Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ask Your Death About Your Dreams

All "karma" is "negative", in that the desired state for sorcerers is a clean slate, from which they are able to act (respond) impersonally, and not re-act, driven by old wounds and patterns. The idea of creating "good karma" is strictly new age BS. Karma "good" or "bad" is created as a result of personal investment in action. When one acts neutrally, one's threads do not get entangled, there are, in a mysterious sense, no effects. One becomes pure cause, a ghost brother who leaves no traces.

SWEDA is path-oriented rather than goal-orientated: the inverse of being of the world.

We will never realize our dreams; it cannot be done. All dreams are personal, and all "realizations" are impersonal. Reality is not comprehensible to the person. That aspect of us ~ the part that wishes to realize its dreams and pursue its goals ~ is not invited to the party.

Any vested interest in anything is folly ~ since it's unavoidable, a sorcerer learns to control his folly. To hope without hoping, invest without investing, try without trying. In other words, to allow the personal self to do its thing, but never forget that it is meaningless folly that leads nowhere, like everything else. The things we do are our shields. Becoming a sorcerer means letting down those shields one by one, until there's nothing but you, and your death.


Sancho 23 said...

Ah yes, the Controlled Folly. That is quite a gem that you just don't hear talked about much these days!

How I long for the times when personalities like Larry King or Marilyn Monroe will brazenly open their dialogues with, "Hello everyone, this is my controlled folly!"

I've thought about doing that with BLITA, and will get around to it.

I think a necessary addendum to controlled folly is the choosing of a Path With Heart. It is through that which the warrior chooses which direction to go in life. It is the compass by which we act. Without it, we're just BIg Assholes instead of regular ol' assholes.

Also, DJ Nagual implores us to take all of our life as a challenge. A warrior has no attachments, so has no room for whining or feeling sorry for ones self. Anything that comes his/her way, along the path, is only to be taken as a challenge and nothing more- nothing less.

Now. Applying these things. That is the tough one. The rewards. . .there are none. Personal power is the name of the game. But what does that mean? Control over others? Control over self? Or, control over the mindstates we engage in? Control over which mind we choose to listen to, as we all have seen for ourselves that there isn't just one. . . (for those who have not personally had this revelation, accept as your personal challenge the task of discovering this fact out for yourself. To understand it intellectually will only lead you astray. You have to feel your "chatter mind" dissipate, if even for a brief moment, and glimplse the (what buddhists call) Primordial mind. . .).

Goddessrocks said...

Well I'm so glad I "happened" on this today... so Sancho what struck me is the addendum to the controlled folly is choosing a path with heart... I read in one of Mindell's books "the Shamans Way" that if your path ceases to have heart then change your path....this where I'm finding myself now. I feel the inner flame withering and know my path must change and reading this is an thank you

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

And then there's this Goth gem from longtime Lord & Lady of downtown NYC Death Rock, Doc & Lisa Hammer. Too bad they drifted apart. Pricelessly surreal, seemingly unintelligble, albeit deeply symbolically alchemical lyrics.

From death new life springs,
Anadæ Effro (•8-D}