Monday, December 14, 2009

The Crickets Still Chirp

The Norway Spiral.

Big picture stuff; if you start to try and process this through the personal self, there are only two options: a mental breakdown of some sort, or ego inflation. Either we feel like a pawn of forces too vast to comprehend, or a player in a game of cosmic proportions. Really, the person is neither: it is just a witness to its own dissolution, a witness to surrender.

It's almost irresistible to speculate and wonder about these things, because they are so BIG. But that's probably what's behind the whole psy-op to begin with, a means to hijack our attention. Energy follows thought.

That giant spiral even looks like something designed to draw energy towards it.

A warrior can be seeing the devil himself and no one will know it. Because he doesn't react to what he cannot comprehend.

There's snow on the ground outside. That's real enough for me.

What about energy-stealing entities? I have a knowing that they exist, because I have encountered enough of them. And that they aren't friendly, and that they do seem to feed off us. But these are still only pieces in a bigger picture. I also have a knowing that these entities are part of something beyond our comprehension, at this time. So then I can leave off thinking about it unless/until I am engaged with it directly.

Believing or not believing, either is a trap. Something is happening and it's getting closer, and we all know that. That's a knowing. But as to what it is, and whether it is global or just a few of us, whether these media phenomenon are part of it or a simulation of it, or simply a cunning distraction from it, that I don't know ~ tho I lean more towards the latter.

As I said previously here, why think about or comment on something that is happening in Norway when all we have is the media reports of it? It is no more "real" to us than the latest HW sci-fi movie.

In our neck of reality, the crickets still chirp. Snow is lying softly on the ground. I am going out into now; I don't expect to encounter any aliens.

If I do, you'll be the first to know.

Friday, December 11, 2009


3 minute television piece about SWEDA, for those who want an inside peak at the process!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

C-Realm Part Two: Being Broken

KMO asks me about psychedelic substances; it took me into new places regarding the correlation between being a vessel (shaman), and first having to be broken as a person.

That is sure how it feels.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What Me, Worry?

For those who aren't hanging out at the Forum, here's a post I made today, in response to one of the more Alien Among Us, :

We don't so much talk about problems at SWEDA; we just talk about whatever comes up, and then look for patterns, narratives, that tie that stuff together and allow to go deeper.

Patterns suck when you are in them (being triggered by them), but that doesn't make them problems. A problem is something that requires a solution. That's the mod-world way of looking at stuff: everything needs fixing or improving (even when it's not broken).

SWEDA is the old-world methodology; it is geared towards seeing patterns, and going deeper into them: looking outward to better see inward, and vice versa. It's not therapy, it's theater.

If you go to a modern doctor, he does some tests and he tells you that you have terminal cancer and you are going to die. Having given you a death sentence, chances are you will die. That's "reinforcing a problem by talking about it." Ask the same doctor to explain why you got cancer, and he will tell you "Nobody can answer that." Most mod-world doctors are shit-peddlers who get paid for believing their own lies. They may not know what they are talking about, but they believe they do; and if they persuade you to believe them, then you may get well from their drugs and radioactive cures, or you may die from the diagnosis. Either way, the cancer is a thing that is alien and hostile and must be combated; and if it can't be beaten, then at least it is to be kept at bay.

The other, old-world method is to see the cancer as a "neoplasm," a new life-form in the body that is created by suppressed psychic shit which the body is massing together in order to flush it out; but if the mind holds on to that shit, the body can't let go, and so the cancer spreads through the entire system, so the body is then under threat. The cancer is an ally that, if allowed to do its thing, will bring forth new life. Transformation. The touch of Pluto that spreads through the whole psyche-soma system. It is not a problem, it is a solution, or better yet, a process.

Patterns are the same: they're creations of consciousness that were responses to an early hostile environment ~ attempts by consciousness to match what surrounds it, no matter how distorted that may be (e.g., family life). Patterns let us know the ways in which we came out of what we knew to be true, and took refuge in lies. Patterns may be untrue as ways of behavior, but they are still sourced in truth. They are like beads we left behind us, as we wandered through the Labyrinth of childhood and adolescence, to the center where the Minotaur would devour our being entirely. ("Maturity" and adulthood.)

If we reject those patterns, and see them as problems to avoid or erase, then we are stuck in the Labyrinth of the constructed identity, and the Minotaur has us.

SWEDA is like individual map-making for the psyche. What people call "problems" are just landmarks on the road of consciousness, and if we can identify them, locate these patterns and trace them back to their origin, they will clue us as to how to make our way back through that hostile terrain, and out.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Interlude: a Pleasant Detour into the C-Realm

Here's my chat with KMO at C-Realm Podcast

Haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect there are some slightly strained passages, as Kevin tried to lure me back into AK mode by asking about Tulpas &Things, and I'm sorry to say I took the bait. Result as i recall was finding myself out of What-I-Know, like the proverbial fish out of water.

Our past sins are there to remind us . . .


Saturday, November 28, 2009

How About Starting With What We KNOW?

Itchy Buttholes?!

Painfully Long Erections?!

Alcoholic Mothers?!

Absent Fathers?!

Health Food Addictions?!

Adult Acne?!

Chronic Halitosis?!

Bad Plumbing?!

Faulty Wiring?!

Stinky Asphalt?!

Noisy Neighbors?!

Planned Obsolescence?!

Endless Fast Food Franchises?!

Cheap Crap Made in China?!


Computer Virus Alerts and Updates!?

Tele-Marketing Calls?!

Impossible to Open CD Wrappers?!

Used Schoolgirl Panties in Japanese Vending Machines?!

Being Secretly Aroused by Your Favorite Cartoon Character?!

Getting Paranoid on Pot?!

Social Awkwardness?!

Body Odor That Can't Be Concealed?!

Meaning to Fart But Shitting Yourself Instead?!

Stretch Marks on Your Butt?!

Painfully Short Erections?!

Inexpensive well-made stuff from China?!

Family Christmases?!

Lousy Movies?!

Hair loss?!

Bad teeth?!

Chronic dissatisfaction?!

Loss of libido?!

Sexual frustration?!

Back Pains?!

Compulsive Nose-Picking?!

Irrational Rage with Inanimate objects?!

Annoying Panhandlers?!

Endless Traffic Jams?!

Supermarket Musak?!

Homeowner Associations?!

Spotty Internet Service?!

Ants in the Pool?!

Whiny Children?!

Assholes Who Don't Respond to Your Emails?!

Daylight Saving time shifts?!


Semi-Pornographic Ads on the Internet?!

Compulsive Eating?!

Compulsive Drinking?

Compulsive Smoking?!

The 'In Crowd'?!

Endless Red tape?!

Liberal Do-Gooders?!


Family Members Who Repeat Themselves?

Over-Demanding Household Animals?!

Sexually Indifferent Partners?!

Sexually Insistent Partners?!

Is it Possible, Just Maybe, That We Are Drawn to Big-Problems-Without-Solutions as a Way to Distract From the Everyday Shit That We Really Just Don't Want to Deal With?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So you know all about:

Global conspiracies!

Alien abductions!

Masonic Sorcery!


Swine Flu!

Mind Control!


The Panopticon!

Chem Trails!

One World Gov't!

Solar Religion!

Digital Currency!


Food additives!


Jewish Cabals!

Genetic modification!

Black Ops!

Deep Underground Military Bases!

HAARP Weather Control!


Non-Humans Among Us?!

Satanic Ritual Abuse in Military Day Care Centers!

Occult Symbols in Media!

"Off-World" Agendas?!

Codex Alimentarius!

Free Energy Technology!

Shape-Shifting Reptiles?!

Medical-Industrial Complex!

Impossibly Ancient Elite Bloodlines!

FEMA Relocation Camps!

Children Sold on International Sex Slave Market!

Project Bluebeam!

Bohemian Grove!

Energy Harvesting Mass Media Rituals!

Fake Moon Landing!

Secret Bases on the Mars!

Hollow Earth!

Gang Stalking!

Directed Energy Weapon Harassment!

The Implant!



Knights Templars!


Anal Probes at 3:33 am!

Remote Viewers!

Dream Colonization!

Secret Cloning!

Paul is Dead!

Environmental Fascism!

Microwave Emissions!

UV Lighting!


The Education System!

Electric Cars!

Suppressed Cancer Cures!

Martial Law!


Round Table Organizations!



Pagan Symbolism!

Skull & Bones!




Face on Mars!

Ley Lines!

Obama's Secret Muslim Agenda!



Oklahoma City!

The Manson Murders!

School Shootings linked to Prozac!

Revisionist History!

Debt Control!


King Kill 33!

The Revelation of the Method!

The Process Church and 4 Pi!

Peak Oil!

Immanent Global Famine!

The Bee Die-off!

Dumbing Down of Our Children!

Internet Porn Addiction!

Crop Circles!

Giza Pyramids!

The Alternative Research Community!

King Tut!

American Idol!


The Beatles!


Population Reduction!



Counter Culture as Psi-Op!

Project Paperclip!

The Nine!

The Babalon Working!


The Lone Nut/ Serial Killer Mythos!

Anomalous Archeology!

Key-word Hijacking!

Black Holes at the Center of Everything!




Old seers!




Ancient Pharaoh DNA!

Galactic Consciousness!

But what are you supposed to do about it?

(Watch This Space)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyone's In Love

We are falling in love.

We are falling for a person.

We are falling for a trick.

We are falling into the abyss, together.

Lately it seems like everyone is falling in love.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paranoiacs Anonymous!

Time for one more overhauling of the blog, one more face lift!

To my mostly silent, ever-curious, invisible audience, watching safely on the sidelines, it's time to separate the sheep from the goats.

Sheep follow the herd and stay in the safe parameters laid down by farmer John; goats take the initiative and head up the mountain to gain a new perspective, creating their own solitary path.

SWEDA is a solitary path. Yet it's also a group undertaking. There have even been flippant references to "the flock."

How to reconcile that paradox? We are working on it.

Forgive me for falling back on theatrics, but here is the first thing you need to know about SWEDA:

Nobody can be told what SWEDA is. You have to see it for yourself.

Since few people want to jump in at the deep end of identity deconstruction (especially at $50 a month), perhaps there are those out there who would like a one-on-one experience of what SWEDA is, that wouldn't entail any sort of long-term commitment?

If so, now's the time to take advantage of a movement of being!

Any of you who are secretly curious about what SWEDA *is*, and who would like to connect to me personally for a one-to-one dialogue, now is the time to speak.

What is "End Times Management"? Who are the Paranoiacs Anonymous?

Watch This Space. And in the meantime, let yourself be heard, if not seen.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mind Games

The danger is that, when we combine our patterns with esoteric knowledge ~ which has been stored and conveyed by people caught inside their own patterns ~ what it does is provide esoteric rationale for staying inside our patterns.

For example, if we recognize something as a pattern through esoteric knowledge, it becomes fairly easy to let go of it. And if we recognize something as an esoteric teaching that is turning into a "pattern" ~ a belief system ~ we can also let go of it easily enough. But when we unconsciously use esoteric knowledge to strengthen and justify our patterns, we are really stuck in them. The reason is that the combination of intellectual knowledge with emotionally invested drives convinces us that we have found Truth with a big T. Actually, we have just found a perfect esoteric match for our patterns.

All esoteric teaching and "pathwork" is for the mind, and it is attractive to the mind because the mind knows that it will never really work, so the mind gets to play with its awakening, without ever being all the way undone by it. If it really worked, we wouldn't go near it.

The mind cannot ever co-operate with, much less bring about, its own awakening.

IMO, all these teachings are valid as a means to understand what I just stated above. At that point, to me at least, they become entirely without value or interest. This coming from someone who just published a book about them, and really wants you to buy it!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Creatures of Oblivion

From Chapter Six of Homo Serpiens: "The Nazi Stain."

“For he who is ignorant until the end is a creature of oblivion, and he will vanish along with it.”
The Gospel of Truth, Nag Hammadi Library

We have said that a god-form cannot be destroyed; but is it possible that humanity, or evolution, would go out of its way to assemble an anti-paradigm, a dark host or body of error by which to isolate its shadow and be done with it forever? There seems to be some basis to this idea, poetically illustrated by the Biblical account of the devil being loosed for a little season and permitted to snatch up aberrant souls in a last, mad bout of weeding, before dragging them down (along with himself) into the pit of non-existence forever. Such a simplistic note of triumph is forgivable for the sake of good storytelling; but it is also an overly dualistic way of perceiving a process that may be closer to an alchemist’s turning lead into gold or a gardener drawing flowers from manure than a simple case of good destroying evil. Evil is not destroyed but assimilated, and thereby redeemed. The Nazi stain, along with the Judaic paradigm, must be absorbed into the Aiwaz working, which can then be com-bined with the Christ archetype to create a new god-form, the shape and nature of which is yet largely unknowable.

With the Egyptians we saw how systems of worship can co-exist in harmony, as gods in a pantheon, suggesting that not only is it possible for archetypes to join hands and forge alliances but that it is their very nature to do so. Gods seek company, just as cells bind together to form a body, people gather into tribes, tribes into races, and so on, ad infinitum. But for this binding to take place, all foreign or incompatible elements must be eradicated, all the rough spots ironed out. The fit must be exact, and no “merging,” as such, can occur until the binding is complete.

To clarify: binding is not merging. Two bloods, possessed of distinct and particular substance, may bind but not merge. The difference between binding and merging is that two things that merge become one thing, losing their individual natures in the process. Two things that bind, on the other hand, retain their individual nature and together give rise to a third thing. This also is a key.

The secret end of evil is its own eradication. Self-willed decay is a suicidal urge that serves to annihilate itself.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sacred Ego

Ego = Point of View.

A Moving I.

The Point Where Perception is Assembled?

Every God is a Star. Every Devil the Space that is Occupied by that Star.

Yin and Yang: Innermost and Outermost.

A POV that is Constantly Moving Cannot Ever Become a Fixed Identity.

As Moving POVs, Ego that is Sacred is Defined by What It Perceives, not by the Act of Perception.

Ego does not Perceive, but Consciousness Perceives Via the Ego.

It is the linking between Innermost and Outermost.

There is Nothing Behind These Eyes.

But What Gazes Back at the Emptiness, that is Truly Something!

The Ego that is Pure and Unencumbered by the Opaque Lens of self-reflection

Perceives Only One Thing, Eternally:

The Beloved.

Come Join the Linking Process, Where the Shipwrecked Lead the Drowned.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christ in Hades

(image (c) John Coulthart)

As Requested, Sample Paragraph from HS, sans scent.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.”
—John 8:44,45

And so it was that, instead of freeing humanity, Jeshua sowed the seeds of a new system of worship. Depending upon how much insight we attribute to Jeshua—and whether we consider his mission to have pertained only to the human race or to the evolution of the Cosmos—such a delay can be seen as part of the original plan. But even so, Jeshua no doubt hoped his disciples would have the energy to join him in accepting the plasmate, and that together they would lead humanity to freedom, which would explain his promise, “This generation shall not die before these things come to pass.” For some, perhaps these words were fulfilled. But as an illuminated soul or homoplasmate, Jeshua must have known how slim were the chances that his disciples would be able to follow him, and that in all probability the new strand (Christ’s “vine”) would remain embryonic. This is why Jeshua left precise instructions with the Apostles, specifically Peter, to “feed the sheep,” i.e., spread the word to Gentiles and Jews alike, that the vine might grow and prosper over the next two thousand years and keep the fruit (plasmate) alive. Meanwhile, having fused with Jehovah (and in order not to abandon his “flock”), Christ “descended to Hades.” The magikal implications of this are obscure. The suggestion is that, in the process of doing battle (or making peace) with “the prince of this world” (Yaldaboath or Jehovah), Jeshua merged his consciousness with that of the Earth. “Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:31,32). Jeshua may have been overly optimistic, however, because two thousand years later, humanity is still awaiting the judgment, and has yet to be drawn “unto Christ.”

Like Osiris, Christ went west. “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth” (Matthew 12:40). Although orthodox Christianity interprets this literally as the three days between crucifixion and resurrection (despite the apparent impossibility of fitting a 72-hour period between Good Friday and Easter Sunday), the magikal perspective might interpret “three days” as three cosmic decans (a decan being ten degrees or one third of an astrological sign), each one lasting 720 years and adding up to the length of an astrological age. In other words, the time it would take for the Earth-Sun alignment to move from Pisces to Aquarius. Christ as Logos is the Creator of the World (“He was in the world and the world was made by him and the world knew him not.” John 1:10). A level above the demiurge, he is answerable only to “the Father” (the source). In his compassion, Christ gave humanity one more age to get its act together, to construct its collective energy body and prepare to “ascend” to unitive consciousness.

During this cycle, the old devil Yaldaboath appears to have been undergoing a process of reform amounting to re-alignment with his true, cosmic function. The inevitable side-effect of this “corrective process,” however (i.e., of living inside the energy field of this aberrant being and being slowly converted to its dark vibration), has been the total, final corruption of the human race, in what might best be termed contagion. The more “repentant” and purified Yaldaboath gets, then, the more contaminated and diseased the Earth, and by extension humanity, has grown. Man has become a devil, and “the Devil,” in turn, humanity’s only chance for salvation! When Christ went down to Hades, it was the last phase of this “transference of power.” Christ became the spirit of Earth, and Man, as such, became the adversary.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the Other Hand . . .

Received 50 copies of Homo Serpiens this week, and I have to say: they smell really, really good.

If that's not a recommendation, I don't know what is.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Everything You Never Needed to Know About the End Times* (*But Couldn't Help But Ask Anyway)

Today Homo Serpiens is finally released.

Today is also Aleister Crowley’s birthday.

This lets us all know that something is afoot. Do not trust what you are about to read. Ever again.

Two days ago, I listened to JDR saying that the only reason anyone ever wrote a book was to steal energy from those who read it.

Listen to JDR.

Do not buy this book.

On the other hand: if you want to read an occult text that will cure you of ever wanting or needing to read about occult matters again, give this book a try.

The path of knowledge is good for one thing and one thing only: it will get you to a place where you will know, really know, that knowledge will never get you anywhere.

(except to this place)

The hunger for knowledge can be sated; it really can. And when it is sated, we will cease to seek outward for tools and terminology to provide pain relief for our wounded, shipwrecked souls. We will be ready to lay down inside of what we know to be true.

I no longer have any desire to read an occult book, ever again. Not even Homo Serpiens (though I will probably give it a look).

There is “knowledge” in this book that has never been put into print before. It represents a level of “occult wisdom” that few individuals ever attain, or are even exposed to.

But most of it is worthless.

Why? Because it does not come from a place of Knowing.

Most of it is now utterly irrelevant to me. All of this “occult wisdom” has not done a single thing for me (except to show me that it has not done a single thing for me).

Homo Serpiens, then, may as well be a work of fiction.

Yet for those who want to know the shape of the dream-fabrication called “the end times” that is currently coming into its final stages (?) before and around us, as a species, and are curious as to how all this relates to DNA, those who are ready to “know” more than they could ever find in a book before, to the point that they wish, after all, they had never asked, I can recommend this book.

It won’t ruin your life; but it might just put you off the path of occult knowledge forever. If so, then I have done a service of which I need not be overly ashamed.

It is not a crime to move on; there is no shame in seeing the light. Well, actually, there is quite a lot of shame involved in seeing the light, but we don’t have to apologize for our shamefulness.

I am not apologizing. I am in, in a subtle and self-subverting way, plugging my book. Even though I know that, whatever I get from your buying and reading it, another part of me loses exactly that much.

I would ask that any potential readers treat this book as a work of fiction. That they keep firmly in mind the author’s post-publication admission: that he no longer believes a single word in it, because he knows that the act of simply writing these things down, has made them somehow untrue to him personally.

Homo Serpiens will tell you everything you need to know about God, Satan, and Human DNA in the End Times. But most of all, if I have done my job properly, it will let you know that you really never needed to know any of this in the first place. Because it has nothing at all to do with what you really know inside to be true.

Be in that tiny bit, and let the end times roll off you like duck off a water’s back.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pain is a great awakener

Gnosis = Crisis.

There are no somebodies here; no one is ever going to get anywhere by pursuing a path to enlightenment, whether by drugs, or yoga, or meditation, or philosophy, or sorcery, or Ufos, or anything; these are all just the ways we try to get what we want, to be somebody in our lives.

The space being held here doesn't allow for any of that; this isn't a space where you get to feel good about yourself, or to help others to feel good about themselves. This isn't a space where knowledge or intellectual understanding counts for anything, except insofar as it can be used to make and hold a space, a space for us all to move slowly into what we know to be true, and to surrender to that tiny, tiny bit.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Word About Mating

The reason true love does not permit of human interference is simple: when we choose a partner or chase after a potential relationship, we are invariably doing so for personal reasons. But the only sort of sexual relationship that allows for alchemy is one that doesn't meet with our personal requirements, and often as not goes against them. These alchemical parings are arranged by Spirit, by the Faery, and the Faery do not make mistakes.

When the time comes for us to be matched with an alchemical partner, for a week a year or a lifetime, it will happen, and there's nothing we need do or can do to ensure that (tho we do have the option of co-operating!).

On the other hand, any attempt to hurry or anticipate such a matching is the one thing that might, potentially, sabotage such a paring. Because, if we personally invest in an alchemical paring, such investment might contaminate the purity of the match, and render it useless.

"Let him not seek after this; for thereby alone can he fall from it." (Liber Al)

So either way, we are wasting our precious time and energy, if we ever find ourselves personally investing into a potential match.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ask Your Death About Your Dreams

All "karma" is "negative", in that the desired state for sorcerers is a clean slate, from which they are able to act (respond) impersonally, and not re-act, driven by old wounds and patterns. The idea of creating "good karma" is strictly new age BS. Karma "good" or "bad" is created as a result of personal investment in action. When one acts neutrally, one's threads do not get entangled, there are, in a mysterious sense, no effects. One becomes pure cause, a ghost brother who leaves no traces.

SWEDA is path-oriented rather than goal-orientated: the inverse of being of the world.

We will never realize our dreams; it cannot be done. All dreams are personal, and all "realizations" are impersonal. Reality is not comprehensible to the person. That aspect of us ~ the part that wishes to realize its dreams and pursue its goals ~ is not invited to the party.

Any vested interest in anything is folly ~ since it's unavoidable, a sorcerer learns to control his folly. To hope without hoping, invest without investing, try without trying. In other words, to allow the personal self to do its thing, but never forget that it is meaningless folly that leads nowhere, like everything else. The things we do are our shields. Becoming a sorcerer means letting down those shields one by one, until there's nothing but you, and your death.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghost of a Flea Doing an Elvis Impersonation

Like everything else that lives, cats are carriers.

Take my cat for example: it carries something, everywhere he goes.

They are small, brown, and very hard to see, even harder to catch, and hardest of all to kill.

Can you image a human being with the proportionate power of a flea? You could leap tall buildings in a single bound. You would be bullet proof and could move faster than a speeding bullet...

Does this sound familiar? Was Superman's actual secret origin that he was bitten by a radioactive flea??!

That was a digression; a curious one however,

If I had to offer up my own contender for a living embodiment of pure, coagulated EVIL, it would this:

Damn, them, damn them, damn them. At least mosquitoes have the decency to make a high-pitched whine and be easy to kill.

Fleas can take over your life and destroy it.

Give them the chance, and they will do just that.

Somehow, Bast Command unit has be3come carriers for the Parasite Brotherhood.

Let your cat in the door, on your lap, under the covers, it will bring the evil bloodsuckers with it.

Your cat has no say in this. S/he is not to blame.

Fleas are not indestructible.


But they are working on it.

The day fleas attain total unkillability, humanity will have no choice but to surrender. Either that, or kill all cats.

I have bites all over my body

I would like to scream. But why bother. THEY do not care.

I am host to the hungry ghosts of countless fleas, feeding on my body, feeding, feeding, feeding.

Is this a Bardo realm?

How would i know if it was?

Is Elvis somewhere in the building?

Does he have fleas?

Surrender is an opportunity; it does not come easy.

Isolate in your consciousness whatever you most fear, despise, and dread in this life, your own perfect, personal hell, and you can be sure the gods will conspire to assemble that hell for you, just for you.

That will be your very own ultimate Opportunity to Surrender.

For me, it will probably involve Fleas.

I could let the fleas live in my mattress, let them feed on me, and do nothing, save to suffer, to suffer, to suffer, and know that my suffering was feeding the ultimate cause of the coagulation of pure evil.

i could surrender to that; it would be better, in the long run.

But I am not that evolved. I am only a man, after all; i cannot lay my head down in a bed of fleas.

Well, at least i can change the sheets first.

If you want to let the good into your life, sometimes you have to let the bad in too.

Sometimes, you cannot separate the good from the bad.

And so my cat gets to live.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feed the Meat Vessel Please

There Now Follows a Short Commercial Break. Stay Tuned: the Feline Invasion will Resume Shortly.

(Bast in her infinite wisdom deigns to let the puny human have his say; the vessel must be fed and maintained, after all...)

Some harmless scraps of half-knowledge from Homo Serpiens, now available a few inches to your right.

Although Man was a co-creator with God, he was a passive creator, an empty vessel through which the divine will might act upon Creation.

The Serpent changed all that.

For the longest time, the gods co-existed with their creations.

Presumably there are others like myself. . . ?

The “word” of the Bible (in the gospel of John) is a translation of the Greek “logos,” meaning ratio, that which rations and gives form by separation from the indiscriminate ocean of being.

For human beings, reality is based on memory, memory upon language.

The Gnostic tradition, to which Christ belonged, supplanted “faith” (blind obedience to an unknown power) with experience and knowledge—not intellectual knowledge but visceral, bodily illumination.

“Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you . . . For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him” (John 6: 53-56).

Is this why it is said of the wise, “For them, darkness is light, and light darkness”?

The limitations of both the Judaic and the Christian paradigm stem from the fact that Christ and Satan/Jehovah are one deity, just like Horus and Set are one.

The question is: can they be reconciled into a single archetype?

From a magikal perspective, no entity—human or otherwise, “Satan” included—can be considered “evil” in and of itself.

An archetype or god-form is a collective energy field with as many qualities as there are points of view to perceive it.

If a god-form is a collective of souls bound together by shared beliefs and perceptions, it follows that it is made up as much of dead people as live ones.

Soul-devouring is a God’s business, after all...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If Cats Could Speak ~ They Wouldn't

Sorcerers are people who would like to be cats....

In a dog-eat-dog world....

There's been at least three telling synchronicities in the last three daze since I began posting on behalf of the Feline Brotherhood

(You think I am joking ~ Enjoy it while it lasts)

One who shall remain nameless ~ if not Shame-less ~ admitted that when he masturbated the other night, he heard a cat dying outside his window.

A second begun to dream of cats.

A third is currently seeking employment caring for Needy Felines (bless him; may the force be with him on his heroic quest for purpose and meaning in this dog-eating world)

a dog embodies the unruly libido

a cat, the sensual grace of tenderness and cruelty combined

(and what is love but tenderness and cruelty combined?)

Do you wish to see the evidence of the imminent Feline Invasion into this puny, fragile world??

I did not have to look far for it.

(You are correct: This is Not a Cat. This is the Face of Personal Sovereignty, without Make-Up.)

Mars is becoming playful; saturn alas, still wants to get laid; mercury is in danger of being poisoned by his own darkness; Uranus is wrestling with freedom vs. responsibility, and the inevitability of evolution's design; Jupiter is AWOL, awol, a wandering orpheus loner, Neptune is wrestling with the waves, trying to co-opt surrender, Helios is seeking release from bondage through dreaming, sol has car troubles, luna is dreaming blue butterflies into being, Venus is on holiday, Pluto is keeping silence, while his roots get into Everything.

The Lemons are almost to Lemnos; the system is replicating, the Magus standing on his head to get attention: look what has become of the fourfold gate to eternity, see how the camel trader got stuck in the eye of a needle, see how Jesus' sandal strap got wrapped around Peter's neck, and the stone sank softly, slowly to the surface, and a mysterious being emerged, from inside the darkness of knowing; and what we thought we were, all this time, sank sweetly, gratefully into unconsciousness, where it most sorely needed to go.

And the kittens howled atavistically in the moonlight.

and a song passed over your heads

and a dust cloud covered the stars.

and the moon sighed for pity

and another felid-based blog-post from nowhere appeared

and the followers shook their heads sadly

and said, He used to be such a clever fellow

where did his paranoid go to?

and floyd anderson warned wanly of infiltrations and misinformations

while the kittens stirred under his bed

and here i have said enough

that parents should kindle such residual bastards as refine the option of occult-sounding barbarism as a means to render blood as fully conscious systems of control through the whirlwind of - but you know how it ends

Don't say you were not warned...