Monday, December 14, 2009

The Crickets Still Chirp

The Norway Spiral.

Big picture stuff; if you start to try and process this through the personal self, there are only two options: a mental breakdown of some sort, or ego inflation. Either we feel like a pawn of forces too vast to comprehend, or a player in a game of cosmic proportions. Really, the person is neither: it is just a witness to its own dissolution, a witness to surrender.

It's almost irresistible to speculate and wonder about these things, because they are so BIG. But that's probably what's behind the whole psy-op to begin with, a means to hijack our attention. Energy follows thought.

That giant spiral even looks like something designed to draw energy towards it.

A warrior can be seeing the devil himself and no one will know it. Because he doesn't react to what he cannot comprehend.

There's snow on the ground outside. That's real enough for me.

What about energy-stealing entities? I have a knowing that they exist, because I have encountered enough of them. And that they aren't friendly, and that they do seem to feed off us. But these are still only pieces in a bigger picture. I also have a knowing that these entities are part of something beyond our comprehension, at this time. So then I can leave off thinking about it unless/until I am engaged with it directly.

Believing or not believing, either is a trap. Something is happening and it's getting closer, and we all know that. That's a knowing. But as to what it is, and whether it is global or just a few of us, whether these media phenomenon are part of it or a simulation of it, or simply a cunning distraction from it, that I don't know ~ tho I lean more towards the latter.

As I said previously here, why think about or comment on something that is happening in Norway when all we have is the media reports of it? It is no more "real" to us than the latest HW sci-fi movie.

In our neck of reality, the crickets still chirp. Snow is lying softly on the ground. I am going out into now; I don't expect to encounter any aliens.

If I do, you'll be the first to know.


Anonymous said...

What would you suggest we do when we experience these phenomena directly, i.e. in our immediate environment.

Treat them as Snow?

Should we steadfastly not allow our energy or attention to be stolen?


Kilumnati7 said...

Awareness of the world at large is a double-edged sword indeed. It is great to think you are no longer your everyday sheeple being bottle fed the same crap as the rest of the herd. But I think it's also important not to get bogged down in unveiling the conspiracy. Once you realize that the control sytem is not here for the benefit of people at large; you need to be able to step away before becoming depressed and ensnared once again. Researching the conspiracy can get very addicting!

When I can step back, this knowledge enables a special sort of freedom. Free from caring about politics because they are all liars, free of credit score worries because the game is rigged anyway; free from the fear based mind control they are playing 24-7 on cable news because it's all just propaganda. Getting out into nature helps tremendously to gain a broader perspective. To the trees in the forest, swine flu, economic collapse, global carbon taxes and rigged elections are all of little consequence, just controlled folly.

Floyd Anderson said...

"As I said previously here, why think about or comment on something that is happening in Norway when all we have is the media reports of it?"
-Jason and the Argonauts

Because it's damn groovy and interesting and mysterious....and there are youtube videos of it.

"It is no more "real" to us than the latest HW sci-fi movie."
-Jason and the Argonauts

Yeah it is. There are youtube videos of it recorded by common earthlings. I think it's really exciting.

Though you get your excitement trying to get people to doubt their own interests and intuition don't you super sorcerer?

Jasun said...

Yay! Floyd still reads my blog!

William: have you experienced mysterious spirals in the sky recently?

The only thing that makes snow less mysterious or "exciting" (yawn) than holographic spirals in the sky is that we have agreed to agree that we know what snow is, and that it's no big deal, because the real mystery is elsewhere.

Common sense alone tells us this is a simple-minded error: mystery is everywhere, and to seek it in obvious dramatic enactments is to stay at the must coarse and surface level of awareness, where the floyds of this world (and we all have a floyd within us) can stay comfortable and "safe."

Treat snow as an unfathomable mystery, and the most unfathomable mystery as snow, and stay in what you know. Snow's cold, as well as pretty; and you better wrap up before going out.

Floyd Anderson said...'re certain the spiral is holographic eh?

It snowed here in Austin a few days ago. A rare event indeed. It was EXCITING! Though, to me, not as exciting or mysterious as the Norway spiral.

What made the rare central Texas snow even more exciting was that it coincided quite nicely with teh UN global warming / global government conference. hahaha. That had me lolzing. The Copenhagen summit is falling to pieces. he he he.

"mystery is everywhere, and to seek it in obvious dramatic enactments is to stay at the must coarse and surface level of awareness, where the floyds of this world (and we all have a floyd within us) can stay comfortable and 'safe.'"
-Jason and the Argonauts

whatevar captain storm god.

Jasun said...

no i'm not certain, but it sure looks that way; and if we live in a holographic universe, then everything is anyhow.

Another reason to go finer and deeper, into the small, rather than outward, into ever bigger scenarios?

Floyd Anderson said...

hmmmm....well I'm interested in figuring out more about what the heck's going on inward and outward.

ya knwo, not limiting myself either way.

there is video on the net of a similar type of spiral occurring over China more than 20 years ago. groovy!

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

Floyd is one of my favorite components of this whole drama.

Anonymous said...

"William: have you experienced mysterious spirals in the sky recently?"

No, but I did experience a large black triangle fly across my living room ceiling, absorbing all the light in the room as it moved. I was not on drugs and stone cold sober at the time.

I agree with you that mystery is everywhere though, particularly in nature.

I knew something was up when 4 Ravens landed on the tree outside my window recently and stayed there and kept returning. Symbols of Death and Transformation, particularly a change in consciousness.

Strange things have been happening since then.


Anonymous said...

I should add that the strange stuff that I've been experiencing since the Ravens turned up has all been INNER.

But I follow the work of Goro Adachi so I look at both INNER and OUTER. But perhaps as you suggest we live in an animistic holographic universe where everything is potentially communicating.


Anonymous said...

admittedly, the "spiral" did shake up my foundation of "knowing". but, this was due to previous programming, not the "event" itself. i'm an 11/11 scorpio and transmutation is the name of my game, going ever finer these days. however, this "event"; though it would have seemingly never interacted with my psyche, was allowed to. i felt old patterns arise in two camps of the mind. was this the SIGN? NO THIS WAS HAARP DUMBASS LOOK AT THE SKY EVERY DAY. but it...could be, like our acsension, right? NO, LOOK THERE GOES A PLANE NOW, AND THOSE STRANGE WAVES IN THE CLOUDS?! AND BLUEBEAM?! and on and on until i decided that i DIDN'T KNOW. all i know is that i saw this "event" through a computer screen. to me, this is one of the pitfalls. the multitudinous layers of artifice which take us out of the now. to fear these layers, though, seems another pitfall, and as long as we soften our ego enough to allow transmutation to occur, it could even be "healthy" in the end. this is tricky,
all is "knowing" when it is allowed to be and all is "experience". so, finding this "spiral" is an "experience, to be sure. and, due to my (im?)personal working, not looking at a trigger so as not to stir up patterns, may be best for a time, but we must also remember that the patterns are what must be dismantled. when the patterning is dismantled we could see through the artifice with no problem, i believe. the veil makes us aware of the whole. the veil is part of the whole, and in every part, another whole. so, possibly, to even listen to another as to what you "know" or not is more dangerous than going through the "straightening by fire". i don't KNOW how it IS for anyone else, but i definitely UNDERSTAND all of you.

be well friends

Michael said...

I like this post. It reminds me how everything I see on TV and the web is mediated to some degree or other, which means it's capable of being faked. Not saying the spiral isn't "true", but that since I wasn't there, I'll never really know. The edge between reality and mediated computer animation continues to cut finer lines. Hard to define any of that anymore, isn't it? But really, the media has always defined our collective reality, way before TV. Take the bible, for instance.

Wouldn't want to be labeled a media denier, would you?

Anonymous said...

Right on,Michael.It's like the ''devil's face''in the smoke of the twin towers.Always amazed how many people seemed to take it for real.

Anonymous said...

No spirals here yet in the night skies of Virginia, but it already snowed 27", and its still snowing! Freeeeaky! I haven't seen snow like this since I was in Canada 30 years ago!

I'm gonna look for spirals in the snow now!

Anonymous said...

"I'm gonna look for spirals in the snow now!"

You can always make your own.

Floyd Anderson said...

How's all the snow research coming along?