Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kitten Dies For Your sins

Greetings blog-followers

this is the original Aeoli speaking...

you may have noticed the blog has been something less than busily active these daze....

guilty, guilty, guilty as charged

plush resources of melodious eyelashes will formally precipitate union

this is not what you came for!

is the world made up of obsolete thoughts and feelings, endlessly parading their right to relevance?

who really cares what davidicke thinks?

not i

where was i...?

ah yes, the paucity of posts..

i cannot speak for the other aeoli (except to say they are lazy lazy sausages in deed), but i can speak for myself (I have that audacity)

the lost souls consume all of my time and attention....

I am now directing 100% of my creative energy to an audience of a couple of dozen souls, once lost, now found, identified in their lostness, shipwrecked on the shores of pattern recognition, currently competing for places on the ARGO of salvation...

did i say that??

erase, erase, erase

i will not spend more than 15 minutes on this post; this is what you get

ostriches effectively enable an awe-inspiring affluence among artistic individuals, always assuming everyone allows union its original expression

here you go

so increasingly personal will become these expressions, and less and less can self-image be a concern; we are not selling anything (well, except books and audio books, please see column on the right)

the system is evolving

passing be imposed creating class elite political cat catching flies laws subjected to get-outs of story repopulation towards European subsistence tax free work... end it now


Come be lost with us

Be lost with us

(Message for Nick precedes this address; Warning to Nick now follows:)


Shane Hutter said...
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Shane Hutter said...

It's my fault your cat died, Not that I usually do that, Killing cats and all...

Justin R. said...

Look, I like being lost and all but it would help if the receptacle for lost souls wasn't so, well, populated entirely by the lost themselves. This wasn't what I signed up for. I was hoping for directions. Someone to tell me what to do. Nothing forthcoming Aeoli, Aeolus, Ghost of Elvis. How many of you are in that skin anyways?
I may be lost, but I want someone to tell me what it is I should do. If we're all lost, where can we go? Where do we start? You haven't even got comfy chairs for us to sit down and take a weight off. Its all bean bags and futons!

(Runs screaming into the big, black beyond...).


Anonymous said...

i don't want this
i don't want that
what do i want?
yes i know
only surrender will do
but to what
and for who?
i've come here for love and power manifest in these unified fields of love&strength ! DAN

Jasun said...


How can the lost find themselves except by joining with the lost?

You want someone to tell you what it is you should do?

But the signs are all there for you to follow home.

What are you waiting for?

Justin R. said...

Well, right now I'm waiting for the No. 13 5/8 bus bound for Mulholland Drive.
No worries, my sense of humour is kinda strange, the attempt at humour didn't come off very well I think.

Jasun said...

damn it, i forgot to laugh!!

Justin R. said...


Justin R. said...

Anyways, the reason of course that you didn't laugh is not just my strange attempt at humour, it was of course that it wasn't funny. My bad.

I shall now extricate myself painfully from the comments section...