Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghost of a Flea Doing an Elvis Impersonation

Like everything else that lives, cats are carriers.

Take my cat for example: it carries something, everywhere he goes.

They are small, brown, and very hard to see, even harder to catch, and hardest of all to kill.

Can you image a human being with the proportionate power of a flea? You could leap tall buildings in a single bound. You would be bullet proof and could move faster than a speeding bullet...

Does this sound familiar? Was Superman's actual secret origin that he was bitten by a radioactive flea??!

That was a digression; a curious one however,

If I had to offer up my own contender for a living embodiment of pure, coagulated EVIL, it would this:

Damn, them, damn them, damn them. At least mosquitoes have the decency to make a high-pitched whine and be easy to kill.

Fleas can take over your life and destroy it.

Give them the chance, and they will do just that.

Somehow, Bast Command unit has be3come carriers for the Parasite Brotherhood.

Let your cat in the door, on your lap, under the covers, it will bring the evil bloodsuckers with it.

Your cat has no say in this. S/he is not to blame.

Fleas are not indestructible.


But they are working on it.

The day fleas attain total unkillability, humanity will have no choice but to surrender. Either that, or kill all cats.

I have bites all over my body

I would like to scream. But why bother. THEY do not care.

I am host to the hungry ghosts of countless fleas, feeding on my body, feeding, feeding, feeding.

Is this a Bardo realm?

How would i know if it was?

Is Elvis somewhere in the building?

Does he have fleas?

Surrender is an opportunity; it does not come easy.

Isolate in your consciousness whatever you most fear, despise, and dread in this life, your own perfect, personal hell, and you can be sure the gods will conspire to assemble that hell for you, just for you.

That will be your very own ultimate Opportunity to Surrender.

For me, it will probably involve Fleas.

I could let the fleas live in my mattress, let them feed on me, and do nothing, save to suffer, to suffer, to suffer, and know that my suffering was feeding the ultimate cause of the coagulation of pure evil.

i could surrender to that; it would be better, in the long run.

But I am not that evolved. I am only a man, after all; i cannot lay my head down in a bed of fleas.

Well, at least i can change the sheets first.

If you want to let the good into your life, sometimes you have to let the bad in too.

Sometimes, you cannot separate the good from the bad.

And so my cat gets to live.


Shane Hutter said...

aww that cat at the end i so happy looking :)

Toby James said...

no fleas for me. but little nuggets of my own personal hell have been infiltrating my own life as well. funny timing as usual.

Homer said...

Frontline Plus!

Garbanzo said...

I am loved.

Shamless Shane said...

Of course your loved Garbanzo, hope those pesky fleas arn't to much for u

Anonymous said...

Gifts from Garbanzo!
Maybe he's annoyed at you for something...

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! Jason, forget not that kitty cats are NOT only carriers of the lowly flea, itself known to've carried bubonic plague & wiped out so much human life in the Dark Ages, BUT, haven't you ever heard of toxiplasmosis? It, too, is a parasite, albeit MUCH, much, much smaller. It lives in the stool of felines. It is well known for being the cause of Pregnancy Category "C" in women, meaning (here in the Colonies, it has a different meaning in OZtralia) fetal changes resulting in, if not miscarriage, then teratogenic changes. Oft times, miscarriages ARE the result of Dame Nature Hirself taking the initiative to terminate otherwise unviable neonate forms … which see.

An amateur teratologist him(s)elf,
Anadæ Effro (•8-D}