Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyone's In Love

We are falling in love.

We are falling for a person.

We are falling for a trick.

We are falling into the abyss, together.

Lately it seems like everyone is falling in love.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to this half poetic statement. I think the abyss is a bit of a cliche. But the trick is the salty nook of truth, self deception, consensus ratification. Allowing the other's attitudes and actions to be largely responsible for our own state of "happiness". Sounds like I integrated something lately? real work generally is carried out unsupervised.


Mr Panda said...

Funny, I believe in love less and less these days. Just another trip, some are into lsd, some are into peyote, some are into love. I sometimes think the more interesting art and insights come from the former two.

The words of people in love tend to bore the heck out of me. Kind of like newly converted Christians going on about Jesus to a non-believer.

You don't fall in love with a soul, you fall in love with a soul at one particular point in that soul's journey. And when that soul inevitably goes in a direction you can't follow, you're there crying for it to come back, like some sorry looking, motherless kitten.

I think anyone who can live their life without love (of the coupling variety) is way stronger than those who can't get by without it. No 80's power ballad, tearjerking rom-com or piece of mediocre poetry will convince me otherwise.

That being said, I could really do with a nice warm lady-hug at the moment. (Why don't you love me mommy?!)