Saturday, November 28, 2009

How About Starting With What We KNOW?

Itchy Buttholes?!

Painfully Long Erections?!

Alcoholic Mothers?!

Absent Fathers?!

Health Food Addictions?!

Adult Acne?!

Chronic Halitosis?!

Bad Plumbing?!

Faulty Wiring?!

Stinky Asphalt?!

Noisy Neighbors?!

Planned Obsolescence?!

Endless Fast Food Franchises?!

Cheap Crap Made in China?!


Computer Virus Alerts and Updates!?

Tele-Marketing Calls?!

Impossible to Open CD Wrappers?!

Used Schoolgirl Panties in Japanese Vending Machines?!

Being Secretly Aroused by Your Favorite Cartoon Character?!

Getting Paranoid on Pot?!

Social Awkwardness?!

Body Odor That Can't Be Concealed?!

Meaning to Fart But Shitting Yourself Instead?!

Stretch Marks on Your Butt?!

Painfully Short Erections?!

Inexpensive well-made stuff from China?!

Family Christmases?!

Lousy Movies?!

Hair loss?!

Bad teeth?!

Chronic dissatisfaction?!

Loss of libido?!

Sexual frustration?!

Back Pains?!

Compulsive Nose-Picking?!

Irrational Rage with Inanimate objects?!

Annoying Panhandlers?!

Endless Traffic Jams?!

Supermarket Musak?!

Homeowner Associations?!

Spotty Internet Service?!

Ants in the Pool?!

Whiny Children?!

Assholes Who Don't Respond to Your Emails?!

Daylight Saving time shifts?!


Semi-Pornographic Ads on the Internet?!

Compulsive Eating?!

Compulsive Drinking?

Compulsive Smoking?!

The 'In Crowd'?!

Endless Red tape?!

Liberal Do-Gooders?!


Family Members Who Repeat Themselves?

Over-Demanding Household Animals?!

Sexually Indifferent Partners?!

Sexually Insistent Partners?!

Is it Possible, Just Maybe, That We Are Drawn to Big-Problems-Without-Solutions as a Way to Distract From the Everyday Shit That We Really Just Don't Want to Deal With?


Tim said...

Hands down, this is the best 'conspiracy' related article I have read all year.

After years of depression, fundamentalist religion, addiction to massive 'die-off' scenarios and following the nefarious doings of the 'global elite', I am here to testify that my life greatly improved after healthy eating, vigorous exercise, daily brushing and flossing and regularly telling my family that I love them.


Christopher James said...

i 'know about' these things

pretty funny

Anonymous said...

Yes, and we get to feel all that warm and fuzzy righteous indignation, too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right.

Its the stuff close to home that really matters, stuff that we can do something about (potentially).

Sorry for pissing over your previous post with my masturbation joke.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your life must be incredibly boring. What's it like to live in a shiny white bubble where cheaply made items from China bother you more than the fact that they were made in a sweatshop by grossly underpaid slave laborers? What's it like to be bothered more by 'Liberal do-gooders' themselves than by the situations that arise that compel them to 'do good' in the first place? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great that you don't have to worry about getting shot every time you walk out of your house, or getting harassed by police for the way you look, or getting stabbed in the gut for wearing the wrong colors, or having CIA-created gangs dominate your neighborhood streets, or going to sleep to gun battles on a regular basis, complete with helicopters circling and screaming. That's great that all these things don't affect your daily life, but what about the people these things DO affect? I think your message will look ridiculously juvenile to them. It sure looks that way to me. Perhaps you should make an attempt to BROADEN that which you 'know'. I'm sure there's a neurotic answer for why that's impossible or ill-advised as well.

Jasun said...

oh Hi Eos; thought you'd come troll the blog too did you? *sigh*

do YOU have to worry about getting shot by CIA created gangs?

word verification: butai!

Jasun said...

Note how an over-developed "social conscience" tends to go hand in hand with an under-developed sense of humor?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought I'd troll the blog! And yeah, I have to worry about those gangs by the way, probably wouldn't have mentioned it if I didn't, and the helicopters and sirens are really fucking annoying. This is why I rarely leave my house without a weapon. Cops, too. And then I have to worry about them FINDING the weapon! Because if they do I'll be upstate for way longer than if they found one on you! Either way, I understand much more about where we differ, and I guess it comes down to the intensity of the experiences we've lived through. I've stayed in bed all day before (when sick) but I've also been in the middle of shootouts and raids (not in any key role or anything) and I think that's at the root of it. I'm not at all worried about most of the shit you mentioned in that list, not even superficially, and I have a very hard time pretending to be during small talk with people who are, and I usually just don't do it. It reminds me of kids who aren't aware that the special effects in movies are fake yet, and that the characters are being portrayed by actors who lead very different lives behind the scenes. And I was laughing as I read those lists, by the way. You left a few things out. And who the hell is Eos? That's a gay name...

Anonymous said...

If you hadn't noticed my name is Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, I love you JATA, more than you'll ever know, and I'll leave this space alone now. As you were.

Jasun said...

I stand corrected (maybe)

The list were both assembled by the group, BTW, and perhaps we are a bunch of white, middle-class momma's boys with way-too-cushy lives to understand *your world*; but so what? If you think that CIA gangs or getting shot are more REAL than impossible to open cd-wrappers or itchy buttholes, just because they are "BIGGER" (more life-threatening and dramatic), then you kind of missed the point of the posts. Do you believe it makes you more authentic and "in touch with reality" because you live in a rougher neighborhood? : D

Anonymous said...

No, it just makes the some of the issues raised in the first post of more immediate concern to me than those raised in the second and it bothers me a little that the content of the second is really seen as more pertinent especially considering that the contents of the first could very easily wipe out such concerns as those listed in the second! It's not a pissing contest, though I very well may have come across like that initially (I like riling people up, getting real responses from them, if I'm going to bother at all). And if you really feel that your life is 'cushy' or whatever, then why dwell in it? Isn't a cushy life the gift of the 'elite' to it's loyal constituents?

What pressing concerns face our generation these days.

Millions starve whilst 'we' thrive on their misery, fooled into thinking nothing can be changed, when all around us change reigns supreme, softly chuckling at our bewildered state. It's not so much that we can enforce change through our own wills as it is that change, like music, moves through us when we allow it to.

That said, I do think that due to the fact that my experience of the 'world' has provided me with both the rougher and the softer sides of things my perspective is somewhat broader than 'average' or at least justifiably different. But in truth I think the broader perspective is available to all people if they would only use their eyes to see it rather than hide it beneath layers of existential angst.

I feel intuitively that this kind of behaviour feeds directly into the gaping jaws of all manner of 'hungry ghosts'.

Jasun said...

If this isn't Eos, anon, then you should know that you have an *exact twin* out there; maybe you two should get together and populate your own forum, coz you sure came to the wrong one here. ; )

Anonymous said...

Nice chatting with you!

Unknown said...


gary busey alex jones


towards the end he talks about neighbourhoods

Anonymous said...

are you ever wrong aeolus?
do you like people to agree with you?
and does that make you right?.....or knowing?...

Anonymous said...

yours or anyone's theories&beliefs have never brought me my knowing,
yours or anyone's existential angsts are not my concern ,
yours or anyone's experiential loops are not my responsibility .

have a nice day!....i hear you're getting married!...i won't say anything.....
take it easy...D

ex-anonymous said...

Just thought you should know, I'M the dude that left the first few comments as anonymous, I have nothing to do with these last six, starting with 'A'. Second, I'm a guy, so I don't know who you're talking about, but I'm sure that we all have a least one very similar person to ourselves wandering through the world. Third, I almost never come to this blog, but I used to listen to the Stormy Weather podcasts. I thought they were cool, but I kind of thought Aeolus was kind of lost in his own words sometimes, enamored with his own ability to spin yarns from very thin air and I thought he would occasionally miss the point entire by digressing into various scenarios, etc. I left the conversation at 'Nice chatting with you' after I got back that excellent response which was almost entirely liberated of any informational content, hardly a response at all. I just checked back to see if maybe there was a response with some content and found all these other anonymous posts. Those were not me, my name is not Eos and I would suggest not going to the link that other person posted (if that's what it is), as it might be malware or something. And I don't like Alex Jones that much, and Gary Busey...? What? You fellas keep having your fun.

Jasun said...

Guess it's time to monitor comments again at the blog. Anonymous posts will probably not be posted from now on, since that luxury seems to be getting abused. Too much distraction tactics going on here.

If someone posts anonymously and then accuses anyone else who posts anonymously of trying to pretend to be them ~ then something clearly has gone wrong with this process!

as for this:

"are you ever wrong aeolus?
do you like people to agree with you? and does that make you right?.....or knowing?..."

It's not to do with wanting to be agreed with; I am questioning why people who have radically different viewpoints from my own are hanging out here, when there seems to be no good reason save to *dis*-agree. This smacks of identity reinforcement through trolling. If people don't like what we are doing here, then why come here? Don't they have better things to do?

ex-anonymous said...

There was no accusation, just a clarification. I don't know what the purpose of posting nonsense was, possibly just an attempt to offload some malware. It's probably a good thing you used censorship in this case. However, your point about not wanting any dissenting viewpoints, or questioning why someone who has them visits your blog and discusses them on the world wide web, are well taken. You're right. I do have better things to do.

ex-anonymous said...

Ah, it's full on censorship with required comment approval now, is it? Well, good luck. Being anonymous is indeed a privilege these days, is isn't it?

Jasun said...

dissenting viewpoints are fine, providing they are within a context that allows for eventual reconciliation. Yours did not appear to allow for that. Indulging in matters of social conscience is always, I mean *always*, a way to get up on one's High Horse.

If you wish to improve the conditions of world, this is clearly not the place to do it.

Anyone who goes to the forum will see that I welcome having my "knowing" challenged, when it is done in a way that is agreeable ~ i.e., that allows a deeper exploration of the ideas, not simply a butting of heads.

; D

Tim said...

Sheesh! This is why the internet occasionally shreds my frontal lobes and why I may not have the required mental constitution to run my own blog.

Can any flower of truth / knowing sprout on the internet without some malevolent anonymous entity arriving to take a psychic dump on it?

Even though the original post "How about Starting With What We KNOW?" seemed playful and irreverent, it genuinely touched my place of knowing/experience - thus my original comment.

Jasun said...

do you have a blog, or are you still working up the nerve to take the plunge?

Anonymous said...

for the record, none of the above comments represent me- the one, true anonymous that you are all quite familiar with. these others are impostors and I will not rest until I discover who they are and why they have assumed my identity. consider yourselves warned!

Tim said...

No Jason, I do not have my own blog. I am still working up the nerve.

I am concerned that such an endeavor may end up becoming an 'energy sink'. Although such an attitude betrays hypocrisy on my part as I am partaking of the energy that has been provided here.