Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Agony & the Ecstasy: Kotze & Kephas Round Two

This week's podcast is a two-part chat with synchromystic Jake Kotze, who returns to SW a second time, and who's posted about the synchronicities around our hooking up this time at his blog. I had a great time talking with Jake and was delighted by the freshness and fluidity of his insights. Jake and I certainly have different MOs - he likes to delve into the world of pop culture and toss the sand he gathers into his galactic kaleidoscope to create a gnostic picture he calls "synchromysticsm," a system of slow, subtle initiation into higher realities, a "Stargate." I prefer to sift through the clues of global conspiracies, alien abductions, mythology, religion and occult lore to draw a provisional "rorschach" image of what's going on down in the trenches, the ways in which our disowned Shadow is working against us, and how to re-own (take responsibility for) these elements in order to attain a lucid (galactic) view. We are both working with (and for?) the same archetypes, but Jake likes to see the Universe as a big, friendly playground, where I tend to see it as more of a testing (and hunting) ground, a labyrinth of shadows full of traps and predatory forces. Yet in the end, I think we both know that the nature of the observation depends on the preference of the perceiver, and that the Universe is really beyond either of our capacities to understand or explain, especially when limited to the parameters (and preferences) of personal identity. Nor are our two POVs (as our talk amply demonstrates) mutually exclusive, or even at odds: I think Jake would agree that the best kind of playground entails at least an element of danger - and if we are to survive navigating a hostile Universe, I freely admit our best chance is to approach it in the spirit of PLAY. Put another way: the road that leads inexorably towards Ecstasy, entails going deep into the rocky terrain called "agony."


Cosmic Ti69er said...

No pain. No gain.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this interview with Jake because his is the kind of optimism I can get on board with. Maybe all of the people for whom identity loss has been traumatic have been paving the way for a gentler introduction to it for the majority. Doesnt' every revolution start with just a few before the majority join in (that hundredth monkey idea again)? And while deep down it still feels to me like the arrival of Galactic Conciousness will shatter most people, maybe I am just projecting my own experience onto the world stage. And like Jake, I also feel profoundly grateful for having been "ripped apart", although it was hell at the time. The experience compelled me to remake myself in a way that I may not have if the experience hadn't happened. I think it also enabled me to access the heights of experience (something I hesitate to relate publicly yet because it is holy to me, something not to be profaned). I was also very intrigued by Jake's description of how we unconciously create the circumstances that draw the Imaginal to us and enable us to have an Experience...almost like unconciously practicing ceremonial magic, which is really just a focusing of intent.

lancifer said...

Since AK and Jake both shared their traumatic entheogenic induced identity loss, I feel I should share mine also.

The experience began innocently enough with a vision of myself in a long hallway with doors on each side. At the time I was pondering several life choices which would have far-ranging effects on my future, and on each door was one of the choices in the form of a question. What would happen if I chose X? What would happen if I chose Y? When I opened each door I would see myself in the future and what my life would be like if I made that choice. What I found behind some of the doors horrified me and others brought immense joy. From this hallway I could view every probable timeline in my immediate future. This vision influenced my choices and my life has been all the better for it.

That vision faded and I found myself back in the material realm - or so I thought. I soon found that what I thought was physical was actually more like flowing water. I could feel my body start to dissolve into the couch I was sitting on as if you were pouring one glass of water into another. Soon my body was gone and nothing was left except my consciousness. I was frantically fighting to keep my identity from being submerged in the "water" (it felt like drowning), but I was soon washed away and submerged in the ever stronger "water current". Once submerged I did have a small bit of awareness left; I remember being able to barely make out different forms in the "current" with me and thinking that if I could only slow down the "flow" then I would be able to make out what they were. I felt that if I was actually ready for the experience then I would be able to make them out, but the entheogen was showing me that I wasn't ready for Galactic Consciousness and that my will and being was lacking. This was a very traumatic experience as you can imagine, but I'm grateful for having experienced it.

When I'm ready for GC I believe the experience will be more like floating on top of the "water" instead of being submerged by it.

Strangely enough this water theme has recently popped up again in the form of Synchromysticsm and coincided with Jake's return to SW. Last week I watched "Max Payne" which stars Mark Wahlberg as the main character. Fleeing from two people who were trying to kill him, Mark Wahlburg jumped into icy water in order to escape. He had trouble staying above water due to the ice and had to punch through every once in awhile to take a breath. At one point he gave up, sunk to the bottom, and almost drowned but he managed to find enough strength and will to swim to shore.

Shortly after watching "Max Payne" I watched "Shooter" which is another movie that stars Mark Wahlburg. In the beginning of the movie after Mark is framed for an assassination he escaped from the police and FBI by driving his truck in reverse into a river. From there he caught a ride on a barge and escaped to safety.

Last night I downloaded "The Happening", unaware at the time that it stared Mark Wahlburg. Imagine my surprise when he was the main character after I had recently watched two Mark Wahlburg movies. I was expecting another escape by water scene and I was disappointed when it didn't happen, but then I remembered that "The Happening" was written and produced by M. Night Shyamalan and that Shyamalan's other films have involved water in some way. Shyamalan's film "Lady in the Water" is about a water nymph living in swimming pool that has come to "the world of man" to bring inspiration to someone in the apartment complex. In Shyamalan's film "Signs", Shyamalan himself heads to a lake in order to avoid the aliens, and it turns out that water burns the aliens. When this is discovered humanity thwarts the invasion.

What are the chances that Mark Wahlburg, who escaped by water in two flims (and probably more which I haven't seen), would appear in a movie written and produced by Shyamaln who also resonates with water?

lancifer said...

According to this website, akum is a word used in the Talmud to refer to "worshipers of stars and planets" and was a term that Jews used to refer to Gentiles that lacked knowledge of the "true God".

Basically Jews can stick the akum qualifier on any word to designate that the object originates from non-Jews. So "gevinat akum" would be "non-Jewish cheese".

Jasun said...

thanks for sharing, Lance

as for the AKUM trail, that's an intriguing tidbit and I'd be curious to hear Jake's thoughts on it.

Was Jake's gray alien an intergalactic rabbi wagging the finger at Jake's pagan star-worship?

: /

Anonymous said...

Hi Lancifer. Since aeolus refered to you as "Lance" I take it this is the Lance I had the very heated exchange with awhile back. If so, I would like to offer you my deepest apologies for how I came at you. I was clearly projecting my negative animus (which is VERY negagive) upon you. The odd thing was that the whole time it was happening (our exchange), I had the really weird impression we were having nothing less than a lovers' quarrel.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I, too, dream of being underwater and start to panic. But then I kind of wake up in the dream to the knowlege that I can breathe underwater, like a fish. I then start to breathe and I'm fine.

Sounder said...

Had to edit

You may consider this to be too long and/or not sticking to the podcast themes. But I like it better than the other response I tried to write, so this is what you get.

To continue on my easy life. Sorry if this seems self indulgent but it is an attempt show my ‘profile’, so that where I am coming from makes more sense.

My first brush with a notion of deeper possibilities came when I was seven years old. As I was waiting in line for lunch, I looked at three pennies that were milk money for that day. One of the pennies had the date 1917, and I felt there was meaning in this. Shortly after we got back to class after lunch, an announcement came on the school PA system sending the kids home because JFK had been murdered. I knew with certainty that JFK was born in 1917, and eagerly got home and to the TV to verify the ‘knowing’.

My second (distinct) engagement with something larger (age 12) came as a result of some disciplinary efforts of my dad. It seems that because I did not turn some light off or left some door ajar, the proper response was to kick me out of the house on a cold snowy winter day without benefit of shoes or coat. Much to my surprise, the walk I took to stay warm was quite enjoyable, as my feet seemed to radiate heat. Perhaps because Dad’s action did not achieve the desired effect I was granted a chance to confirm my experience a couple days later. Same thing. Later (at university) I even made it a ritual by wearing out the soles of some tennis shoes and using them for brisk walks in the winter. (Don’t want to upset the natives by actually dispensing with the shoes.) Perhaps because I had unconsciously adopted my dad as an unwitting guru, I never did get overly upset at his sometimes erratic behavior.

When I was 17 I did thought experiments. I was ‘clean’ at this point because I saw my older brother and sister as somewhat embarrassing expressions of hippiedom. One experiment was to ask the question; ‘Why do people suffer’? The answer came as, because there are disparities between what people think they must present themselves as being and what their essential being would like to express itself as. Another experiment was to make the assertion that all knowledge is hearsay. These and other thought-loops have enabled me to pull away from the need for finding validation through consensual representations. So, my early and active dissociation with pretences of personality reduces the tendency for eruptions of the shadow to occur. The preceding is an attempt to show a bit of the nature of my early skepticism toward conceptions of ‘truth’ generated by society.

If you get it, school is way too simple. You simply memorize the information bits presented and spit them back in the form that the teacher presented them. I am from a modest family of nine kids, so I was quite surprised to find myself at university, on full scholarship with ten one-hundred dollar bills to start the semester. The money was of course immediately ‘invested’. Yes, that was a good year. But rather quickly I realized that a life spent in a building looking for specs for bridge loading and whatnot was not going to float my boat. So the end of that year was taken up with another ‘experiment’. It was to see if I could maintain my scholarship (and easy life) while being on a heavy acid regimen for about two months before and during finals. Oh yeah, never had those flashbacks folk promised, but writing this does bring back that funny sensation on the roof of the mouth. For the most part, few people even knew I was high as I am a low key person. I dropped every other day and often stayed up all night reading Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity (it is bullshit) and other focus exercises, observations and reading. I only had to maintain a C average to keep the money coming, and as I did, the experiment could be considered to be a success.

No doubt, too much for now.

wn; redier

Jake Kotze said...

I have run into the akum (worshipers of stars and planets) as Jewish slur before. No doubt it is relevant and the best lead, yet I don't feel it is the whole story.
The details were very specific. Capital letters A.K.U.M like an acronym.. Red and White letters on a black background.
I will ad the image, from the video "Contact Check C: Duped By The Stargate Conspiracy" to the Blob article about this podcast..
Be well

Jasun said...

besides my name the first possible meaning that comes to my mind for the letters "A.K" is "All Knowledge."

Undergoes Mutation...?

lancifer said...

Thanks AG for being so kind, I wholeheartedly accept your apology. I would also like to apologize for being so combative (I can be hard-headed at times) and denying you your right to express your emotions. Feel free to let loose! There is something very familiar about you though I can't place it.

Jake, I don't know if you're aware or not but AKUM is actually an acronym that is now recognized as a word due to common use like the term SCUBA. As tantalizing as this lead is and it's implied meaning, I also think this is false trail, and I suspect that only you will be able to decipher it's meaning using your own inner awareness. On the image you posted the last letter M doesn't have a dot, a subtle clue no doubt.

Off topic, but since Obama was inaugurated this morning I felt it would be ok to share this strange news article from the Guardian. The article flat out states that Obama will perform a magical spell during his inauguration that will open a new American era, and that with the "incantation of a few words" he'll be transformed. The article describes the inauguration as an act of "political alchemy" and an "act of sorcery". What was the purpose of this article other than the revelation of the method? If "they" are being so blatant about their sorcery then we are in the final stages of the revelation of the method.

Anonymous said...

This question is for Jake as well as for aeolus. Can movies be used to summon up elementals? I mean, during the first couple of weeks after the release of a new movie, all those millions of people sitting and watching the same thing and feeling the same thing, is this really a healthy thing to do, especially in light of the content of some movies?

And thanks, Lancifer (I mean for accepting my apology. You probably don't really want me to let loose, though, as I can be a real virago (as in "a loud, overbearing woman).

Anonymous said...

Dudes fuck all of this positionality about what the universe is and what it isnt. The universe is you


You can believe whatever the heck you want to about it the fact of the matter boys and girls is that you cant fit the universe inside of your skull so quit trying and let the galaxies and solar systesms and fucking angels and leperchauns do whatever it is that they want to do with us and enough speculating.

Just be here now and do your duty soliders which is to spread joy, fun and laughter throughout this probally experimental planet and we are all just aliens in disguise anyways *darts eyes*

Hamster Dance:

I think we have a few iguanas up in this biatch.



Anonymous said...

I just put up a forum so we can all just discuss more interactivley

Join us Aeolus and hopefully Jake will jump in too.

Jasun said...

thanks Collin but i am already working on a forum for all of us to hang out at, so this isn't really that helpful!

lancifer said...

If you need a recommendation on which forum software to choose let me know. I've installed and administered several forums from various vendors.

Anonymous said...

Aeolus, Jake,
and everyone else, male, female, A.I., living, alien, in-organic.
I discovered Aeolus through his book Lucid View a few years back, and the Synchromystics through red ice creations. I'm interested in the A.K.U.M current, since we are dealing with trickster, mirror universe gods. Reversing and anagrams could actually work. The early contactee literature is made up of -these type of names, and most of them went back much older than the bible. Red Black and White colors are Nazi symbols, or anarchist colors. But their use goes back to the colors of ancient egypt, -atlantis, and mars symbolism. The Sphinx was painted in those colors, as were most South American pyramids. To a Canadian Winnipeg connection it points to Native symbolism, aboriginal peoples to the great spirit, thunderbird, sky gods and, shamanic figures. Most european art painted 'phoenix' eagles in those colors, white or black eagles on blood red backgrounds.
If the black arts teach anything it's that whatever knowledge is given, it is given grudgingly. To see in the dark, the imaginal realms provide matches, but the matches may be soaked in gasoline. So Akum, in typical english qabalah, resonates to the number 12, pointing to 3. Choronzon Aeister Crowley's guardian of the abyss has a 333 current, leading to darkness and drugs. If the seeker passed the abyss, then the knowledge and light of the holy guardian angel is known. 1947 Crowley dies and Roswell happens. The greys enter consensus reality. The 12 number symbolism, web searched finds many mystical references, specifically the 'english' foot which would link to egypt, and thoth. But if the grey alien is not into quabala, just reversing AKUM to MUKA, Since greys are pretty much 'demons' or serpent based, 'dragon' gods of eden, coming back or they never left, in buddhist thought muka is of a serpent demon. In sanskrit, Muka or a variation of the spelling was a pig headed demon, slain by SHIVA. "Suddenly, at the order of Shiva, Muka the anti-god appeared as a huge wild boar; just at the moment in which it rushed towards Arjuna it was hit by arrows,". The anagram aspect could go on to other variations. I think though that when the 'greys' or any other 'dreamed or channeled contact' give information, it's repeated. This AKUM entity will possibly appear again, in other contacts. In Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, the Mantong Alphabet. sees A-Animal. K-Kinetic. U-you. M-man. So greys view 'us' as Animal energy -kinetic, living man, maybe they eat 'living kinetic energy -orgone life force.
Red White Black always linked to mass death. All the civilizations using them are mostly 'gone', remembered only in myth.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see a nuclear explotion in Crowley's drawing of Aiwass? From the chin up, the mouth and nostrils are the wings and tail of an air plane, the eyes are the initial blast ring, and the top of the head region is the mushroom cloud while the sun is in the right (our left) region of the forehead above the right eyebrow. The bridge of the nose and center of the forehead form the column of the mushroom cloud.

Anonymous said...

This may sound stupid, but it seems to me that every since we harnessed electricity and "vanquished the night" so to speak, we have been getting into deeper and deeper trouble as a species.

Cosmic Ti69er said...

hi aurora girl. yes i feel the same way about artificial light at night. if it is true that we naturally produce DMT in the breakdown of Melatonin, which is only released by the darkness of the night, then we might be suppressing our molecular bridge to the spirt/dream world and to our access to the biospheric communication network.

Perhaps in the past, times seemed more magical, and the little people and bigfeet where seen more openly, it was because our DMT flowed naturally as it was not stopped by the infusion of a 24/7 artificial light culture. one outer light replaced the inner other.

i also know that what we focus on we become. so in that past, the dark nights encouraged people to look up at the sky and to watch the stars and the heavens. and so those that studied the stars became the stars, and the DMT rainbow bridge was always present.

just ideas...

Anonymous said...

Hi, auroragirl.
Your mentioning Aiwass, put me onto a different 'thought journey' about my earlier post, Crowley links to 12, oracles, the matrix, and white rabbits, Jake stargates, which i'm typing up.

But the electricity idea is intriguing, i read a report somewhere that 'blue' light as glowing from hospital led's in emergency wards -stopped the production of human growth hormone. That in serious trauma cases an induced coma, artificial darkness was the only fix. But we cannot really blame 'electricity' on this, because it is a well known energy even in the past. Baghdad battery's uncovered all over the ancient Summer world, and even in egypt, -not officially acknowledge. the new 'egyptian' gatekeepers, like to think of 'primitives' building temples, and none of this 'ancient' date to sphinx, giza or alchemical use of 'early battery's. Electrical light is depicted on some egyptian temple drawings. Lost South American city's with 'glowing' orbs at night to light the empty streets. There were some paranormal reports in books written in the 1970's where an ancient grave had a death trap on a greek island, involving electrified metal ring, and buried 'electrical battery's, linked for higher voltage. A jar, copper tube, and iron middle, sealed by tar is what these battery's were. So the ancients knew about electricity and light. Rosicrucian legends of 'eternal' burning lamps, using a white light type affair, are also in this quest for ancient gnosis. In the temples of the mysteries a fierce white dazzling light was the high point of the affair, after the drugs, and sex.

Jasun said...

AG - the drawing your refer to is actually of Lam, not Aiwaz, tho the two are intimately linked

Anonymous said...

Hi, some more thoughts,
looking up the auroragirl, view of Aiwass-lam as being a mushroom, cloud.
I noticed something i missed before. this whole quabalah concept was based on the k2, Kotze & Kephas conversations, specifically angel or demon grey alien, contact. A.K.U.M, like any entity, if you know their name, or as in the case of quabalah symbolism, it can help to understand the 'forces' acting on this world. Jake joked about page 300 of 777. 777 has only 200 pages with 3 being blank. At least the samuel weiser new york edition. On page 30 of 777, linking to the 300 pages point. The first sum of A.K.U.M is 48, before the occult adding to 12, and then 3-trinity. Since 777 does not have a 300 page, page 30 is interesting. 48 is not mentioned but 45 links to Yetzirah the formative world, earth. Adamu-the species man not the first man, and blood into being. oo 48, but 49 a number useful to Dr. Dee, -enochian the language of extraterrestrials, and 49 links to venus, for Jake Robin. Jake mentioning doing a 'ritual' on a full moon, links to the last January 11, moon, 11 having a special mythology to Jake's philosophy.
I mentioned number 12 linking to A.K.U.M, Crowley's spirit was invoked with the 777 mention.
Crowley was born on 12 October.
The first trinity atom bomb test as relating to the lam image, the mushroom cloud rose 7.5 miles, 12 km in height. Both fit the 12 resonance. Roswell ufo crash, or sacred drama happened in 1947, the same year as Crowley died, note the ufo incident happened some 6 months before Crowley died. Aeolus mentioned putting his world back together like Humpty Dumpty, Crowley saw the 'lightning' strike of spirit into matter behind the childrens story Humpty Dumpty. Jake has his own drawing view of Mushroom clouds.
I had raised the view that maybe reversing the A.K.U.M to a mirror image could help 'find' the nature of the beast standing over Jake's bed. Coincidence and synchronicity is what makes this stuff fun. During the trinity test blast, Oppenheimer on seeing the Lam Kotze mushroom cloud exclaims "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"
Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity 1945.
This directly links to Shiva and pig headed demon muka. Aeolus mentions his oracle method, of questioning, but i noticed when listening to the podcast and watching a visual random form generator built into vista media player. I found the patterns seeming to 'form' according to occult symbols. When the grey showed up a 'pentagram-octagon image appeared'. When Aeolus started speaking a serpent type wave pattern happened. When both Kotze and Kephas locked into agreement on what the universe was about, a strange dance appeared of a dna-pattern jacob's ladder racing upwards. This amused me greatly, because over the last 22 podcasts there have been 'glitches' seeming, spirit voices someimes appearing when using headphones, possibly linking to the 'spirit' phenomena of electronic voice phenomena. hmm, i'm going to take this further maybe. The other world entity's may be trying to come through, as the talk goes on.
Enjoyable as always, Aeolus, Jake, sorry about how long these posts got. Other world entity's interest me greatly.

Anonymous said...

ThothPavel, Hi, and here's a little more oddness. A "water" theme came up on this thread a few posts up with Lancifer mentioning "Lady in the Water" and me saying I sometimes dream of being underwater. If my memory serves me correctly, that day (Tuesday, I think) I went to the Mall (something I rarely do) and went into a music store I rarely go into. I wandered down an aisle and wouldn't you know it, there was "Lady in the Water" on a shelf (I'd never heard of this movie before).

I don't know how much there is to this, but 19.47 is the "tetrahedral angle", where supposedly hyperdimensional energy comes through into this dimension. I'm not sure what that means (regarding this discussion or anything else) but I thought I'd mention it.

p.s. to aeolus...I googled "Aiwass" and it gave me the pic of Lam...thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to keep posting these short posts, but I just found another little synchronisity. In the latest podcast Jake is holding an uroboros. Well, just web surfing around (there's not much to do this early in the am), I bopped onto the "Thuderbolts of the Gods" website and there was a pic of an uroboros on in...nothing that startling so far...but I noticed for the first time that this particular drawing (which I get the feeling is a very old one, but I could be wrong) is actually a TWISTED serpent. In other words, the serpent forms a MOBIUS STRIP, and not just a circle. It is not well drawn, but the rendering of the twist is unmistakeable.

Anonymous said...

AG, you'll like this- the mobius/ uroboros is a torus!

From Marko Rodin's website:

"Within, you will be taken on a spiraling tour through the toroidal roller coaster of our deterministic universe. Dark Matter, the vibratory essence of all that exists, is no longer on its elusive hide and seek trip -- it has been found! With the introduction of Vortex-Based Mathematics you will be able to see how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole. This is the template for the universe and it is all within our base ten decimal system!"

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vikki, its good to hear from you! For quite awhile now I've been telling anyone who will listen (and it ain't many) that the old picture of "space time" with the cannon-ball-on-the-trampoline bending of spacetime is incorrect. Planets and galaxies don't just sit there, they rotate, so one of the fundamental properties of the universe must be the spiral. There is a horrifying close-up shot of the World Trade Center just as it disintegrates (note I didn;t say "collapse") that shows the entire building being twisted (rotated) up and out of this dimension. So much for "vibrateing to a higher plane"!! I will check out that website as soon as I have time. A couple of websites I like very much are "Thunderbolts of the Gods" and "Electric Universe". Plasma has many stages of energy, from dark (and hence invisible) all the way up to intense glows that give off gamma rays, etc. It forms natural spirals and behaves the same across dimensions. It also behaves in ways that the people who work with it can only call intellegent. Long story short, it appears that in the not-too-distant past, our solar system had a VERY, VERY different configuration than it does now, and that our Earth had a very, very different gravity and electromagnetic environment as a result.

lancifer said...

Vikki, I'm glad to come across another Marko Rodin fan! His attitude turns a lot of people off, but his material is amazing. I've slowly been building a Rodin coil to test for myself. Download his videos before they "disappear" again.

Maybe Aeolus can interview Marko?

Sounder said...

AK, your engaging side is shining in this podcast. Your ability to draw out the imaginal projections of others and willingness to compare and contrast with minimal imposing of your own pretences marks your work as having high quality.

JK alludes to an idea that along with ‘apocalypse’ comes a restructuring of the form level. Others (Brian George) may call this a realigning the vertical and the horizontal axis. Looking further, the next code may smooth out the cyclical interaction between horizontal authority structures and vertical assent tendencies. We can direct the realignment into a set of forms that sanctifies the connection rather than the tension between ego and id. Or whatever other apparent dualism one happens to be focused on. Also, we may be helped in our attempt to embrace the shadow if we recognize, we ARE the shadow (of the deeper unified reality). The lover is looking for us.

Most time and energy is spent on examining the problems and characteristics of current forms of understanding. While this seems to be a necessary stepping stone toward the creation of new forms, it can also be another object and distraction from identifying with the core nature of being. Somehow the idea that Samsara IS Nirvana connects to this, but i seem too ignorant at the moment to reflect productively on it.

I prefer to think in terms of realization rather than enlightenment. The realization that ‘you’ are the observer rather than the observed, or the changeless element that is watching the changing elements, provides confidence for a different approach to life. But it does not remove the requirement to deal with mundane necessities. Appropriately enough, taking pleasure in the mundane often provides better engagement with the core of being, than the chasing after experience ever will.

zane said...

Here's a little "akum" fun for ya...

Anonymous said...

Mooka is one of mary jane's many aliases.

Akum , mukA, Mooka, akooM.

Mooka slow them neurons down, that's when bug eyes come to town.

Anonymous said...

Hello aurora and hi lance.

Joseph Chilton Pearce clued me in to the magic of the torus. He says that the heart projects a toroid magnetic field to about 12 feet in front of the body and 12 behind. Thats according to the findings of the Heartmath Institute

And then there is Stan Tenen:

Anonymous said...

Hi Aeolus, Jake once again.
I made a mistake with the number of pages in 777. Wondering about Jake's page 300 quote. For whatever reason the sources i checked seemed to be 200 pages, while the copy i mentioned samuel weiser edition had 170 pages. This is total amount of pages in the book including 3 blank.
Jake actually mentioned occultists being clever, collecting books and facts. Lucky i failed in the clever department.
But for Synchromystics this does fit into the '17', and Aleister Horus imagery, of The book of the Law. Christopher Knowles and the Secret Sun blog is following the theme of 17 and Horus symbolism.
The Lucid View:Investigations into Occultism, Ufology and Paranoid Awareness. has exactly 212 pages. The last 6 pages are Adventures unlimited press catalog.
hmm, the 6 and 212 may prove useful in the latest 'interview with Neil Kramer.