genocide ever.

But aside from all that, It's more profitable to think about our physical imprisonment as the coarse manifestation of the imprisonment of our spirit-- within matter and ideologies both. IMO, it's sorcerous trick, deliberate and considered, to get people excited about the future prospect of being farmed like cattle when we already bear the yoke. A jerk of the reins and off we go!

As for Parfry/Downard, have a look at Downard's "auto"biography- The Carnivals of Desire. It is preposterous. So much so that it becomes impossible not to consider that Downard may be, to some degree at least, the invention of Parfry and his trickster buddies.

Newspaceman said...

Vikki, you may be imprisoned, I am not.

Remember the Enclosure movement?

Have you heard of the Highland clearances ?

Downard may be a fake, but at least he is logical and provable per KK33. I do not have access to the book you offer up.

As I have tried to say, it is more about our children and their future.

Nothing wrong with tricksters:


Newspaceman said...

Vikki, as a p.s. - why did you not express your concerns about JSD when Frater AK was advertising that he was in fact a 21st century reincarnation of him.


skrambo said...

Just posting to say I completely agree with Newspaceman's first post.

I think some of us know who the "anonymous" email writer is... I really wish there wasn't so much inner conflict going on. I think part of it is orchestrated to hinder progress. Things are getting pretty strange...

Anonymous said...

AK wrote:
"But clearly, we can't put this stuff behind us until we sort it out and figure out what the real narrative is."
I don't know why, but the other night I got to wondering if all this is going on because we isolated. For all we know, we are alone in the Universe, even though logic would tell us that we are not. Isolated people go mad. Are we not mad? If companionship is necessary for individuals, would it not be necessary for us as a species? And so we are willing some companions into existance to save us from having no one to talk to but ourselves?

Anonymous said...

p.s. Is a sorcerer simply someone who has learned to be completely alone without going mad?

I accidently put this comment in the previous blogs comments. Sorry for the redundancy.

Anonymous said...

auragirl chimmed in on the very sentence that I did. Is that companionship?

"we can’t put this stuff behind us until we sort it out and figure out what the real narrative is."

Perhaps it will never be sorted out and therefore you will never put it behind you, rather unfortunate.

I'm a total blasphemer too Aeolus and I've been in a lit cloud tunnel with Cherubs after a near death experience. I've seen five signs from God from other death experiences and I believe in a higher spirit, but not the Church, rather an "amnesiac fractaled Godhead" as Steve Willner puts it.

Perhaps humans are not an "alien obtrusion" on earth but rather the "awakening" or "paranoid awareness" evolution has brought about an other differentiation, like civilization versus the noble savage. I like what you said, "perhaps it's subtler like a psychological schizophrenia" that is the intervening alien; something as simple as an original thought. My own awakening was very ugly and a Mentor of mine reported me to my Parents and College School Officals as a paranoid schizophrenic. All mostly stemming around 911 and my contempt for Israel and Americas War on the Middle East.

I disagree that humans are not fit to colonize space. Humans don't need to transform the physical and should not. Rather we can use a shell or technology like a hermit crab or Dark Vader. Gravity can be replaced, a shield can be designed, sustenance can be provided. There are living creatures that thrive without sunlight, like the ones at the ocean depths that eat methane or others that use the earths core temperature.

I can imagine a secretive group of people in a smokey room considering the vast information looted, hidden and destroyed; also the Elite proactively dumbing down Society. Ofcourse I do believe in a God and therefore am mostly fearless. I do think we can destroy ourselves and agree that it ultimately doesn't matter because nature is indestructible.

Great Show, much love

I can't wait for part two :)

Anonymous said...

What you said made a lot of sense AG.

Anonymous said...

i like what you say auroragirl!
I love you Aeolus!
you're my hero! lol
i think we're all just lost and lonely seeking to be loved and to love . what a horrid life!

Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly makes sense out of our intense need to create an Other, whether it be god, the Russians, the "aliens" or any other Other you care to name.

Anonymous said...

If you've read The Lucid View, you will remember how AK wrote that the world needs to be Stopped. Well, I give you this quote from "Journey to Ixtlan" by Carlos Castaneda, "If one wants to STOP our fellow men one must always be OUTSIDE of the circle that presses them. That way one can always direct the pressure."

How much more OUTSIDE the "circle of our fellow men" can you get than "aliens". Since we are isolated, in other words, since there is no one outside the circle of our fellow men, we must will them out of the implicate order, we must conjure them to appear and STOP US, as only someone outside our circle can.

Anonymous said...

In the context of my last post, is this what HAARP is all about?  Foiling the manifestation of our longed for/dreaded Stoppers?

Sounder said...

My paranoid awareness was shaped by financial frauds of the seventies and then the S&L scandals. It seemed that well placed people have many ways to create and misrepresent collateral. On the up side fraudulent collateral finances projects and creates jobs, on the down side it misappropriates capital and creates the specter of bankruptcy if the fraud is discovered by the wrong people. And if the Law catches up with you that is OK also, because any new law can be written to contain the seeds for a new scam. (Ken Lay is in Tasmania, only a joke, do not spread as rumor.)

My take on the rise of the illuminati is perhaps more historical and driven by political developments as much as being shadow play of psychical forces. Over time, I imagine the chief minister to the King realized that the King and Church had a fine scam going. But the Chief of Staff handled the King’s money and his interests may have intersected with the Chief of Staff of another King as much as with their respective King’s. The natural ally’s of the CofS are builders and armament makers, or whoever the King spends his money on. Over time the Chief Minister becomes a broker for the deals, or a banker.

In this current stage the King has become a puppet to the banker. But back in the day the money men had to concede to the language of the Priests. Any antagonism would be coded and anyone smart enough to see the shallow nature of the divine sanction granted to Church and King could join the brotherhood. Educated priests and family members of the King would be drawn to this brotherhood as they learn details of their own ‘pious fraud’.

One might consider the Templar’s as an early example of the banker’s quest for power, or a counterforce to the grip on the common imagination that the Church held at that time. The determination to uproot the existing fraud then created its own fraud. While priest’s corrupted substantial elements from wisdom traditions in order to create the common doctrine and thereby the Church, so also bankers promoted yet corrupted the Gnostic response. The commonality here is that any power center develops that power by coning the general community into accepting false narratives. (so far)

And so it goes

TiM said...


from the nuts and bolts side. Please DO include zionism, the vile Talmud (racist hate speech), and the power of the rotchild etc. banking elite.

N0othing christian about these dudes.

They are necromongers and have made deals witrh the archons to provide food for them, offer sacrifices, and rule.

It's a maffia. Vampirus style.

just adding a missing piece of the puzzle.

as for the's weird madness those illuminati.