Friday, October 09, 2009

Pain is a great awakener

Gnosis = Crisis.

There are no somebodies here; no one is ever going to get anywhere by pursuing a path to enlightenment, whether by drugs, or yoga, or meditation, or philosophy, or sorcery, or Ufos, or anything; these are all just the ways we try to get what we want, to be somebody in our lives.

The space being held here doesn't allow for any of that; this isn't a space where you get to feel good about yourself, or to help others to feel good about themselves. This isn't a space where knowledge or intellectual understanding counts for anything, except insofar as it can be used to make and hold a space, a space for us all to move slowly into what we know to be true, and to surrender to that tiny, tiny bit.

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Dennis/87 said...

No higher dimensions to encounter? Only truth to discover? Tiny bit, 64 squares on a chess board. Pain can be dealt with, lived with. It truly let's you know your alive. What ails you son? Get well. Dennis