Monday, December 14, 2009

The Crickets Still Chirp

The Norway Spiral.

Big picture stuff; if you start to try and process this through the personal self, there are only two options: a mental breakdown of some sort, or ego inflation. Either we feel like a pawn of forces too vast to comprehend, or a player in a game of cosmic proportions. Really, the person is neither: it is just a witness to its own dissolution, a witness to surrender.

It's almost irresistible to speculate and wonder about these things, because they are so BIG. But that's probably what's behind the whole psy-op to begin with, a means to hijack our attention. Energy follows thought.

That giant spiral even looks like something designed to draw energy towards it.

A warrior can be seeing the devil himself and no one will know it. Because he doesn't react to what he cannot comprehend.

There's snow on the ground outside. That's real enough for me.

What about energy-stealing entities? I have a knowing that they exist, because I have encountered enough of them. And that they aren't friendly, and that they do seem to feed off us. But these are still only pieces in a bigger picture. I also have a knowing that these entities are part of something beyond our comprehension, at this time. So then I can leave off thinking about it unless/until I am engaged with it directly.

Believing or not believing, either is a trap. Something is happening and it's getting closer, and we all know that. That's a knowing. But as to what it is, and whether it is global or just a few of us, whether these media phenomenon are part of it or a simulation of it, or simply a cunning distraction from it, that I don't know ~ tho I lean more towards the latter.

As I said previously here, why think about or comment on something that is happening in Norway when all we have is the media reports of it? It is no more "real" to us than the latest HW sci-fi movie.

In our neck of reality, the crickets still chirp. Snow is lying softly on the ground. I am going out into now; I don't expect to encounter any aliens.

If I do, you'll be the first to know.

Friday, December 11, 2009


3 minute television piece about SWEDA, for those who want an inside peak at the process!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

C-Realm Part Two: Being Broken

KMO asks me about psychedelic substances; it took me into new places regarding the correlation between being a vessel (shaman), and first having to be broken as a person.

That is sure how it feels.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What Me, Worry?

For those who aren't hanging out at the Forum, here's a post I made today, in response to one of the more Alien Among Us, :

We don't so much talk about problems at SWEDA; we just talk about whatever comes up, and then look for patterns, narratives, that tie that stuff together and allow to go deeper.

Patterns suck when you are in them (being triggered by them), but that doesn't make them problems. A problem is something that requires a solution. That's the mod-world way of looking at stuff: everything needs fixing or improving (even when it's not broken).

SWEDA is the old-world methodology; it is geared towards seeing patterns, and going deeper into them: looking outward to better see inward, and vice versa. It's not therapy, it's theater.

If you go to a modern doctor, he does some tests and he tells you that you have terminal cancer and you are going to die. Having given you a death sentence, chances are you will die. That's "reinforcing a problem by talking about it." Ask the same doctor to explain why you got cancer, and he will tell you "Nobody can answer that." Most mod-world doctors are shit-peddlers who get paid for believing their own lies. They may not know what they are talking about, but they believe they do; and if they persuade you to believe them, then you may get well from their drugs and radioactive cures, or you may die from the diagnosis. Either way, the cancer is a thing that is alien and hostile and must be combated; and if it can't be beaten, then at least it is to be kept at bay.

The other, old-world method is to see the cancer as a "neoplasm," a new life-form in the body that is created by suppressed psychic shit which the body is massing together in order to flush it out; but if the mind holds on to that shit, the body can't let go, and so the cancer spreads through the entire system, so the body is then under threat. The cancer is an ally that, if allowed to do its thing, will bring forth new life. Transformation. The touch of Pluto that spreads through the whole psyche-soma system. It is not a problem, it is a solution, or better yet, a process.

Patterns are the same: they're creations of consciousness that were responses to an early hostile environment ~ attempts by consciousness to match what surrounds it, no matter how distorted that may be (e.g., family life). Patterns let us know the ways in which we came out of what we knew to be true, and took refuge in lies. Patterns may be untrue as ways of behavior, but they are still sourced in truth. They are like beads we left behind us, as we wandered through the Labyrinth of childhood and adolescence, to the center where the Minotaur would devour our being entirely. ("Maturity" and adulthood.)

If we reject those patterns, and see them as problems to avoid or erase, then we are stuck in the Labyrinth of the constructed identity, and the Minotaur has us.

SWEDA is like individual map-making for the psyche. What people call "problems" are just landmarks on the road of consciousness, and if we can identify them, locate these patterns and trace them back to their origin, they will clue us as to how to make our way back through that hostile terrain, and out.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Interlude: a Pleasant Detour into the C-Realm

Here's my chat with KMO at C-Realm Podcast

Haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect there are some slightly strained passages, as Kevin tried to lure me back into AK mode by asking about Tulpas &Things, and I'm sorry to say I took the bait. Result as i recall was finding myself out of What-I-Know, like the proverbial fish out of water.

Our past sins are there to remind us . . .