Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sacred Ego

Ego = Point of View.

A Moving I.

The Point Where Perception is Assembled?

Every God is a Star. Every Devil the Space that is Occupied by that Star.

Yin and Yang: Innermost and Outermost.

A POV that is Constantly Moving Cannot Ever Become a Fixed Identity.

As Moving POVs, Ego that is Sacred is Defined by What It Perceives, not by the Act of Perception.

Ego does not Perceive, but Consciousness Perceives Via the Ego.

It is the linking between Innermost and Outermost.

There is Nothing Behind These Eyes.

But What Gazes Back at the Emptiness, that is Truly Something!

The Ego that is Pure and Unencumbered by the Opaque Lens of self-reflection

Perceives Only One Thing, Eternally:

The Beloved.

Come Join the Linking Process, Where the Shipwrecked Lead the Drowned.

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