Monday, December 29, 2008

Everything is regulated by the intelligence of the system to which it belongs: Psyops Both Local and Cosmic

(the following was posted by myself at another thread at RI, here)

At what point can a manufactured meme (a psyop) be seen as separate from a natural meme, such as pertains to the collective zeitgeist itself? I don’t think it’s possible finally to separate the one from the other: i.e., psyop movies (and CIA Hollywood) from the greater, “synchromystic” (sorry) operation that is the Universe. It’s Russian dolls: any agenda you care to map always exists inside another, greater agenda, and so is informed and shaped by it.

Unfortunately I don’t know enough either about movies or Hollywood, so I’ll have to take Hugh Manatee’s word for it when he says that all mainstream movies (which I’m afraid go under — or over? — my radar) are intelligence-created psyops designed to shape and direct our consciousness. Sure, why wouldn’t they be? Everything else is.

But why single out movies when Western culture itself is one great psyop, from Moses on down? What about Shakespeare? Wasn’t “he” a psyop? A perhaps more interesting question is: how do such psyops work, exactly? Is Hugh suggesting that everyone who works in Hollywood is an operative? Or is it more subtle than that?

My instinct tells me it’s a lot more subtle. If Hollywood is a meme-creating industry, set up, like any organization, with a specific agenda, then anyone who makes it into the inner circles — and is able to make and release mainstream products — has already been subtly “converted” to that agenda, probably most of the time without ever actually realizing it. Perhaps it’s like a computer program which converts files before “opening” them (allowing them access to it)? Anyone making movies in Hollywood has presumably been through a slow, steady infiltration (initiation?) process, in which they have been “reconfigured” (acclimatized) to be compatible with the Hollywood agenda. This would make them “infected” carriers of the “virus,” meaning anything they do, whatever their conscious intentions, is also going to be a carrier for the “virus.” It would be like a factory that produces a seemingly innocuous, “harmless” product — a soft drink, say —that is actually subtly poisoning and/or addicting the populace. The factory workers and advertising staff, 98% of employees for the company, think they are just selling Coca Cola. But really they are involved in something more complex and “sinister.”

I believe this is how conspiracies work—by creating “programs” (memes and organizations, belief systems and social-cultural movements, etc.) with hidden functions that people then unwittingly “install” into their hardware and then become dependent on, slowly (often unknowingly) converting all their “data” (beliefs, opinions, and behavior) to make it compatible with that program. Hence we become servants of the secret agenda (upholders of the meme, sleeper agents of the grand psyop), without ever suspecting an agenda even exists.

That’s the first Russian doll — our culture. But there’s a much bigger, subtler layer of intrigue at work here, which is that even the highest-level meme-creators and psy-operatives are working unconsciously for a vastly greater agenda. They can’t escape the fact that anything they do—any memes or psyops they create—will inevitably be a distorted expression of a cosmic meme, or “zeitgeist.”

There’s no need to posit any God in this, at least if we admit that any system that gives rise to conscious individuals must itself be conscious. Every movement of matter on the planet is being directed—is inseparable from—the movement of matter throughout the Universe (i.e., is just a very local expression of a galactic process). In exactly the same way, all expressions and operations of consciousness within the human realm are reflections and/or extensions of the consciousness of the Universe. Perhaps this sounds mystical, but if so, it’s because I am struggling to find the right scientific terms. This is really all physics, and inescapable logic for anyone who takes the time to think it through. The workings of human groups and individuals—be they Hollywood, CIA, Masonic sorcerers, or whoever—can no more work in isolation from the movements of planets and stars than our cells can function outside of our bodies. Everything is regulated by the intelligence of the system to which it belongs.

In the metaphor I used, if Hollywood (Western culture) is the “program,” then I guess Earth/humanity is the computer, and the Universe is both the manufacturer and programmer. The element of human intervention here is small but significant: as “program designer,” humans determine the ways in which the computer interacts with its maker—thereby testing the possibilities of both. In the end, though, nothing we do can ever depart from the original design, the blueprint which gave rise to the experiment to begin with. We can only operate within these very precisely laid out parameters.

Back to the virus analogy: the creators of the “fake virus” of psyop Hollywood, etc., are unaware of being carriers of the real virus, that of the Spirit, or if you prefer, Nature itself. So even as they design their products to be Trojan Horse-style carriers for their Masonic mind-control memes, the artificial virus they have created is itself (inevitably, since the Universe is everywhere) a carrier for the Spirit-meme—dolls within dolls, horses inside horses. This is why “CIA-Hollywood” comes out with “psyop” movies like Matrix, Fight Club, or Three Kings, movies that, despite whatever secret toxins they may contain to pollute and stupefy the mass mind, are also designed to activate creative centers in the psyches of at least a few individuals. Face it, we are all not just double but triple agents: working not only for our personal ego gratification and our secret handlers (those dastardly Masonic sorcerers), but finally, gloriously, for the Universe herself.

The real occult technology of power is accessible to everyone. It depends first of all on recognizing our own signatures dimly engraved upon the secret architecture of reality. As Nietzsche said, “We are all greater artists than we know.” That goes double for sorcery.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mr. Gorightly, Charlie Manson and the Ufos

(apologies for the speeded up song at the end, which is now fixed)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do paranoids toe the party line?

There are areas of Chapel Perilous that are more dangerous than others. Parapolitical research begins with questioning what we are told. If there are areas that are especially dangerous to question, are these areas we are going to stay away from? It might seem the wisest policy, but it’s pretty hard to map a terrain if you deliberately avoid specific areas of the land being mapped.

That thought experiment had almost instant results at RI: somebody accused me of being an anti-Semite and skirting the edges of holocaust denial. Jeff, the owner of the site, locked the thread for fear it was stirring things up too much, and that was that. This of course proved my point well enough, but at the same time it ended the “experiment” before I could explain what I was really getting at—that all this is obfuscation to distract us from what’s really going on: not a bunch of white “motherfucking arsehole” elite but Masonic sorcery and reality-creation.

So what’s the difference between parapolitical analysis and historical revisionism? Actually, “historical revisionism” has two meanings, one being simply scrutinizing the official facts and discovering discrepancies or outright lies among them, thereby coming up with a new, more accurate narrative (in other words, parapolitical research). The other (also called “negationism”) entails deliberately suppressing or distorting agreed upon “facts” in order to create a false narrative that serves specific political ends. So these are two opposite meanings that are also very close to each other, which is sort of Orwellian use of language, not equating war with peace but equating intelligent inquiry into historical events with “denial” of them.

But who are the real negationists here? The creators of history and the spinners of Consensus Reality, who say that we must not question what we are told, and that to do so amounts to dissidence, subversion, terrorism, or—horror of horrors—anti-Semitism!

Since history as we know it is already a revised version of events dependent on the suppression of facts (“history is fiction”), then how are we to trust the judgment of Consensus as to which category a given reading falls into? How do we know whether a researcher is guilty of negationism, or simply of uncovering facts that have been deliberately suppressed, and to be dealt with accordingly by being branded a Nazi, terrorist, or anti-Semite? Clearly, we can’t, except by doing the research ourselves.

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

Monday, December 22, 2008

Forbidden Waters & Big Lies: Holocaust, Hitler, and Hollywood

(from a post at RI thread here)

Oh yes this is a tricky subject isn’t it.

Let me try a thought experiment on you all:

If there were a Judaic elite attempting to extend its influence in world affairs and consolidate its power base, wouldn't the Holocaust have been a highly effective way to advance such an agenda?

After all, not only did it lead directly to the creation of the state of Israel, it effectively gave carte blanche to that state, and to Jewish groups, thereafter. As “victims” of the Holocaust, the chosen people are permitted to get away with ideologies and actions that no other groups can - because criticizing the chosen people is pretty much guaranteed to get you accused of anti-Semitism.

Try another thought experiment: Suppose Hitler was mind-controlled by his “handlers” (who may or may not have included the Jewish elite, the Rothschilds et al.) to hate the Jews and programmed (like Manson) with Messianic aspirations, to serve as a patsy for the secret plans of the Masonic elite? Hitler was cured of hysterical blindness by a hypnotherapist Dr. Edmund Forster after WWII, and it was during this period that he developed not only his anti-Semitic tendencies but also his aspirations to becoming world leader and avatar of the Aryan race.

Here's a passage from "Before Hitler was: Looking for a Doppelganger"

There is considerable controversy regarding precisely when Hitler became driven to destroy the Jews and dominate the world. There is strong evidence, however, that the 'hate and pain' which characterized Hitler's speeches in 1919 and afterward, as well as his fanatical purpose, were not in evidence prior to his psychiatric treatment.

Other psychologists have also published conclusions similar to those of Dr. Binion. In November 20, 1998, for example, the following feature article was dispatched by Reuters to international newspapers:

'Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Reuters) -- Adolf Hitler's belief he was meant to rule the world may have stemmed in part from a hypnotic suggestion given during treatment for hysterical blindness in 1918, a Louisiana psychiatrist said in the November Journal of Forensic Science. Dr. David Post, a forensic psychiatrist at the state's forensics hospital in Jackson, Louisiana, based his theory on a book he believes used material from a German military hospital where Hitler was treated after he was temporarily blinded in a mustard gas attack in the First World War in October 1918. Hitler was a corporal at the time, but the hospital records from that period were later destroyed by the Gestapo, although Hitler wrote of his sudden blindness and his resolve to enter politics if he regained his sight. After Germany's surrender on Nov. 11, 1918, Hitler wrote that he had "a supernatural vision ... A miracle came to pass" and he could see again.

In a book called "Eyewitness" by Ernst Weiss, an exiled German doctor and novelist, a German psychiatrist in a military hospital uses hypnotic suggestion in a still-accepted medical protocol for post-traumatic stress syndrome. He tells the patient A.H.: "I am a simple doctor. But perhaps you yourself have the rare power, which occurs only occasionally in a thousand years, to work a miracle. Jesus did it. Mohammed. The saints.... An ordinary person with such a condition would be blind for life. But for a person of particular strength and will and spiritual energy, there are no limits.'

Psycho-historians agree that the greatest change in Adolf Hitler's life occurred in Pasewalk Military Hospital while recovering from a mustard gas attack at the end of World War I. His hatred for Jews may have been implanted there by hypnosis, drugs and modern brain washing techniques.

(There is a book The Man Who Invented Hitler by David Lewis, that covers this subject in depth.)

To continue our thought experiment: suppose Hitler was set up by hidden controllers as a Messianic patsy to implement a global agenda (centering around the establishment of a power base in the Middle East), and then made to take the fall for a mass extermination program (one that he may not have even known about)?

Is it entirely coincidental that the direct result of Hitler’s (alleged) attempt to exterminate the Jewish people led to the creation of their own state in the Holy Land (in other words, had the precise inverse effect to that supposedly intended)? Or that so much of the global machinations of the elite continues to center around this Middle-Eastern power base, the exploitation of its natural resources (oil, opium, etc), as well as its more abstract ones (occult knowledge of Sufis, et al)?

It seems safe to say that we have been deceived about Hitler, the Holocaust, and everything else. A smoke screen has been created that is so impenetrable that anyone who dares to try to get past it, will almost certainly choke to death on all the toxic gases s/he will encounter. Are many parapolitical researchers too afraid to question the official story too closely, for fear of being branded Nazis and/or racists?

But consider this: can anyone imagine a researcher being jailed for suggesting that the extermination of Native peoples in North America never happened? Actually, the systematic destruction of Native children in residential schools in Canada has been covered up for decades, and is only now coming to light through the work of independent researchers (“revisionists”?), who are themselves facing persecution for trying to uncover this unsavory truth. Different “rules” seems to apply, depending on which part of history (and which peoples) we are speaking of.

The Masonic sorcerer elite do seem to favor a Judaic flavor to their rituals and ceremonies, most of all in the practice of blood sacrifice (as upheld by Moses on his bloodthirsty trek to the promised land). And what our "handlers" are most intent upon assuring is that we, the profane, become further and further estranged from the truth, from gnosis, and therefore susceptible to their methods of control. This is accomplished by indoctrinating us with false beliefs about reality, including though not restricted to historical events. The bigger the lie they can get us to believe, the further they can remove us from our knowing, the more malleable we become.

(Random example: the faked Moon landing – even if they really did get to the Moon, there is an advantage in getting us to believe in a falsified version of the event as real, because by believing in something we - our bodies - can easily see to be untrue, we are falling more and more under the mind-spell they are weaving.)

Hollywood is of course a key apparatus in this spell-casting agenda; and yes, Hollywood is and always has been run by the chosen people. But also by Scientology and the CIA, who are not, so far as I know, predominantly populated by Jewish folk. Like every other faction or group, the Jews are simply being used to deceive us. And the best way to ensure this deception continue is to forbid any and all intelligent discussion of the subject.

The reason I raise the above possibilities is not that I necessarily believe them to be true (though they may well be), but to illustrate how potentially alienating, damning, such ideas are for the person who raises them. Killing (scapegoating) the messenger not only suppresses the message, but discourages anyone else from trying to keep that meme alive.

If holocaust investigators are being jailed for attempting to suggest that some aspects of the holocaust are not true, or exaggerated, distorted, or obscured, then two things become clear: something is being concealed; and woe betide anyone who dares try and uncover it. If these investigators are simply zealots trying to push their own ideology, why not look at the “evidence” and expose it for what it is? If a question or area is too sensitive for even the most rigorous researchers to want to look at it, surely this is a reason to take it seriously, and to overcome our personal discomfort and see what's going on? Not because we have a case to prove, defending Hitler or demonizing Jews or anything else, but simply out of curiosity?

The fact that this particular subject is almost impossible to talk about openly suggests, to me, that it is a key to the Pandora’s box of Masonic Sorcery Theater. If so, the first step is to take a step back and try to see the forest, and not merely the trees. This is not a subject to be emotional about.

What happened to the chosen people is no worse, no different, than what happened to Native American peoples or any number of populations being systematically persecuted and destroyed by a secret elite and their hidden agendas – except that for some reason it IS different. Why? Because we are told that it is. Why? Because the holocaust meme (as propagated by CIA Steve, Scientology, and the Hollywood Elite) is a central element in an elaborate system of psychological control. It may even be “the Big Lie” that Hitler spoke of, little suspecting that he would become the central player (scapegoat?) in this lie. . . ?

Revelation of the Method.

As to the title question of this thread: perhaps all the Holocaust movies are designed as counter propaganda to Scientology’s holocaust museums? Part of the on-going “war” between Scientology and Jewish Hollywood (as embodied by CIA Spielberg), a war which is probably itself (like the “war” between Masonry and Roman Catholicism) a central part of the sorcerers’ smoke screen?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Great American Psycho

Latest podcast-chat with the little-known writer Phil Synder about the Great American Psychopath, including a discussion of the psy-op cultivation of "cereal killers" and meme creation via cultural/genetic modification...

Image as ever by the talented Lucinda Horan, with some none-too-subtle direction from myself.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beyond the Grassy Knoll Interview

Chat I did with Vyzygoth for V's site Beyond the Grassy Knoll; first hour with myself, second hour with Adam Gorightly. You can download the show like this

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Illuminati 'R' Us

I have gone out on a limb for this latest show, which covers the whole gamut of subjects, centering around the tendency of parapolitical/occult researchers to use little-understood (& ill-defined) terms like "Illuminati" and "Luciferian" and thereby get sucked into paranoid mythic narratives designed to hijack our imaginations as fuel for the Masonic Sorcerers. Question raised: is the real secret society (the autist-shaman "elixir") secret even from its own members, and if so, how do we cop to our membership? Was Hitler a patsy of the M.S's and was the '60s one great big psi-op?

I'd also like to extend an invitation to listeners to contact me via Skype; look for Aeolus Kephas, Afghanistan, and let me know why you are calling (to chat on SW), and I'll answer any questions you have, put them on the show (or not, depending on how it goes)...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama's Dark Side

For those interested in mainstream parapolitics and the Great Obama Swindle, there's a very rich and rewarding thread at Rigorous Intuition, full of recent articles mapping the continuing nexus of betrayal and Masonic Sorcery Theater of which the BO tap-dance is the latest piece of eye candy and brain-fogging for the ever-hopeful masses.

Follow the thread here

Friday, December 05, 2008

How to Deal with Hormones

In a follow-up to last week's podcast, Cary McCoy and I discuss what it means to be primal. Topics include: animal transformations, blood lust, unrefined masculine energies, the role of the sexes, the joys of sex and cooking, is there life after the libido, did Jesus preach the sermon on the mount with an erection, stage fright, how to channel hormonal (nervous) energy and chat up pretty girls, Jesus' sin of sins (and the masonic sorcerers secret recipe?), dreams of the anima, role-playing in sex, men-women relations and do strong women like to be dominated?

As Cary suggests on the show, this is a subject listeners might enjoy providing feedback on: ladies, do you appreciate a forthright male offering a no-nonsense, non-loaded appreciation of your sexiness? Guys, do you get uptight whenever in the presence of an attractive female? Would relations between the sexes be easier, more fluid and open - and less tense! - if we were upfront and honest about our sexual feelings, instead of maintaining the perennial mind games and secret agendas?

Oh and has anyone ever tried a mix of lentils, sperm and menstrual blood? ; )