Thursday, June 18, 2009

Igniting Jupiter (part 3)

A golden beam of Light springs forth from my burning Heart and stretches across the horizon like a rope, narrow as the blade of a sword, but brilliant and bright as a diamond. … With ten thousand pairs of feet I go skywalking upon it, hastening headlong into the blinding white bottomlessness of Infinite Sky.

At the zenith suddenly I see You in total eclipse, outlined in shadow and silhouette … swathed in flickering lightning flashes and lacey fluttering wings of frolicking Fire. …

Long I gaze deep into your Shining … until, thrilled by a shock of recognition, I awake in You suddenly … and see Myself in your eyes!

Your many arms reaching forth, I take your hands in mine. ... With a fierce tongue of Fire You lick my Heart awake and open the thousand-petalled flower of my Mind.

I empty my Word into your Silence, my Everything into your Nothing, my Light into your Darkness.

Forever was never until now. Past and future are gone. All is Now.

I am You. You are Me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wORDs are powER

SW 8 - 35:11

It would make sense that the pioneers would be solitary beings as you've just described them. They would feel like outsiders, and obviously it would make sense, because they're in the minority, but it also makes sense as part of their upbringing, their conditioning, that they would grow up in an environment in which they felt alienated and estranged, because that would be part of their function anyway, would be to go into strange lands where they're not recognized, and where they don't recognize anything, and not to be discouraged by that feeling of being, you know, isolate and alone.

In psychology we talk about when young children are in environments that they don't feel they can connect to, they're not finding a connection, they will go off into the archetypal realms, and they will create a relationship with those realms and they will create their own personal god, and their own personal messiah complex as a way to have something to relate to, and when I say create, I don't mean that they're just making it up in their minds. They are connecting to something that's real but they're not necessarily ready to understand what it is. So they're actually creating their own, projecting their own version of it in order to find a refuge within that relationship, and so then that defines them thereafter, and so these are the children who then grow up with these very, they may be autistic in the sense that they're not socially very confident but in their inner life they got these very grandiose versions of reality and of themselves, not necessarily deluded but they're kind of out of whack with their personas, with their public selves.

Is that how you feel, like your inner reality is out of whack with your external reality?

Well, I think that really, a good way to say it would be, my inner reality is out of whack with everyone else's external reality in which I'm immersed. I mean, I do what I do, I've always been the black sheep, and I just kind of forge my own path, and do what I want to do, but when I set foot out the front door, I don't consider it to be my world, it's not my country, it's not my city.

Sure, but it's your reality isn't it, you can look at it on the level of sociologically or mechanistically you didn't create the society, you didn't have a hand in the way society had come about but then again you could look at it from the point of view of consciousness and that you're shaping your experience of that reality through your consciousness just like a lucid dream from that point of view you have created your reality you've ended up where you've ended up the circumstances of your reality are all the products of the decisions that you've made.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Igniting Jupiter (part 2)

From time to time I feel You pursuing Me, your Voice whispering to Me in the Wind … near to Me as a touch upon the skin, familiar as the Face I wore before I was born.

I wander here, there, everywhere. … I lose myself among starry-eyed peasants and poets, feisty pioneers and hotblooded dreamers … slowly gathering Myself together --bit by shining bit, piece by glimmering piece --slowly recognizing Who I Am, slowly remembering Me.

Now and then I see You roaming the woodlands and the marketplace and the sunlit beach … trying to find Me out there somewhere, here and there recognizing fleeting, flittering glimpses of Me.

It was You, your Voice that called Me out of the Trees aeons ago … it was You who at Ice-Age’s end summoned Me out of the Caves. …
It was You who stood before Me unseen in the days of the Pyramids … it was the promise of finding You that beckoned Me from far across the Seas.

For You I push the plow and gather corn; for You I bend my sunburned back to lift into place heavy stones. …
I gather and huddle together with You against the wind and the rain; I strike flint into Fire for You-- sharpen bone and stone to axehandle and blade.

For You I build pyramids and temples, shrines and palaces lavish with light, and standing stones stood end-wise to the Sun. …

For You I lower my head and hand to the Book I write … in flights of anguish and ecstasy hewing new Words and meanings all day and night … slowly remembering You, slowly remembering Me-- slowly unraveling the Mystery of how We Two may at last be made One.

Long have I waited for You. Long have I dreamed of You … as old as the dreams of the Earth have been my dreams of You. …

For You I wake and rise. For You I live and die.

For You I light a Fire in the Sky.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 5 5

The thing about the Mother is if she doesn't surrender and sacrifice herself for the well-being of her children at the time, then she becomes a negative mother, a Gorgon. She drinks alcohol while I am in the womb, she doesn't breastfeed me, and she is not a present mother. She is half the time drunk, the other half insane. She is not what you'd call a good mother. I don't regret or resent the kind of mother that she was, but I don't have any illusions about it either. She doesn't either. She's not able to let go of being a mother because she feels that she screwed up, so her regret is causing her to hold on to that... but now it's too late to make amends, and it's not really necessary either.

What the Mother needs to do now is be exactly what we need her to be, which is not a mother but a warrior... To meet her death standing tall and looking forward without flinching and without clinging... To show her children how it's done... to surrender to the power of Pluto and be transformed.

Whether she's going to do this or not depends, to some extent, on how much we can let go of that part that is bonded to her. That part will dissolve into nothingness in time for a greater dissolution to come.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Igniting Jupiter (part 1)

Naked I come into the world, and naked I go.
Out of my cave I rise, and step forth into the sunrise. ... Beneath me the stars slip into the sea.

I grow a long beard and sit atop the mountain, knowing its secrets well. I hear things no one else hears; I see things that no one else sees.
I read the book of the river, its pages of stones and trees. All day, all night I hear the dead murmuring with their mouths full of sand.
In my heart is a hidden fire; it burns a hole in the midst of the mountain.

I walk twisting paths; I go round and round in coils, leaving a meandering trail in the dust. I dance the dance of the mad, whirling, twirling, burning. ...
The wind uplifts me like smoke; golden-haired flames lick my bare body like serpent tongues, twining around the caduceus of my spine like the mouth of a woman in love.

The heavens are full of eyes— eyes of water, eyes of flame.

Where are You?

Friday, June 05, 2009

What the Planets Are Doing

Dear Planets

As most of you now know, Saturn has surrendered and leapt into the dark waters, leaving the Argo without a compass, and effectively helmless.

Jupiter is out of sight and cannot guide us.

Venus and Mercury, Planets with eccentric orbits at the best of times, appear to be operating outside the system, while still ostensibly within it, pursuing personal agendas.

And so the system is in crisis, due to lack of firm leadership. Only Mars and Myself remain both on-board and on-course.

A moment to take stock then.

The ARGO was from the start intended as an Exercise in Surrender. My task was to bring each of you to the Source, the Son behind the Sun.

Your challenge was to pass through Me, into the Abstract, to kneel before Your King, and receive His blessing.

Thus far, I perceive only Saturn has passed through Me, and now He is gone, into the Next World, taking all structure and order with him.

Venus and Mercury have been brought before the Throne, but have declined to kneel. They identify with the visible Sun, Myself, whose number is six hundred threescore and six. They assert their sovereignty in this world, rather than surrender to the abstract.

This is an understandable choice, but one that may prove fatal to us all.

The proof of this can be found in their own words and deeds. Just as the proof of Saturn’s surrender is to be found in his absence—his abstraction from this realm.

These were among Saturn’s parting words to Myself:

“I was starting to work with [Venus] one-on-one. He was opening to many doorways at once. I did not reach him in time. I was either a little too lazy or few minutes too late. He brought forth a thing that very well may have consumed what remained of ARGO.”

Venus may be oblivious to the meaning of these words. Yet clues are found in his own admissions: “I didn’t know if I was toying around with something that I shouldn’t be. . . I was not prepared.”

Given the world map, Venus was about to make it out of the glass cage. A scratch on the disc prevented this. Venus must stay in the cage.

This was all just a simulation.

“You gotta do this in reality now.”

Mercury has also revealed the nature of things in heaven and earth: “If I was a negative entity from Kum-bala, I would open up a portal that would allow you to escape to a pure blissful state of love, just behind your couch, just when you were trying to break out of the game. The more you attempted to break free of that game, the bigger the portal would get behind you.”

These recent dialogues between Venus and Mercury—erased by forces beyond their control—betray the subtler narrative playing out beneath the surface. They afford, to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the beautiful, gruesome sight/sound of two sorcerers intoxicated and ensnared by the dazzling brilliance of their intellect and artistic sensibility.

Witness the endless, circular talk of positive-negative forces, not as a neutral polarity of energy, but always in terms of personal preference or “morality.”

Witness the insistent talk of Lucifer as a “negative” force, the dark polarity. Yet Lucifer (who as Morning Star, is the bridge between Venus and Sun) is the creative imagination, that faculty so treasured and defended by Venus, and so proudly paraded by Mercury.

Mythologically, as we all know, Lucifer symbolizes the sovereign, spiritualized ego, the unsurrendered will, the fallen son.

What is positive and negative?

“We are the way in which the Light of the Sun experiences being ‘Other.’”

To Venus positive is harmony, comfort, and beauty, making negative the inverse of these qualities: chaos, discomfort, ugliness.

To Mercury, there is no good or bad save in relationship between things. Mercury’s compass correlates with what is useful: positive and negative are interchangeable, so long as they can be applied. So positive = useful, negative = useless.

Venus wishes to create and enjoy beauty; Mercury wishes to employ such qualities “impartially,” for his own ends. The common goal that unites them is that of communicating beauty and harmony to the world. This is a personal goal, and also, as it happens, a “Luciferian” one. It has nothing to do with surrender.

All goals soever are opposed to surrender.

The forces then that are being summoned by the two errant Planets, since they are opposed to the intent of ARGO, can only bring about its ruin.

This is all in the natural order of things.

We are all sorcerers drowning. There are only two options open to us.

We can resist the flow and try to save ourselves. Or we can let the river take us where it will, and let personal salvation be damned.

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

Now heed the words of the Fisher King; then let the Silence decide.