Thursday, June 18, 2009

Igniting Jupiter (part 3)

A golden beam of Light springs forth from my burning Heart and stretches across the horizon like a rope, narrow as the blade of a sword, but brilliant and bright as a diamond. … With ten thousand pairs of feet I go skywalking upon it, hastening headlong into the blinding white bottomlessness of Infinite Sky.

At the zenith suddenly I see You in total eclipse, outlined in shadow and silhouette … swathed in flickering lightning flashes and lacey fluttering wings of frolicking Fire. …

Long I gaze deep into your Shining … until, thrilled by a shock of recognition, I awake in You suddenly … and see Myself in your eyes!

Your many arms reaching forth, I take your hands in mine. ... With a fierce tongue of Fire You lick my Heart awake and open the thousand-petalled flower of my Mind.

I empty my Word into your Silence, my Everything into your Nothing, my Light into your Darkness.

Forever was never until now. Past and future are gone. All is Now.

I am You. You are Me.


Anonymous said...

i don't know what to say!...i love you! t'aime! and fuck that sounds like you've got some sexy chick there ,or what?! ....lolove!

word veri...nosin!

Anonymous said...

ok psy trancers take over!...
turn it up!/'D.

Anonymous said...

because the night....


Anonymous said...

ok 1 more...

Anonymous said...

if you really could see into a woman,you would see a vampire!...suck.
if you really could see into a man ,you would see a beast!...fuck.
an those that travel beyond!...androgynous,rainbow humans, angelanimals,starbeasts,galactic children! ....what do they see?!...what do you see in them? you see them in you?!

in.awe.. said...

There is a fine line between romanticism and realism. Clearly, you have nailed love.

epoptes said...

key (chi) to the Mysteries:

I = incarnate Soul
You = unbegotten Sol

"love" = theophanic Solarization

serpentine sizzles said...

You = 93 Current

"Apollo was held in special esteem as the divine model of the iatromantis whom he inspired as his prophets to compose hypnotic poetry containing knowledge of reality." -- SH Nasr, 'Islamic Philosophy from its Origin to the Present'

Anonymous said...


hold your color

shine it all around

Goddessrocks said...

To Aeolus: Your expression reminds of a poem from St. John of the Cross referring to the dark night of the soul and a song by Loreena McKennit named the same and inspired by the poem...I think you would like it if you haven't already heard it....sending love

Anonymous said...

This love sacrifices all souls, however wise, however "awakened"
Cuts off their heads without a sword, hangs them without a scaffold.
We are the guests of the one who devours his guests
The friends of the one who slaughters his friends....
Although by his gaze he brings death to so many lovers
Let yourself be killed by him: is he not the water of life?
Never, ever, grow bitter: he is the friend and kills gently.
Keep your heart noble, for this most noble love
Kills only kings near God and men free from passion.
We are like the night, earth's shadow.
He is the Sun: He splits open the night with a sword soaked in dawn....

The man to whom is unveiled the myster of Love
Exists no longer, but vanishes into love.
Place before the Sun a burning candle
And watch its brilliance disappear before that blaze,
The candle exists no longer, it is transformed into Light,
There are no more signs of it, it itself becomes sign....

You are my soul, my universe: what do I have to do with the soul and the universe?
For me you are ever-flowing treasure: what do I have to do with profit and loss?
One minute, I am the friend of the wine, another the friend of him who burns me.
I ahve come to this age of ruins, so what do I have to do with time's melodrama?
I am terrified by the whole world, I am sprung free of the whole world,
I am neither "hidden" no "apparent." What do I have to do with existence or space?
I am drunk on union with you, I need and want and care about no one else.
Since I am your prey, what do I care about fate's bow and its arrows?
I live at the bottom of the stream, why would I go looking for water?
What could or would I say about this stream that flows and flows?
I have given up existence, why go on staggering under the burden of this mountain?
Since the wolf is my shepherd, why put up with the pretensions of the shepherd?
What abandon! What drunkenness! You hold the cup in you hand
Blessed is the place you are, and glorious to the eye of the heart.
Each atom, by your grace, is a universe, each drop of water a soul.
No one who has ever had a sign from you need worry again about "name" or "sign."
To find the place of splendor, at the bottom of the Sea of truths
You have to dive, dive head first: what do I have to do with feet that scurry?
With the sword of the One God you have hacked a Path for us:
You have stolen all my clothes: What will I give to the toll-man?
From your beauty ablaze like the sun, from the curls of your hair,
My heart has become ecstatic: O my soul, hand me this brimming cup,
Do not weigh pain and misery, contemplate love, contemplate friendship:
Do not mull over tyranny and neglect: think of all those who have their eyes fixed on you.
Surname all grief 'grace': transmute pain and anguish into joy
And ask from joy all happiness, all security, all peace.
Demand that security, that peace, demand them,
Choose the company of those withdrawn in love
Listen to those who open a path to you: listen, and don't say a word.

Glorious is the moment we sit in the palace, you and I
Two forms, two faces, but a single soul, you and I
The flowers will blaze and bird cries shower us with immortality
The moment we enter the garden, you and I
All the stars of heaven will run out to gaze at us
As we burn as the full moon itself, you and I
The fire winged birds of heaven will rage with envy
In that place we laugh ecstatically, you and I
What a miracle, you and I, entwined in the same nest
While I am here in Konya, and you are in Khorassan
What a miracle, you and I, one love, one lover, one Fire
In this world and the next, in an ecstasy without end.

I shot the DJ said...

Respect!...chilly bo chilly bo!
nuf said!

Alpha said...


The Military Industrial psychopathic Alien Sequential Complex said...

how much suffering in our selves , on our earth , do we need , before we are free....

trip like i do said...

It's Your Trip!

Anonymous said...

come on Aeoli !, when do we go beyond jupiter!?

MORE! said...

Oh Great God of the Air!, Rebel Seer!,Inspired Universal Lover!,Heirophant Jester of Sublime misUnderstandings!, bringing forth Thy Words of Wisdom and Folly!., We Salute Thee!

The Sea said...

The Brilliant Void was always awaiting the Eternal Seekers ,as they found their ways Home,forgotten beautiful dreams,beyond ALL,into ALL,from ALL!

Anonymous said...

'No one who has ever had a sign from you need worry again about "name" or "sign."
To find the place of splendor, at the bottom of the Sea of truths'
So beautifully put my friend , and i would say ....,'to be true to ourselves,one must be untrue to everyone else! an' find our own ways our own essence.. to the sea of eternity..unified fields of love!..

Anonymous said...

pecker in ya pah hey!you said it!....psychopathic killers!..i don't think that's the way forward! ,... anyway...lovely!
to be a Real Man! The Problem!
Wake~up !

Anonymous said...

you excuse too much Aeolus!,your heroes are morons !
but you are Beautiful and you are REAL!

Anonymous said...

I love your music on Shooting the Ghost.....

DanAriiAnnu said...

Is this the Dream we dreamed for ourselves, for each other?!?!
life will never give us what we need , we have to make it ourselves,however only in the surrender do we find our reunion ,our return in ourselves home ,free from all the need to comply or deny our very essence of freedom returning deep in our selves! thru' all!,for all!, and igniting the SUN!the EARTH!the MOON!the PLANETS!All Stars And Space!....Thru' all Dimensions ,with all eerie grace! NOW IS THE TIME MY FRIENDS!...DO WHAT YOU DO!

Anonymous said...

Salute AK ! i got the 45! ,way beyond the hive! Hermit Rebel Seers! we soar! we dive!......just having fun,,,enjoy!.........

Anonymous said...

Age of love

Seagull said...

go on an fly!

spacegoats said...

many times have i danced with these beautiful souls.i must see them again!

Bad Company said...

"Can't Get Enough"

Kate Bush said...


Grace Jones said...

I've seen that face before ...

Sonia said...

Drums please!............Thankyou!

Scooter said...

there's no fate!....

Shpongle said...

beyond the 33rd degree