Monday, September 21, 2009

The Eschaton: Not What You'd Expected

and the latest from loser central...

more about how little we know

does it pertain to heavy rain
to persist in bliss
in the face of an unreality like this?

as we gather data
on your eating disorders
more and more
a sense of you out there
as ripples in the collective mind
everyone stand fast
to your point of view
and insist that it is valid
for what else do you got
to make you you?
to see through the eyes of humanity
is a tender trick
a soft surrender
once paranoid, now aware
sufficient unto the day
is the indigestion thereof

Do Not Adjust Your Set. We Are Now Beaming Directly to Your Brain.

What are gods
but the edifices of human intent?
clusters of countless thought-forms
patterns in the aether
built up over the aeons
with no more volition
than the passing of gas

we build our gods out of desire
and then become their slaves
thankful for the meaning
bestowed upon us
by the act
of worshiping our shadow

beyond all that

the supreme source creator
of all that is, was, and ever shall be
is now in the process
of owning His Shadow
That's Us

that Shadow is...


Prepare to be Owned

Prepare for

The Day of Integration

And for the terrible truth
When all that is cute and cuddly
turns against you
in the awful revealing
of Feline Retribution Strategy


Jasun said...

what are you bastards, afraid of kittens now?

how come all the cat-synchronists aren't posting here?

don't you want the world to know???

Zara said...

You absolutely crazy and amazingly intelligent, I love it. You are secretly my favourite blogger.

Anonymous said...

know what?

Bast said...

that we are coming for you