Saturday, November 28, 2009

How About Starting With What We KNOW?

Itchy Buttholes?!

Painfully Long Erections?!

Alcoholic Mothers?!

Absent Fathers?!

Health Food Addictions?!

Adult Acne?!

Chronic Halitosis?!

Bad Plumbing?!

Faulty Wiring?!

Stinky Asphalt?!

Noisy Neighbors?!

Planned Obsolescence?!

Endless Fast Food Franchises?!

Cheap Crap Made in China?!


Computer Virus Alerts and Updates!?

Tele-Marketing Calls?!

Impossible to Open CD Wrappers?!

Used Schoolgirl Panties in Japanese Vending Machines?!

Being Secretly Aroused by Your Favorite Cartoon Character?!

Getting Paranoid on Pot?!

Social Awkwardness?!

Body Odor That Can't Be Concealed?!

Meaning to Fart But Shitting Yourself Instead?!

Stretch Marks on Your Butt?!

Painfully Short Erections?!

Inexpensive well-made stuff from China?!

Family Christmases?!

Lousy Movies?!

Hair loss?!

Bad teeth?!

Chronic dissatisfaction?!

Loss of libido?!

Sexual frustration?!

Back Pains?!

Compulsive Nose-Picking?!

Irrational Rage with Inanimate objects?!

Annoying Panhandlers?!

Endless Traffic Jams?!

Supermarket Musak?!

Homeowner Associations?!

Spotty Internet Service?!

Ants in the Pool?!

Whiny Children?!

Assholes Who Don't Respond to Your Emails?!

Daylight Saving time shifts?!


Semi-Pornographic Ads on the Internet?!

Compulsive Eating?!

Compulsive Drinking?

Compulsive Smoking?!

The 'In Crowd'?!

Endless Red tape?!

Liberal Do-Gooders?!


Family Members Who Repeat Themselves?

Over-Demanding Household Animals?!

Sexually Indifferent Partners?!

Sexually Insistent Partners?!

Is it Possible, Just Maybe, That We Are Drawn to Big-Problems-Without-Solutions as a Way to Distract From the Everyday Shit That We Really Just Don't Want to Deal With?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So you know all about:

Global conspiracies!

Alien abductions!

Masonic Sorcery!


Swine Flu!

Mind Control!


The Panopticon!

Chem Trails!

One World Gov't!

Solar Religion!

Digital Currency!


Food additives!


Jewish Cabals!

Genetic modification!

Black Ops!

Deep Underground Military Bases!

HAARP Weather Control!


Non-Humans Among Us?!

Satanic Ritual Abuse in Military Day Care Centers!

Occult Symbols in Media!

"Off-World" Agendas?!

Codex Alimentarius!

Free Energy Technology!

Shape-Shifting Reptiles?!

Medical-Industrial Complex!

Impossibly Ancient Elite Bloodlines!

FEMA Relocation Camps!

Children Sold on International Sex Slave Market!

Project Bluebeam!

Bohemian Grove!

Energy Harvesting Mass Media Rituals!

Fake Moon Landing!

Secret Bases on the Mars!

Hollow Earth!

Gang Stalking!

Directed Energy Weapon Harassment!

The Implant!



Knights Templars!


Anal Probes at 3:33 am!

Remote Viewers!

Dream Colonization!

Secret Cloning!

Paul is Dead!

Environmental Fascism!

Microwave Emissions!

UV Lighting!


The Education System!

Electric Cars!

Suppressed Cancer Cures!

Martial Law!


Round Table Organizations!



Pagan Symbolism!

Skull & Bones!




Face on Mars!

Ley Lines!

Obama's Secret Muslim Agenda!



Oklahoma City!

The Manson Murders!

School Shootings linked to Prozac!

Revisionist History!

Debt Control!


King Kill 33!

The Revelation of the Method!

The Process Church and 4 Pi!

Peak Oil!

Immanent Global Famine!

The Bee Die-off!

Dumbing Down of Our Children!

Internet Porn Addiction!

Crop Circles!

Giza Pyramids!

The Alternative Research Community!

King Tut!

American Idol!


The Beatles!


Population Reduction!



Counter Culture as Psi-Op!

Project Paperclip!

The Nine!

The Babalon Working!


The Lone Nut/ Serial Killer Mythos!

Anomalous Archeology!

Key-word Hijacking!

Black Holes at the Center of Everything!




Old seers!




Ancient Pharaoh DNA!

Galactic Consciousness!

But what are you supposed to do about it?

(Watch This Space)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyone's In Love

We are falling in love.

We are falling for a person.

We are falling for a trick.

We are falling into the abyss, together.

Lately it seems like everyone is falling in love.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paranoiacs Anonymous!

Time for one more overhauling of the blog, one more face lift!

To my mostly silent, ever-curious, invisible audience, watching safely on the sidelines, it's time to separate the sheep from the goats.

Sheep follow the herd and stay in the safe parameters laid down by farmer John; goats take the initiative and head up the mountain to gain a new perspective, creating their own solitary path.

SWEDA is a solitary path. Yet it's also a group undertaking. There have even been flippant references to "the flock."

How to reconcile that paradox? We are working on it.

Forgive me for falling back on theatrics, but here is the first thing you need to know about SWEDA:

Nobody can be told what SWEDA is. You have to see it for yourself.

Since few people want to jump in at the deep end of identity deconstruction (especially at $50 a month), perhaps there are those out there who would like a one-on-one experience of what SWEDA is, that wouldn't entail any sort of long-term commitment?

If so, now's the time to take advantage of a movement of being!

Any of you who are secretly curious about what SWEDA *is*, and who would like to connect to me personally for a one-to-one dialogue, now is the time to speak.

What is "End Times Management"? Who are the Paranoiacs Anonymous?

Watch This Space. And in the meantime, let yourself be heard, if not seen.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mind Games

The danger is that, when we combine our patterns with esoteric knowledge ~ which has been stored and conveyed by people caught inside their own patterns ~ what it does is provide esoteric rationale for staying inside our patterns.

For example, if we recognize something as a pattern through esoteric knowledge, it becomes fairly easy to let go of it. And if we recognize something as an esoteric teaching that is turning into a "pattern" ~ a belief system ~ we can also let go of it easily enough. But when we unconsciously use esoteric knowledge to strengthen and justify our patterns, we are really stuck in them. The reason is that the combination of intellectual knowledge with emotionally invested drives convinces us that we have found Truth with a big T. Actually, we have just found a perfect esoteric match for our patterns.

All esoteric teaching and "pathwork" is for the mind, and it is attractive to the mind because the mind knows that it will never really work, so the mind gets to play with its awakening, without ever being all the way undone by it. If it really worked, we wouldn't go near it.

The mind cannot ever co-operate with, much less bring about, its own awakening.

IMO, all these teachings are valid as a means to understand what I just stated above. At that point, to me at least, they become entirely without value or interest. This coming from someone who just published a book about them, and really wants you to buy it!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Creatures of Oblivion

From Chapter Six of Homo Serpiens: "The Nazi Stain."

“For he who is ignorant until the end is a creature of oblivion, and he will vanish along with it.”
The Gospel of Truth, Nag Hammadi Library

We have said that a god-form cannot be destroyed; but is it possible that humanity, or evolution, would go out of its way to assemble an anti-paradigm, a dark host or body of error by which to isolate its shadow and be done with it forever? There seems to be some basis to this idea, poetically illustrated by the Biblical account of the devil being loosed for a little season and permitted to snatch up aberrant souls in a last, mad bout of weeding, before dragging them down (along with himself) into the pit of non-existence forever. Such a simplistic note of triumph is forgivable for the sake of good storytelling; but it is also an overly dualistic way of perceiving a process that may be closer to an alchemist’s turning lead into gold or a gardener drawing flowers from manure than a simple case of good destroying evil. Evil is not destroyed but assimilated, and thereby redeemed. The Nazi stain, along with the Judaic paradigm, must be absorbed into the Aiwaz working, which can then be com-bined with the Christ archetype to create a new god-form, the shape and nature of which is yet largely unknowable.

With the Egyptians we saw how systems of worship can co-exist in harmony, as gods in a pantheon, suggesting that not only is it possible for archetypes to join hands and forge alliances but that it is their very nature to do so. Gods seek company, just as cells bind together to form a body, people gather into tribes, tribes into races, and so on, ad infinitum. But for this binding to take place, all foreign or incompatible elements must be eradicated, all the rough spots ironed out. The fit must be exact, and no “merging,” as such, can occur until the binding is complete.

To clarify: binding is not merging. Two bloods, possessed of distinct and particular substance, may bind but not merge. The difference between binding and merging is that two things that merge become one thing, losing their individual natures in the process. Two things that bind, on the other hand, retain their individual nature and together give rise to a third thing. This also is a key.

The secret end of evil is its own eradication. Self-willed decay is a suicidal urge that serves to annihilate itself.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sacred Ego

Ego = Point of View.

A Moving I.

The Point Where Perception is Assembled?

Every God is a Star. Every Devil the Space that is Occupied by that Star.

Yin and Yang: Innermost and Outermost.

A POV that is Constantly Moving Cannot Ever Become a Fixed Identity.

As Moving POVs, Ego that is Sacred is Defined by What It Perceives, not by the Act of Perception.

Ego does not Perceive, but Consciousness Perceives Via the Ego.

It is the linking between Innermost and Outermost.

There is Nothing Behind These Eyes.

But What Gazes Back at the Emptiness, that is Truly Something!

The Ego that is Pure and Unencumbered by the Opaque Lens of self-reflection

Perceives Only One Thing, Eternally:

The Beloved.

Come Join the Linking Process, Where the Shipwrecked Lead the Drowned.