Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Interlude: a Pleasant Detour into the C-Realm

Here's my chat with KMO at C-Realm Podcast

Haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect there are some slightly strained passages, as Kevin tried to lure me back into AK mode by asking about Tulpas &Things, and I'm sorry to say I took the bait. Result as i recall was finding myself out of What-I-Know, like the proverbial fish out of water.

Our past sins are there to remind us . . .



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to listen to this podcast later tonight, Jasun on C-Realm = awesome.


Jasun said...

thanks lance; it actually came out pretty well, I thought. KMO's questions tied together three pretty major strands: consciousness fragmentation/tulpa creation/masonic sorcerers and the Grid, and surrender/SWEDA.

I'd say it's the most comprehensive interview i've given yet.

guess the fish grew a set of lungs?!

John said...

Really good show - I enjoyed it - no need for apologies about slipping back into the 'old ways'. I think folks can listen to conjecture/not-knowing and enjoy it without necessarily investing in it.

Where does intuition fit into the picture? Can it be part of one's 'knowing', being something that one has an inkling of, a gut feeling about, but not a dead certainty?

Jasun said...

i think intuition goes with instincts: much of the time they can't be trusted either, because we always attach thoughts and feelings to them.

The body doesn't lie, but we do.

intuition is perhaps the start of knowing, but it won't take us into a new knowing unless we let go of it and always go back into what we do know. How many times do we use an intuition to fortify what we want to believe? Point is, intuition isn't impartial.

I think when we move from a knowing, we act "intuitively," responding without knowing quite why we say or do something. So it does seem to be a bridge of some forth, in and out of knowing.

Does that help?

John said...

Thanks for having a shot at explaining the point Jason, still a bit confused as to where to draw the boundaries between knowing and not-knowing.

Thinking of the idea of this life being lived in some sort of Matrix (by its nature beyond certainty and only speculated about or briefly perceived), I don't what could be trusted to be known for certain anyway. The body may not lie, but the perception of having that body would still be down to (a Matrix) consciousness - bah, not to worry...;-)