Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paranoiacs Anonymous!

Time for one more overhauling of the blog, one more face lift!

To my mostly silent, ever-curious, invisible audience, watching safely on the sidelines, it's time to separate the sheep from the goats.

Sheep follow the herd and stay in the safe parameters laid down by farmer John; goats take the initiative and head up the mountain to gain a new perspective, creating their own solitary path.

SWEDA is a solitary path. Yet it's also a group undertaking. There have even been flippant references to "the flock."

How to reconcile that paradox? We are working on it.

Forgive me for falling back on theatrics, but here is the first thing you need to know about SWEDA:

Nobody can be told what SWEDA is. You have to see it for yourself.

Since few people want to jump in at the deep end of identity deconstruction (especially at $50 a month), perhaps there are those out there who would like a one-on-one experience of what SWEDA is, that wouldn't entail any sort of long-term commitment?

If so, now's the time to take advantage of a movement of being!

Any of you who are secretly curious about what SWEDA *is*, and who would like to connect to me personally for a one-to-one dialogue, now is the time to speak.

What is "End Times Management"? Who are the Paranoiacs Anonymous?

Watch This Space. And in the meantime, let yourself be heard, if not seen.


Anonymous said...

wishing you well! Jason.
let your strength shine thru'
i know you understand love and power are united in the eternal flower!
shine on surrendered soul!
may your will of love burn away all doubt!...and the double horned exstacy eclipse all shout!

JSteveKane said...

Interesting have for many years (since my awakening) i have been oscilaating between paranoia and pronoia , i'm going to check the ecent podacst referencing SWEDA as i'm definately tried of being a sheep , ive been resonating wolves as opposed to sheep lately but i will meditate of goats

JSteveKane said...

always find your discussions interesting due would be happy to chat about pschology magick ,sexuality,fetishism, drugs buddhism,martial arts, synchronicity, i don't know how to email you direct please check my blog and see if anything resonates

Jasun said...

my email is found in the blog profile; join the forum for esoteric discussions; one on one would be SWEDA style consultations, or if people want to be on a podcast, that could happen too. This is my livelihood, so I will be charging ($50) for these chats. One-to-one Q & A at the forum, as intro to SWEDA, will be free, however

Jasun said...

Here's the thread at the forum for SWEDA Test Drives