Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Secret of Happiness

"Enlightenment is only for those who are tenderly OK with endless suffering"

-John DeRuiter

As for the rest of us....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Humaliens On Display

Here's some surreal but seemingly incontestable artifacts establishing the presence of nonhuman humanoids among us. Some mermaid remains (from this site)

Humanoid mummy, in New Mexico museum

This skull found in Mexico in the 1930s, said to be 900 years old and to show only partly human DNA (on mother's side). See here

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eschaton Surfing with Neil Kramer

This week’s SW podcast is a two-hour, labyrinthine exploration of consciousness with Neil “the Cleaver” Kramer. Neil opted for the End Times Oracle and took questions at random, but wound up talking about a subject we were both quite at home with, psychedelics (or as Neil prefers, “ethneogens”). Although I was aware of Neil’s presence upon the Imaginal Landscape of the alternate perceptions community, our paths only crossed a week or two ago, when I emailed him an invite onto SW. And right glad I am that I did. NK has his own, highly idiosyncratic take on things but (on the basis of our first chat at least) it’s almost wholly in sync with my own, yet without being too similar to allow for that crucial element of creative friction. Unlike JK (with whom I also feel an affinity), NK has no qualms about allowing the darker undercurrents of consensus reality to inform the self-transformation process and give it the “bite” or “thrust” which (in my opinion) it so sorely needs. Despite his talent for marketing galactic consciousness (evidenced by his sister site), NK is the antithesis of “New Age,” and even though his perspectives are shaped by his no doubt many psychedelic excursions, they’re grounded in a firm awareness of psychology that, to my mind, is wholly indispensable in this field (that of alchemy and consciousness management). Yet, for all that, such psychological grounding is extremely rare. Listen in for yourself (the podcast is in two parts, next one up this coming Wednesday), and share your thoughts at this thread. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The new counterculture is rapidly taking form within this imaginal landscape which the Net has made possible; there can be little doubt that something wonderful—as well as terrible—is happening, right here, right now. A provisional new reality is emerging before our eyes, a new consensus a-forming.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Agony & the Ecstasy: Kotze & Kephas Round Two

This week's podcast is a two-part chat with synchromystic Jake Kotze, who returns to SW a second time, and who's posted about the synchronicities around our hooking up this time at his blog. I had a great time talking with Jake and was delighted by the freshness and fluidity of his insights. Jake and I certainly have different MOs - he likes to delve into the world of pop culture and toss the sand he gathers into his galactic kaleidoscope to create a gnostic picture he calls "synchromysticsm," a system of slow, subtle initiation into higher realities, a "Stargate." I prefer to sift through the clues of global conspiracies, alien abductions, mythology, religion and occult lore to draw a provisional "rorschach" image of what's going on down in the trenches, the ways in which our disowned Shadow is working against us, and how to re-own (take responsibility for) these elements in order to attain a lucid (galactic) view. We are both working with (and for?) the same archetypes, but Jake likes to see the Universe as a big, friendly playground, where I tend to see it as more of a testing (and hunting) ground, a labyrinth of shadows full of traps and predatory forces. Yet in the end, I think we both know that the nature of the observation depends on the preference of the perceiver, and that the Universe is really beyond either of our capacities to understand or explain, especially when limited to the parameters (and preferences) of personal identity. Nor are our two POVs (as our talk amply demonstrates) mutually exclusive, or even at odds: I think Jake would agree that the best kind of playground entails at least an element of danger - and if we are to survive navigating a hostile Universe, I freely admit our best chance is to approach it in the spirit of PLAY. Put another way: the road that leads inexorably towards Ecstasy, entails going deep into the rocky terrain called "agony."

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Grim Reaper and Me

Time to get personal. My relationship with death. My first experience with death was when my mother’s mother died, probably in her 60s (I was under 10; I was her favorite). I recall crawling up in a ball on the floor and crying, but not much else. After that, my next encounter with the Grim Reaper was when I was 22 and one of my closest friends, of the same age, was killed in a car accident—every bone in his body was broken. I was traveling the world at the time and didn’t return for the funeral.

After he died, I had the following dream. I was outside sitting on some grass with him, and we were eating grass. I looked into his dark brown eyes and I suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be dead. I asked him about it, and then if he remembered dying. He was confused at first, or puzzled, then he looked at me closely and said, “You don’t understand, you’ve got it backwards. I’m not dead. You are.”

When I woke I knew that he was referring not just to me but to all of us. This realm I had woken into was the real “dead zone.” And yet, although I do believe this to be in some sense true, I also believe that the difference between the realm we are in now and that in which the dead “reside” is that here we have the option of change, while the dead do not. They are in Eternity, where nothing can ever change, because everything is in the eternal Now. So the “writing” of our lives that we take into death stays fixed upon our souls; it is only while in the realm of life—of individual self-ness—that we have the option of changing or erasing the marks which we have engraved on our souls, through the acts of living.

As a culture, we have agreed to agree that death is a regrettable thing.

It’s sometimes suggested that I am too “negative” or dark, that I focus on things to fear rather than things to delight. But is it negative to focus on things that people would rather not look at, even if it’s to place them in a context by which they can be more clearly seen, not as negative or fearful, but merely as what is?

More personal disclosure. I don’t trust happiness or happy people. It’s a bent of mine that has been there since childhood. (It’s even there in my astro chart.) This is partly because I was raised around a lot of inauthentic “happiness” (alcoholism), and because I developed at a very young age a sense of the transitory nature of “pleasure”, that whatever gives us joy will soon pass, and the joy along with it. In fact, as a teenager I couldn’t even have the thought of being happy without plunging into instant unhappiness—the curse of consciousness. So I eventually associated happiness with stupidity, a lack of (self-) awareness. Such neurotic distrust has allowed me to see through fake joy or superficial well-being that depends on a denial or ignorance of what IS, and prevents a full and tender awareness of our impending death.

Part of the reason I chose to relinquish the role of "prophet of doom" (until recently!) is that I realized I was arrogantly assigning the same level of comfort—the same strange affinity—with death, destruction, and Plutonic transformation that I had been hard-wired with from birth. One man’s wine is another man’s poison.

In the end , what I am really saying is that I know, beyond all doubt, that I myself haven’t done the work integrating my darkness, and that I am not ready to make my peace with it. Count of C asked me to share what I truly know and it is this.

Whatever present or future we can create for ourselves, as individuals and as members of humanity, will be precisely measured by the extent to which we have integrated the dark, disowned aspects of our psyches, and so attained wholeness.

We as a race, as much as individuals, have to be spurred to change, grow, evolve. Without death driving it, consciousness itself is inert.

Besides my own neurotic personal imprints, it may be that I rail as I do against what I perceive as unfounded optimism because I believe that the wonderful forecasts of (premature) peace and harmony would truly be the death of the species. We simply aren’t ready for Eternity. Or at least, I'm not.

One other thing I know: I need a full-on, soul-smashing, ball-dropping, head-to-head encounter with the Adversary before I am ready to celebrate my emancipation from fear and dive headlong into the everlasting joys of galactic one-ness.

Am I the only one...?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blacklight in the Attic

I was invited on a neighboring podcast called Blacklight in the Attic, which was posted today. It's a mix of lots of other material, including electronic background music, all very nicely produced by the Blacklight team. Subjects covered include the usual suspects: global conspiracy as coagulated collective shadow, the creative & alchemical process of occult research, tonal and nagual, walking the path with a heart...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Owning the Apocalypse: the Upside of Annihilation

(this is a continuation of a discussion found in the comments section here.

“If we accept this, then the only question we need to ask ourselves here is, do we WANT billions of people to die before a shift takes place?”

And “the end of the matrix-world assembled by AI to enslave us would constitute death, real and total (and simultaneous) to any and all individuals who hadn’t managed to unplug (surrender their identities) before this happened.”

The first of these comments seems to assume that the shift is going to happen after a global cataclysm; the second that the shift will itself cause the mass death event. But what if it’s the reverse: that a huge cataclysm involving the deaths of many people (possibly ourselves included, let’s not forget!) is necessary to release the energy needed to launch the collective consciousness of humanity onto a galactic frequency, into a new frame of reference?

Swampjism said “Why not project the most positive and beautiful visions available? Why do we play into the ‘mass death is inevitable’ meme that is so dear to our Controllers, thereby making their magick even more effective?”

And: “What we do know, though, is that our adversaries down here do seem to get off on mass death, it does seem to be a part of their plans.”

Is it possible that the most positive and beautiful vision available to us includes a mass death event? Because your question PRESUPPOSES that this is not possible, that it is even unthinkable (or at least unspeakable). I for one don’t accept this. I think it is quite possible. Nor do I accept that our controllers actually want to bring about mass death—or if they do, that they are necessarily wrong just because they are corrupt. Isn’t it equally possible that they are propagating this meme, along with that of a Luciferian, Sun-worshipping elite, precisely in order to make it all the more unpalatable to us? So that we associate something we know in our hearts (and guts) is natural, glorious, and true (the Sun, Lucifer) with the evil machinations of a neurotic and deranged elite?

After all, it is this same elite who have, through their machinations, ensured that the population reach such unmanageable figures. Is this so they have the sacrificial fodder they require, or is it because it is far easier to control a blind mass than a tight-knit group of organized and aware individuals? The greater the mass, the lower the consciousness. Witness Nazism, sports crowds (or any crowds for that matter), raves: the same rule applies. A large collective is governed by the lowest common “denomination” of consciousness. This is why large groups “talk about the weather,” while one-on-one (or small dinner party) conversations can become intimate and deep. There is no psychic resonance in a large crowd, there is only mass hysteria. If a shamanic collective movement is the one thing our handlers truly fear, and if, as I believe, the only way this new consensus can come about is by cancelling the old one and freeing the energy-consciousness trapped in it (i.e., mass death), then the more people there are (especially once they are all “branded,” microchipped literally or figuratively), the safer the elite will be. Because such a mass can never connect psychically to function as a single (shamanic) consciousness.

So if I’m right, all these lies are carefully intertwined: the lie of democracy, that we are all equal (i.e., all ready and able to tune into shamanic consciousness); that the idea of any elite at all is corrupt; and that bringing about a consciousness shift through global catastrophe and mass death is an evil plot of the elite, because, after all, we are all equal and the same, and we just need to get rid of our evil handlers and have one big party!

So then the question remains: how do we get “rid” our these evil elite, if we are all one?

All these lies are based upon - and hence fortify - the founding lie: that we, humanity, has any existence at all save as an aspect of a collective organism known as the Universe. The reason there is no difference to be made between any one of us is that we are all equally aspects or fragments of this collective unfolding—and that includes the elite, who are our collective Shadow, or rather, who have sacrificed themselves (as Hitler did) to show to us this Shadow. “Humanity”—not just the elite but all of us—is the skin which this ancient, beautiful consciousness we call the Universe is presently shedding.

To claim to be welcoming and preparing for some great, galactic shift, while at the same time fussing over a few billion “deaths,” is like ordering an omelet then politely asking the chef to please refrain from breaking any eggs!

If we can’t stand the heat, oh sha-people, it’s time to get the hell out of the kitchen!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Others

Here's an excerpt from up-coming Homo Serpiens (An Occult History of DNA from Eden to Armageddon) that pertains to to the current discussion, and particularly to Unseen Friend's very emotional resistance to the "alien" (shadow) manifestation in our lives.

“These others—who appeared to us as aliens—are empaths, but not because they lack experience. They have returned to the forest, they are not men, they are beyond that. . . . In the sight of God they are almost angels. . . . We called them terrible. . . We achieved absolute terror. . . . We have by our lies created the impression that an excursion of the pure is an invasion by monsters from the depths of our own psyche. . . . In the eyes of the others we who met them saw ourselves. And there were demons there.”
—Whitley Strieber, Majestic

The alien abduction ritual is a case of self-fulfilling paranoia. When the secret fears and shame of the “abductee” are imposed upon the abduction experience, they make it fearsome and shameful, often to a traumatic degree. The cases of actual sexual intercourse between humans and “aliens” in occult literature (like that of humans and the “little people” in faerylore) suggest that it is by no means forced in the usual sense, however. The notions of intergalactic rapists has arisen mostly from the observation that the participant (apt term here) apparently has no say in the matter. Lacking even the most basic motor control, abductees are at the mercy of these “beings” and their devices. They often report unaccountable arousal of bodily responses, citing this not as evidence of their complicity but as a further violation. Humans enjoy nothing more than to express their indignation, and imposing standards and values upon such an out-of-this-world phenomenon as alien abduction is a sure way to paint it in the worst possible light. (Remember that all such standards and values come from the IPs themselves!) If on some level the participant enjoys the experience of coupling with an alien being, surely s/he has little reason to object? In many cases, however, the participant resents the “violation” all the more because, by enjoying what (they feel) should be repugnant to them, they have become alien to themselves. It is perceived as a violation not only of body but of mind.

The exact nature of the phenomenon known as “alien abduction” remains open to interpretation; starting with the inalienable right of every individual—willed ignorance—and moving all the way through the throng of chimeras and goblins to actual gnosis, we may find every imaginable version of the event (including one that says it hasn’t happened at all). Ignorance is the option favored by the general majority, and depends on the necessary arrogance to assume the Universe is by and large explicable, and that all data that does not fit our version of it can be cursorily “damned.” At the other extreme is the option of confronting a mystery full on, with open mind, free of judgment or need to believe or disbelieve, with a will merely to witness. As anthropologist Cynthia Nelson wrote, “As phenomonologists we suspend judgment as to whether the apparition is really real . . . and attempt rather to understand what people do when confronting stress. If men define situations as real they are real in their consequences.”
In Aliens in America, Jodie Dean writes that

Abduction may not be the best interpretation for the experience . . . It may not describe what actually happens . . . It does tell us, though, that we no longer have the criteria for figuring out what the best explanation might be, what it might look like or entail. What happens to our everyday approaches to truth when reality isn’t, when we try to amass information our relation to which is fragmented and unclear, when answers are lacking, either in availability or capacity to satisfy? The answer is abduction.

Magikally speaking, there is a point in the abduction drama at which the individual (willing to be “reaped”) becomes aware of the life of the soul as an actual existence beyond (while still partaking of) that of the body. And if the soul has a separate life to that of the body, wouldn’t we expect it to have separate relations? No more existing within a void than our bodies do, it would presumably be part of a whole society of souls—an oversoul. Whether we call them the Host of Angels, the Ascended Masters, “the Brotherhood of Light,” or humanity’s extraterrestrial saviors, these higher selves, congregating to form aggregates, become known to us as archetypes. Be they national, racial, cultural, sexual, astral, global, or cosmic, they are humanity’s gods. (As Nietzsche wrote: “there are gods but no God.”) To such gods, would it really matter whether we believe in them? Why would they ask for our belief if they were our true reality, our own higher, deeper selves? As aspects of humanity’s collective psyche, however, these archetypes must be acknowledged. For he who does not acknowledge these gods — becomes a sacrifice to them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Planting Heaven

This week SW talks with filmmaker Jim Sanders (Nosis) about his early days as an anarchist, his filmmaking career, his ayahuasca apprenticeship with Juan Flores in Peru and life as a practicing ayahuasquero in Winnipeg. Jim discusses how working together with the plant intelligences can usher us into a new humility, opening up undiscovered avenues of understanding and empowerment. Also covered: paranoid awareness as a bridge between Consensus reality and galactic consciousness, fusing shamanic knowledge with technology, the coming global shift, omega point and the question of death toll - is it inevitable?

Jim's films can be seen here and here
His blog is CentrePortal

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Three-Fold Psyche: Thoughts on Steiner, Strieber, and Those Darn Gray Aliens

From an email to a fellow researcher, Louis, also writing about Whitley Strieber at that time (mid 2008).

I would like to suggest that, in your investigations into these apparently “external” matters, you always consider how they reflect and thereby draw attention to an internal order or dynamic at work.

I have also been working hard to apply this same method to the teachings of Steiner, regarding Ahriman, Lucifer and Christ, and tho I can’t share this with you just yet, I will say that I think it is a key to your own explorations also.

The “external” trinity is this: Ahriman, Lucifer, and Christ. All are aspects of Man, internally experienced as mind, heart, and soul—or intellect, feeling/imagination, and will.

It’s clear when we speak of the inner trinity that there is no clear dividing line between these functions. Intellect overlaps with feeling and imagination, and feeling-imagination is, you might say, the dormant or passive side of will. Likewise, the fusion of mind with heart consciousness leads to an awareness of Soul.

So it stands to reason that the same “overlap” applies to the apparent “external” “entities’ of Ahriman, Lucifer and Christ. Each is a shadow or a forerunner of the next, which is a more evolved or complete expression, you might say, of what comes “before” it.

The key is to bring them into harmony as a triangle of forces, i.e., a single force with three aspects: negative, positive, and—for lack of a better word—“transcendent.” This can only come about, however, by first aligning the forces, as separate functions within us, with the Impersonal, while simultaneously “grounding” or earthing the Archetypal forces (entities) in the personal, i.e., humanizing them, allowing them access to our normal awareness, thereby transforming it.

I would say that both Pinchbeck and Strieber, in their different ways, are stuck in the Ahrimanic realm, i.e., that of intellect. They have so far failed to align their hearts, their imaginations, with the Impersonal (Lucifer). What this means is that they have expanded their intellects to encompass the Imaginal phenomena of “aliens,” and such like, but are unable—save intellectually—to take their understanding into the realm of imagination and will.

This then determines the actual nature of the “beings” which they experience. So it’s not that these beings are Ahrimanic, but that this is the only aspect of them that is being experienced. And even if Strieber can conceptualize, and so speak about, the other two aspects, his Knowing is incomplete. Although Strieber is describing Lucifer (heart) and Christ (soul) qualities of the experience, he isn’t really communicating it, because he isn’t able to integrate his various understandings at a personal level.

There are in fact two trinities, making a total of nine combinations:

Mind, Heart, Soul is combined with the trinity of personal, Impersonal, and Archetypal: so you have personal mind, Impersonal Mind, Archetypal Mind, and so on, making nine aspects in all, which need to be integrated into a single, geometric picture of the interaction between Self and Other.

You may recall Strieber became obsessed with nine knocks which he heard, and the idea that the Visitors communicated their lessons according to the number 9, the ennead.

>“They [the visitors] are physically real. They also function on a non-physical level, and this may be their primary reality.”

You may ask where the Body comes into all this. I suspect the body—which potentially houses all three aspects of Mind, Heart, and Soul, and of personal, Impersonal and Archetypal being, is like the page upon which these forms and structures are drawn, the foundation upon which they are built. Potentially, when the Body is fully integrated into these forces, or vice versa, perhaps it will become the fourth aspect, and so create a quaternary? If so, then there is an aspect of being beyond the Archetypal also, so eventually the complete sequence will be 4 X 4, with 16 aspects in total.

But for now the Body is as it were “asleep,” a dumb, brute animal, ruled by Ahriman and so under the dominion of Death and not Life.

Is this why the Visitors cannot materialize physically without being “corrupted” (trapped, limited, distorted) in the process?

>“They [the visitors] have the ability to enter the mind and affect thought, and can accomplish amazing feats with this skill.”

Because the mind/intellect is the only part which we have begun to integrate—as a species—with the realms of Impersonal and Archetypal?

>"We may be part of a triad that includes the visitors. They may be the aggressive force, entering us, enforcing our passivity, seeking to draw from the relationship some new creation."

This is a complex area. Since it seems we are already somehow entwined with the Visitors (i.e., they are an aspect of our Totality, and we of theirs), I think perhaps the whole hybrid “reptilian babies’ view of this interface may be a case of a too literal (intellectual), and hence lmited, grasping of Imaginal reality.

>The visitors, I think, are a very potent “force,” and, like us, possess both a negative and a positive side. Terrifying alien abductions are a good example of positive (or dark side) visitor activity, while crop circles are a good example of positive visitor activity. The former, I think, is an Ahrimanic influence. As for the latter, I’m not entirely sure – perhaps Lucifer.

I note your curious typo in which you have two positives and no negative! Are you in denial of your Shadow, Louis? ; )

>The visitors have something we need, and we have something they need. Our evolution depends on them, and vice versa. But, because they function primarily on a non-physical level, and we function primarily on a physical level, we are unable to form a proper relationship with each other. Through writing about the visitors, and helping to convince humanity of their existence, Strieber – who is a shaman/medium – is assisting their entry into our dimension. He has been chosen, in other words, as a “focus” through whom the visitors can make a full physical manifestation on this plane (the physical plane).

Once again, the intellect is the bridge. As it is being absorbed into the Impersonal and Archetypal realms, our task then becomes to bring these forces down into the personal—hence abductions, crop circles, and so forth. Then, in order to deal with these intellectually terrifying, or at least baffling (mind-destroying), experiences, we need to open our hearts and imaginations to the Impersonal, and repeat the whole process at the next level; at the end of which, we will have fused the negative-positive of mind/heart, and be ready to activate our wills and have full “knowledge and conversation” of the Angel or Other, as the Totality of our own personal/Impersonal/Archetypal Selves.

>But, in order to do this correctly, and “take the species to a whole new level,” Strieber must “balance between dark and light…”

Integrate the shadow into the light, the personal into the Impersonal.

>What “comes through” the medium largely depends on the medium’s own character, as well as their ability to “filter” this information.

Which is itself determined by the degree to which the medium has “surrendered” his or her personal self to the higher forces that wish to communicate through them. Only by essentially becoming one with these forces (and beings) can we relay a pure communication, because otherwise there will always be separation between subject and object, between message and medium. This allows the intellect, feelings, and personal will to interfere with (interpret) the transmission, and to shape and distort it to personal (though often unconscious) ends.

> For humanity to form a triad with the visitors – a balanced triad, that is (which results in the production of a fourth force) – Strieber needs to act as an effective (and discerning) medium…Actually, wait a second, this theory doesn’t make sense (which is why I need to work on it more).

It doesn’t make sense because: a) to be an effective medium Strieber must cease to be a medium at all and become the message; and b) WS is only one guy. Like Castaneda, he seems to be showing us more how the process can go wrong than how it needs to go.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mapping the Dangers

(I received this excellent analysis at the podcast comments, & am posting it here with the intention of responding as soon as i have time.)

Thank you for another excellent and thought-provoking episode, Aeolus. I just wanted to add some words of caution concerning this episode and number 17.

I appreciate your work, and I support your tactic of getting beyond “the revelation of the method” by becoming sorcerers ourselves in order to bust out from the spell cast over the world. This is wholly admirable. Perhaps I am only asking you to clarify your position further. My concern comes, as you anticipated, with your expression that most of humanity, being basically unconscious, is “expendable” (episode 17) or is otherwise relatively unimportant for those of us, the new elite, who are aware.

I don’t object to this merely from a moralistic ground (I’m not sure if such a ground even exists), but from the perspective of consciousness. Aside from the fact that without the aid of several friends and loved ones many of us, the Aware, would not be able to function in this society, and for the fact that awareness is a very fluid, non-categorical thing with individuals slipping in and out of it very suddenly and unexpectedly, is the reality that this type of thinking exactly apes that of the Elite.

In fact, this type of thinking seems to be only a halfway house to Awareness itself. It is from this halfway house that the Elite inflict their suffering and suffer themselves precisely because they have not transcended these notions.

It is clear that the first giant step to breaking out of the matrix is to go beyond the duality of Good and Evil. We are in agreement here. The energetic movement in play is the upward rise from our lower centres to the Third Eye – the upswelling and sublimation of primal desires which you have described so well. At the Third Eye we are aware of our own power, aware that the universe is non-dualistic and that we are free in this knowledge. Here we realize that the world is light and we are potential creator gods, architects of dream-stuff. At this stage we have the potential, like those you and Downard call “the Masonic sorcerers”, to create myths and spells for ourselves and others.

The danger arises here as well. Here we are tempted by the siddhis, the superpowers, chief among them being the desire for physical immortality. Here we also attract disciples and followers along with the temptation to use and abuse these who are “less aware”. The more that we succumb to these temptations the more we are trapped by them. We begin to make rationalizations to assuage our feelings of emptiness. Charles Manson, at this level, argued that if “all is one” then to eliminate certain unenlightened individuals was simply like “picking off scabs”. What does it matter in the greater scheme of things? Obviously the Nazis also thought like this. Obviously the present Elite also think like this. But when we are beyond good and evil, sorcerers of non-duality, what real consequences would follow from our actions? All is illusory and playful. Let’s do whatever the hell we want!

There is another movement, though, not up through the Crown to infinity yet – that way is still blocked, but a spiral back downwards to the Heart. This is a movement of utter humility. We become worthless and the god-like Self is shattered. This is the movement from non-dualism to the non-duality of dualism and non-dualism. The Other becomes centrally important. This is best described in Mahayana Buddhism, although it is found in all of the great traditions. Prajna, wisdom, needs to be identified with Karuna, compassion. There is a paradox at this level exemplified in the bodhisattva oath to save all beings even though it is realized that, ultimately, there are no beings and, at the same time, they are all already saved.

This logic is difficult, and it does not compute in the rationale of the Illuminati, but it is essential to contemplate. It has nothing to do with the “altruism” and the tenets of “liberal democracy” that you rightly critique, and is more aligned with your sense of “passion” although this takes place with all beings at once.

I’m passing no judgement here, nor am I playing a game of spiritual one-up-man-ship. I actually think you have reached most of these conclusions yourself. I just am convinced that we need to be very clear and to really ponder these things, lest we become Masonic sorcerers ourselves, powerful but with the same sense of superiority and the same disdain for all of life. At the level of the Third Eye, a hierarchy of wizards does exist and however advanced we become along this path, let’s not kid ourselves that we would always be near the bottom, controlled and miserable. Real spiritual equality (and you may hate both of these words and understandably so on one level) begins at the Heart.

End quote.

Working on Homo Serpiens immediately after reading this, I came across this passage:

If we look at some of our modern myths, found in cinema and comic books and consumed mostly by children, we will see that they consist every bit as much of tragic elements as the ancient myths ever did. For example, the hero is rarely if ever permitted to enjoy his superiority but generally views it as a burden, possibly even a curse. Rarely, if ever, is he permitted to use his powers for personal benefit; in order to avoid being corrupted, the hero must be a model of altruism, nobility and selflessness. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

The trouble with heroic figures is that superiority, or a belief in such, at once demands that an inferior model be established (or invented), and so the idea of an “elect” becomes a form of oppression. In Mark (4:3-9), Jeshua offers the following parable:

Hearken: Behold, there went out a sower to sow; And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the fowls of the air came and devoured it up. And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth; But when the sun was up, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away. And some fell among the thorns, and the thorns grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit. And other fell on the good ground, and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some an hundred. And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

If we are all cast from the hand of the sower—God, Elohim, Extraterrestrials or Cosmic Chance—scattered like seeds upon the Earth, it seems reasonable to assume that, on leaving the sower’s hands we are all equal. Some fall on “stony ground,” however, others amongst the thorns, and only a few ever take root. Of these, even less come to full bloom and bear fruit. Evolution depends upon right variation.

The location factor in the parable relates to environment, not so much outer but inner, namely, to awareness. According to modern physics, it is this quality of in-formation (the forming within) that determines the nature of a given particle (seed) and establishes its energy quotient. Hence, though the seed of rebirth obtains in all, the requisite climate needs to be maintained—the awareness of the individual being rightly focused—for this seed to bloom. The duty of Jeshua, as a fully active “seed” and fruit-bearer, was to spread the word—the necessary information—by which other seeds might also bear fruit. The function of all myth-makers, poets, bards, story-tellers and artists is the same: to render—in code—the awareness necessary for myths to be realized on a physical plane in the hearts, minds, and acts of humanity. Hence we have a myth about a myth, for Man himself is a myth unfinished.