Friday, July 08, 2011

The Ultimate Vice

(Going through the various "books" I never published; found this from Matrix Sorcerer, circa 2003:)

Reality is a “vice.” We, humanity, are held fast in the grip of this vice. Because we feel the external pressure, growing worse with every passing year, we assume that there is some force or power outside of ourselves that is trapping us. Hence, we have invented the concept of the Devil to account for the vice that enslaves and imprisons us. But, by doing so, we have only become more trapped within it.

Once we acknowledge that the “vice” is God, and that God is us, we can begin to loosen its hold (fixation of assemblage point), and be free of “reality.”

The Devil is a lawmaker; hence he has to believe in himself and only himself. Hence, he must reject God. His power, then, is in his blindness.

Those who exist least, believe most firmly in their existence. This belief is the only thing that establishes them.

A God is a self-aware individual who has realized his non-existence and embraced it to the fullness.

Devil is finite, then; God is infinite. For only the finite can “exist” in isolation. The infinite, by definition, is One with All, and therefore, None at all.