Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama's Dark Side

For those interested in mainstream parapolitics and the Great Obama Swindle, there's a very rich and rewarding thread at Rigorous Intuition, full of recent articles mapping the continuing nexus of betrayal and Masonic Sorcery Theater of which the BO tap-dance is the latest piece of eye candy and brain-fogging for the ever-hopeful masses.

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Anonymous said...

Hi aeolus.  Just more business as usual, but so much  more interesting than "synchro-mysticism" because its live and "for real" instead of celluloid. It is a chance to see just how the Sorcererz do the things they do. Not that it isn;t apparent every day, but the B.O. "election" was particularly instructive, especially due to the possibility of B.O's use of hypnotism.

NWO Observer said...

good post! cheers.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the US electorate just got their own equivalent of Tony Blair's win after 18 years of Tory government in the UK, but then they never bother looking at any overseas news to check on the consequences of that one....doh.