Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feed the Meat Vessel Please

There Now Follows a Short Commercial Break. Stay Tuned: the Feline Invasion will Resume Shortly.

(Bast in her infinite wisdom deigns to let the puny human have his say; the vessel must be fed and maintained, after all...)

Some harmless scraps of half-knowledge from Homo Serpiens, now available a few inches to your right.

Although Man was a co-creator with God, he was a passive creator, an empty vessel through which the divine will might act upon Creation.

The Serpent changed all that.

For the longest time, the gods co-existed with their creations.

Presumably there are others like myself. . . ?

The “word” of the Bible (in the gospel of John) is a translation of the Greek “logos,” meaning ratio, that which rations and gives form by separation from the indiscriminate ocean of being.

For human beings, reality is based on memory, memory upon language.

The Gnostic tradition, to which Christ belonged, supplanted “faith” (blind obedience to an unknown power) with experience and knowledge—not intellectual knowledge but visceral, bodily illumination.

“Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you . . . For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him” (John 6: 53-56).

Is this why it is said of the wise, “For them, darkness is light, and light darkness”?

The limitations of both the Judaic and the Christian paradigm stem from the fact that Christ and Satan/Jehovah are one deity, just like Horus and Set are one.

The question is: can they be reconciled into a single archetype?

From a magikal perspective, no entity—human or otherwise, “Satan” included—can be considered “evil” in and of itself.

An archetype or god-form is a collective energy field with as many qualities as there are points of view to perceive it.

If a god-form is a collective of souls bound together by shared beliefs and perceptions, it follows that it is made up as much of dead people as live ones.

Soul-devouring is a God’s business, after all...

We now return to our Feature Presentation.


Jonah said...

Parents awoke 6 o'clock this morning to a dopey b&w cat blindly bumping about our fenced off carport with its snozzberry jammed right inside a spent braised steak & onion tin can which it had secured in the process of looking for some scraps; A garbage bag had been shredded to bits.

Threw an eiderdown over the bugger so we wouldn't get clawed, mother got scratched while ratcheting the can from its neck up and over its head. The starry-eyed feline ran off to the street unscathed but for a ring of food lining his mane.

This, after masturbating half a dozen times in succession the night before, forcefully attempting to ahem, clear my head of unworthy thoughts. A blockage equal to and courtesy of my ego, one focused on the weighing [read: judgment] of everything (even the alkhemical) for its reward. As above so below, eh.

Through all the mulling [read: wine press] over the past tree years of synchronistic causality, a passive intelligence has been directing me to take the head wound inward for the keeps, as if it was to be for me a head start if you will, furthermore as if the same information was on the horizon for every one. For as closer to the core did I accept the heart's balancing "green ray" more would the stone be found floating.

Jasun said...

*Six* times in succession?!!

You are giving even my friskiest Argonuts a run for their money!

Watch out for the Whale, Jonah.

Toby James said...

six time. i dont think i have done that since faking sick to stay home from school when i was 14. good job.

Toby James said...

the cat pissed on my shoes again. i didnt even do anything this time.

Vaginal Vortex said...

What kind of creature eats a meta-soul?

Adam Kadmon said...

Lilith fit the bill?