Friday, February 20, 2009

"God is a man-eater."

The new SW chatroom is taking up a lot of my attention and the risk is that I will overlook updating this blog!

So if lacking anything specific to post, I will occasionally copy comments by myself from threads there. Such as this one from Will the Real Whitley Strieber Stand Up?

"God is a man-eater. For this reason men are sacrificed to him. Before men were sacrificed animals were being sacrificed, since those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods. Glass decanters and earthenware jugs are both made by means of fire. But if glass decanters break they are done over, for they came into being through a breath. If earthenware jugs break, however, they are destroyed, for they came into being without breath.
--Gospel of Phillip.

In response to a comment about Whitley's "aliens": "From all accounts, they are not benevolent whatever they really are. There are too many accounts to discount."

The accounts say infinitely more about the resistance of the experiencers than they do about the nature of the phenomenon itself. The "aliens" are an expression of the divine, as everything is. What we experience as "demonic" is the result of our own fear of facing the truth of ourselves, our disowned "darkness". We have nothing to fear but unconsciousness. Demons are also an expression of the divine. There is no "evil" - there is only energy, with a negative-positive polarity flow. Angel is one end of the spectrum, demon the other. Christ spans the abyss.

"Unfortunately evil is ever growing."

Because the amount of unprocessed trauma/disowned Shadow-matter is growing. Christianity, with its "all-good God" who nonetheless sends sinners to burn in Hell for eternity, is a major cause of this collective disowning of our "satanic" ie, primal nature. Perhaps the major cause. "Satan" is merely the law of matter - "he" becomes conscious only through Man.

God as worshipped by Christians (Jehovah) is also an unconscious force, which is why "He" behaves so badly in the Old Testament (eg. Job)! Indeed "Jehovah" became (was exposed as) "Satan" when the light of Christ was shed upon his Law (light brought by Lucifer, the bringer of light?).

Formless energy - "god" - assumes the form we project onto it - unconsciously - using the disowned psychic matter of our souls. We then mistake the form for the force, and assume it to be demonic (or angelic). The only real demon present is us - or rather, our own distorted understanding of our true nature, which is God.


Sounder said...

I'm curious Aeolus, did you write this before seeing my last post in the 'prison break' forum thread?

Sounds like I need to read Lucid View.

The Secret Sun said...

Well put, Aeolus. I was thinking along these same lines today myself and made a similar observation in my comments section.

There's no way we can go poking around the workings of the icons without coming to some understanding of our own shadow natures. There's so much projection about, which is why I always distrust crusaders.

word-ver synch- "oerialy" (The ultimate projectionist O'Reilly?)

~Julian West said...

brilliant ... as always ... brilliantly shining

Jasun said...

thanks all; CK - seems we are syncing, perhaps our respective body disorder deities are speaking to us in time?

Michael said...

This is a great post, and short, like a bible verse! I am slowly coming to terms with this myself. The shadow knows. Darth was right, in his own way...