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Forbidden Waters & Big Lies: Holocaust, Hitler, and Hollywood

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Oh yes this is a tricky subject isn’t it.

Let me try a thought experiment on you all:

If there were a Judaic elite attempting to extend its influence in world affairs and consolidate its power base, wouldn't the Holocaust have been a highly effective way to advance such an agenda?

After all, not only did it lead directly to the creation of the state of Israel, it effectively gave carte blanche to that state, and to Jewish groups, thereafter. As “victims” of the Holocaust, the chosen people are permitted to get away with ideologies and actions that no other groups can - because criticizing the chosen people is pretty much guaranteed to get you accused of anti-Semitism.

Try another thought experiment: Suppose Hitler was mind-controlled by his “handlers” (who may or may not have included the Jewish elite, the Rothschilds et al.) to hate the Jews and programmed (like Manson) with Messianic aspirations, to serve as a patsy for the secret plans of the Masonic elite? Hitler was cured of hysterical blindness by a hypnotherapist Dr. Edmund Forster after WWII, and it was during this period that he developed not only his anti-Semitic tendencies but also his aspirations to becoming world leader and avatar of the Aryan race.

Here's a passage from "Before Hitler was: Looking for a Doppelganger"

There is considerable controversy regarding precisely when Hitler became driven to destroy the Jews and dominate the world. There is strong evidence, however, that the 'hate and pain' which characterized Hitler's speeches in 1919 and afterward, as well as his fanatical purpose, were not in evidence prior to his psychiatric treatment.

Other psychologists have also published conclusions similar to those of Dr. Binion. In November 20, 1998, for example, the following feature article was dispatched by Reuters to international newspapers:

'Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Reuters) -- Adolf Hitler's belief he was meant to rule the world may have stemmed in part from a hypnotic suggestion given during treatment for hysterical blindness in 1918, a Louisiana psychiatrist said in the November Journal of Forensic Science. Dr. David Post, a forensic psychiatrist at the state's forensics hospital in Jackson, Louisiana, based his theory on a book he believes used material from a German military hospital where Hitler was treated after he was temporarily blinded in a mustard gas attack in the First World War in October 1918. Hitler was a corporal at the time, but the hospital records from that period were later destroyed by the Gestapo, although Hitler wrote of his sudden blindness and his resolve to enter politics if he regained his sight. After Germany's surrender on Nov. 11, 1918, Hitler wrote that he had "a supernatural vision ... A miracle came to pass" and he could see again.

In a book called "Eyewitness" by Ernst Weiss, an exiled German doctor and novelist, a German psychiatrist in a military hospital uses hypnotic suggestion in a still-accepted medical protocol for post-traumatic stress syndrome. He tells the patient A.H.: "I am a simple doctor. But perhaps you yourself have the rare power, which occurs only occasionally in a thousand years, to work a miracle. Jesus did it. Mohammed. The saints.... An ordinary person with such a condition would be blind for life. But for a person of particular strength and will and spiritual energy, there are no limits.'

Psycho-historians agree that the greatest change in Adolf Hitler's life occurred in Pasewalk Military Hospital while recovering from a mustard gas attack at the end of World War I. His hatred for Jews may have been implanted there by hypnosis, drugs and modern brain washing techniques.

(There is a book The Man Who Invented Hitler by David Lewis, that covers this subject in depth.)

To continue our thought experiment: suppose Hitler was set up by hidden controllers as a Messianic patsy to implement a global agenda (centering around the establishment of a power base in the Middle East), and then made to take the fall for a mass extermination program (one that he may not have even known about)?

Is it entirely coincidental that the direct result of Hitler’s (alleged) attempt to exterminate the Jewish people led to the creation of their own state in the Holy Land (in other words, had the precise inverse effect to that supposedly intended)? Or that so much of the global machinations of the elite continues to center around this Middle-Eastern power base, the exploitation of its natural resources (oil, opium, etc), as well as its more abstract ones (occult knowledge of Sufis, et al)?

It seems safe to say that we have been deceived about Hitler, the Holocaust, and everything else. A smoke screen has been created that is so impenetrable that anyone who dares to try to get past it, will almost certainly choke to death on all the toxic gases s/he will encounter. Are many parapolitical researchers too afraid to question the official story too closely, for fear of being branded Nazis and/or racists?

But consider this: can anyone imagine a researcher being jailed for suggesting that the extermination of Native peoples in North America never happened? Actually, the systematic destruction of Native children in residential schools in Canada has been covered up for decades, and is only now coming to light through the work of independent researchers (“revisionists”?), who are themselves facing persecution for trying to uncover this unsavory truth. Different “rules” seems to apply, depending on which part of history (and which peoples) we are speaking of.

The Masonic sorcerer elite do seem to favor a Judaic flavor to their rituals and ceremonies, most of all in the practice of blood sacrifice (as upheld by Moses on his bloodthirsty trek to the promised land). And what our "handlers" are most intent upon assuring is that we, the profane, become further and further estranged from the truth, from gnosis, and therefore susceptible to their methods of control. This is accomplished by indoctrinating us with false beliefs about reality, including though not restricted to historical events. The bigger the lie they can get us to believe, the further they can remove us from our knowing, the more malleable we become.

(Random example: the faked Moon landing – even if they really did get to the Moon, there is an advantage in getting us to believe in a falsified version of the event as real, because by believing in something we - our bodies - can easily see to be untrue, we are falling more and more under the mind-spell they are weaving.)

Hollywood is of course a key apparatus in this spell-casting agenda; and yes, Hollywood is and always has been run by the chosen people. But also by Scientology and the CIA, who are not, so far as I know, predominantly populated by Jewish folk. Like every other faction or group, the Jews are simply being used to deceive us. And the best way to ensure this deception continue is to forbid any and all intelligent discussion of the subject.

The reason I raise the above possibilities is not that I necessarily believe them to be true (though they may well be), but to illustrate how potentially alienating, damning, such ideas are for the person who raises them. Killing (scapegoating) the messenger not only suppresses the message, but discourages anyone else from trying to keep that meme alive.

If holocaust investigators are being jailed for attempting to suggest that some aspects of the holocaust are not true, or exaggerated, distorted, or obscured, then two things become clear: something is being concealed; and woe betide anyone who dares try and uncover it. If these investigators are simply zealots trying to push their own ideology, why not look at the “evidence” and expose it for what it is? If a question or area is too sensitive for even the most rigorous researchers to want to look at it, surely this is a reason to take it seriously, and to overcome our personal discomfort and see what's going on? Not because we have a case to prove, defending Hitler or demonizing Jews or anything else, but simply out of curiosity?

The fact that this particular subject is almost impossible to talk about openly suggests, to me, that it is a key to the Pandora’s box of Masonic Sorcery Theater. If so, the first step is to take a step back and try to see the forest, and not merely the trees. This is not a subject to be emotional about.

What happened to the chosen people is no worse, no different, than what happened to Native American peoples or any number of populations being systematically persecuted and destroyed by a secret elite and their hidden agendas – except that for some reason it IS different. Why? Because we are told that it is. Why? Because the holocaust meme (as propagated by CIA Steve, Scientology, and the Hollywood Elite) is a central element in an elaborate system of psychological control. It may even be “the Big Lie” that Hitler spoke of, little suspecting that he would become the central player (scapegoat?) in this lie. . . ?

Revelation of the Method.

As to the title question of this thread: perhaps all the Holocaust movies are designed as counter propaganda to Scientology’s holocaust museums? Part of the on-going “war” between Scientology and Jewish Hollywood (as embodied by CIA Spielberg), a war which is probably itself (like the “war” between Masonry and Roman Catholicism) a central part of the sorcerers’ smoke screen?


Anonymous said...

At one point Breton disapproved of Dali's The Lugubrious Game because it portrayed a man whose underpants are smeared with excrement. Dali compared Breton and his like-minded colleagues to the "Church Fathers", writing that: "I understood from that day forward that these were merely toilet-paper revolutionaries, loaded with petite bourgeois prejudices, in whom the archetypes of classical morals had left indelible imprints. Shit scared them. Shit and arseholes. Yet, what was more human, and more needful of transcending!"

Nice to see the intrepid conspiracy theory, parapolitical crowd take a clue from their Fox News Brothers when it comes to asking questions about the Holocaust. 9-11 was an inside job, there's an international Satanic pedophile ring serving children up to top politicians, but the official government version of the Holocaust is 100% infallible, so back off you Nazi bastard!

Zionism is Manifest Destiny II - God told me to kill all you brown skinned savages, and take your stuff! If someone doesn't like it, they're just ignorant Nazi bastards!

Jewish elite? Give me a break! All those fat, old, rich white guys you always hear about running the world behind closed doors, yea, that's the Jewish elite, and the Christian elite, and what ever else they pretend to be. Christians or Jews, looks like white power to me.

Whole lot of shit and motherfucking arseholes, and everyone's running scared.

Jasun said...

thanks Count - for raising a voice in the silence. Have answered this at a new post.

Anonymous said...

The history books tell us that the seeds of the nation state of Israel were sown by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, 'a classified formal statement of policy by the British government stating that the British government "view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" with the understanding that "nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.... It further stated that the declaration is a sign of "sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations."(Wikipedia)

This was likely the fulfillment of a promise tacitly given to the influential Jewish lobby in the US via their government earlier in the year as part of an inducement for the US to get involved in WW1 on the side of the Western allies. It also was the eventual betrayal of those Arabs who had fought the Ottoman Turks in the revolt alongside T.E.Lawrence in the Levant.

As for Hitler, I don't know whether he was programmed for some mission soon after this. Points taken about the bias given to the Holocaust over the other genocides in history and also why people who weren't even born till decades after the events of the 1930s/40s are made to feel guilty about what went on then, but something certainly smells a bit funny with this conspiracy that dare not speak its name.

Keep digging away into the Nazi inner circle/Masonic Sorcery/Paperclip angle AK, it's getting intriguing. I'd certainly love to know the reality of what Rudolf Hess' plans were when he landed in Scotland in 1941.

(Oops, looks like the Jeff Wells interview is off then)

'Nothing is true, everything is permitted.'

Jasun said...

thanks John, for that very instructive info-feed. I do intend to continue these investigations, albeit with utmost caution and delicacy, and having seen what happens to those who take the slightest misstep and jump to premature conclusions.

It is a simple fact that anyone who questions the official story - and who presumably gets too close to the truth - becomes a "denier" and hence is branded instantly in our minds as a nutjob.

My concern is as much with those researchers who have been discredited and stigmatized for daring to look too closely at this mystery, to the point that parapolitical researchers wind up treating them precisely as they most dread being treated - either dismissing them as cranks or reviling them as dangerous "subversive" elements - or both.

With Israel's recent behavior it may free up a little space to question the whole carte blanche given the persecuted people, and with 9/11 researchers being branded as anti-semites (due to intelligence psyops linking conspiracy theorists with neo-Nazis, etc), the parapolitical community may begin to realize that there is no way to play it safe, and that sooner or later we are all going to get tarred and feathered with the same brush, unless we start sticking up for each other regardless of supposed political "affiliations." The leftist, liberal leanings of most conspiracy researchers seriously undermines their integrity IMHO - since such a leaning is merely a result of beliefs inculcated by the elite themselves. To be rigorous means looking at the evidence regardless of where it comes from, and above all not believing anything we hear about a given source. Anything less isn't research, it's pandering.