Monday, February 23, 2009

93 Current: Lucifer, Christ and the Pros and Cons of Sun Worship

(Image by Cary McCoy)

There's a lot of talk about the "Illuminati" that revolves around two main ideas: one, that they are "Luciferian"; and two, that they employ symbols and narratives that relate to the "pagan" practice of Sun worship.

First up: The Sun has two faces, if you will: 1) the visible, material Sun, that gives light and (organic) life to this system, whose number is 666; and 2) the hidden or black Sun, whose number is 888 and who relates to Sirius, the "Sun behind the sun," and (as I understand it) is an Opening or Portal (cosmic vagina?) that takes any aspiring Soul who makes it past the Archons out of this fallen Universe (B-reality) into the Primary Reality of Universe A, the realm of the divine, also known as Paradise (the third attention in Castaneda).

Next up: Archetypally, the Sun is the true Morning Star. Venus is not a star but a planet, it heralds morning but does not bring it: the morning is brought by the Sun, making it not just the Morning Star but also the "Lightbringer" - namely, Lucifer (666). However, the Sun is also "the way, the truth, the light," the vesica piscis, the intersection between earthly and divine consciousness, Christ, 888.

Third up: the beast 666 is an instructor who - either by deliberate deception (assuming airs) or, more likely, through our own tendency to take appearances for reality - becomes a surrogate for God, a false prophet, a pretender and deceiver (BO anyone?). This is because the beast - organic existence - is a gateway to the divine (a vessel for it), but if taken for the divine itself (since it is without consciousness or "light" of its own) becomes a trap, a snare, a road not to immortality (the goal of the old seers and modern post-humanists both), but to "damnation."

Lucifer brings the light but is not the light; the light He brings is Christ, Lucifer's younger/twin brother. So to worship the Sun is to take the finger for the Moon, the form for the force, and become fixated on - and trapped within - "the world of shells" - the shadow realm where Qlipoth feed. One must embody the Sun, as a solar/Lucifer being, and so become "bride of Christ" - merging with one's hidden, apparently "dark" (yin) nature that is the Other, the true hidden source of light - immortal spirit that lies beyond body and soul, both of which are temporal, and so also temporary, as is the Sun and Stars, all of which are under the dominion, at least at this time, of Ahriman, decay.

There is one law: the law of the Sun. And that law is Love. DO with it WHAT THOU WILT.


Anonymous said...

The lightening rounds are my favorite part because the of the fast pace flow. I love the Lunatic Tunes episode too. You bridged the gap from radio to art form. You're effort is much appreciated. BO is also BS, Barry Sortereo aka Belief System, you know the rest.

Peace be with you AK and much love

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Your arch-tickle here just simply rocks, Aeolus. I used to be a dispatcher in the Big Apple in (roughly) 1980 & then again from 1988 'til 1993; one of our bike messengers, Andy, a member in the Golden Dawn, used to greet me & part on a run with, "93 in 93!"

There are, as you your(s)elf are well apprised of & Gno so well, many parallels betwixt His Eminence Lucifer & Yaheshuah ben Pantera, His earthly Davidic kin.

Even in the art & science of miracle-working, three factors stand out; 1.) that they took place near water, 2.) that they were on a beach, and 3.) that the planet Venus (Athtar in Arabic, and masculine, not feminine) was in a certain heavenly aspect.

Then again, I was born during Venus as Ninth Lord of the Night, according to the ancient "lost" Tzolk'in civilisation, over the heart of whose predictions "our" year 2012 is centre'd much fanfare these dayze.

Excellent, excellent food for Thoth here, as is to be expected from you, Frater Kephas.

A Moonchilde born near Midsummer's,
Anadæ Effro ( ;-)}

Dennis/87 said...

Shine forth brave soul. Yes the sun. Isis queen of heaven, Hail Isis. Hail the sun in all it's manifestations. Spring is almost here. Dennis from Oregon

Jasun said...

Thanks James, Anadae, Dennis: advice to any artist or anyone at all - ignore the positive feedback, focus only on the negative.

But where is it?!!!

Are you guys trying to turn me into Icarus so you can watch the meltdown? ; )

Some critical savaging, if you please!

Anonymous said...

Just an observation. You'll upset / alienate your christian listeners if you carry on in this vein. Although I doubt you are unaware of that probability.

I'm not a christian, so I don't mind. I found your take quite refreshing.


Jasun said...

thanks William; I don't think I have ever had, or will ever have, many "Christian listeners" - only those who are really Gnostics in denial, as i understand them anyway.

For example, a worthy Christian warrior today just wrote me "I am Christian not seeking gnosis without Christ"; yet gnosis IS of Christ and nothing else. The difference is that the Gnostic understands - through gnosis - that s/he IS Christ, while the christian still insists on worshipping Christ as the Other. This then creates the necessity of an anti-Christ, a Shadow Other, satan. This is what makes christianity, like all human belief systems, give or take, a form of "satanic" (self) deception.

And you're right, Christians DON'T want to hear that!

To the lions with 'em!

StrangEye said...

Nice work AK.

888 and who relates to Sirius, the "Sun behind the sun," and (as I understand it) is an Opening or Portal (cosmic vagina?) that takes any aspiring Soul who makes it past the Archons out of this fallen Universe (B-reality) into the Primary Reality of Universe A, the realm of the divine

along these line both the Essenes and their communal neighbors the Ebionites tell a story of the Christ (Krst) passing into the Vortex which separates this "world" from the "next world" for 3 days to clean out the Archons that were stealing souls on their journey.

"No one may come to the FATHER except through me...", we're told.


Sounder said...

An old friend of mine, who is a Steiner devotee, once told me of his (or Steiners) take on the ‘I am the way, the truth and the light’ sentence of the Bible. He said that ‘the way’ represents Ahriman or belief, the light represents Lucifer (imagination?) and that reconciliation is found in Christ or the Truth. He used a road as allegory, where the way and the light are on the sides of the road while Christ is walking down the center.

This works well in the model that I use, where (in their negative aspect) Satan is the static principle, Lucifer is the principle of indiscriminate change and Christ is the substance that holds the poles in a loving embrace. The static principle says; do what you are told, and have appeal to folk searching for salvation. The Luciferic pole appeals to folk that see the self as the problem, where self-abdignation or transcendence is seen as the solution. Most people are not so self obsessed and are driven by desire for fellowship, but Dualism tends to give authority to extremists (egoists). The negative sides come out while beliefs battle imagination, but these things will be reconciled and redeemed through Christ.

Hey Dennis, good to see you around.

Sil said...

That's funny what you said about Christians not getting it, and the satanic self deception. I was seeing a Jehovah's Witness for a (very) short period of time (I didn't know what he believed at first) and their take on things is more backwards than most Christian religions.

(This is soule from your forum, by the way)

skrambo said...

666/Sun/Leo (Astrological Leos: "The Beast" Aleister Crowley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, me) and 888 (I was born on 8/88) are the "dualistic pillars", actually two sides of the same equilibrium pillar. You've done a great job outlining the subject in a comprehensive way.

Sorry for not being negative enough ;)

Sounder said...

The key here is "like all human belief systems". Christianity is simply another variation.

And the Witnesses? I have so much fun with them. Both they and the Mormans have put me on their do not call list. I miss them.

Anonymous said...

I really hate to say this, but again, we are talking about masculine archetypes almost exclusively, and the People of the Book, all of them, not just the Christians, have done their best to deprive women of any way at all of relating to the divine, or for men to relate to the divine Feminine...there is no Goddess, the Sun is seen as masculine...women's only role model is a virgin...Christ, the way to God, is masculine and the Earth and Moon are the abode of trapped souls, or something like that. Heaven help us, what are we to do? Is it any wonder that UFOs are appearing by the dozen and "aliens" are kidnapping people from their beds when conciousness of the Divine Feminine, the great Goddess is so repressed?

Anonymous said...

Let your guest talk more than you. Don't ramble too much on one subject. Keep things flowing. It's nice that you have outlines ready before the show but deliberating during the show makes for jibber jabber.

in response to auroragirl's comment: I can't get a job with my beard. People require me to pretend to look like a Woman to fit in. If Society would allow Men to be masculine then we would have some female deities.

"Tweedledum(MoM) and Tweedledee(PoP) Agreed to have a battle"

Anonymous said...

i'm very bitter about circumcision, the idolization of females and reverse racism of equal opportunity employment. Fighting racism and sexism with more racism and sexism.

Didn't Metallica do ditty about that.

I don't want to offend anyone but I've been doing that my entire life.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Anyone here whose androphile AND non-X-ian predilections would like some furtherance oughta go to Pagan Men For Men as I did.

Not everyone's a Thelemite there, or a Brujo, a Warlock, a Feri, an Elfin (like me), or what-have-you, but the strata of non-mainstream Traditions there are multiferous & varied.

I, too, James, cannot find a "slave" (read: gainful employment) with my past-my-shoulderlength tresses. By Jove, I do b'lieve I'll be re-adding to my history of facial hair configurations again soon! Hey, yeah!

A happy homo hair farmer,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Jasun said...

thanks Ratte-boy - very helpful. It sort of lets me off the hook, hearing that, coz the truth is, I am conscious of trying to contribute as much as my guests to the conversation, thereby ensuring that it is such, and not just an interview... The result is that, sometimes, as you've noticed, I wind up talking over my own questions!

AG: Moon corresponds with Crone aspect of feminine, Kali with her barren womb, and yes, a prison for souls; Earth however is anything but a prison, the fecund womb through which the Sun's "emissions" (light) can engender life. (The true alchemical marriage is not Sun & Moon but Earth & sun.) So Earth is the mother aspect of the feminine, Moon the crone, and the third aspect, the Virgin, corresponds with Infinite Space. The Universe, as don Juan told Carlos, is primarily feminine.

As for the aliens and the goddess, as happens I write something similar (albeit from a male POV) in Homo S: "In the final, global enactment, what we are witnessing is the power of the sacred, satanic Female, a power that has so completely taken hold of the species that it is rapidly emerging before our eyes as a weird collective of little grey aliens! Meanwhile, a spurned mother Earth prepares to let us have it."

dudivie said...

The only Illuminati that
really has impact on everybodis life is himself. theres no conspiracy other than that of outside intelligence and
that is same for everyone

zane said...

Ibn-Pantera huh? Son of the Panther...Son of AllTerra...Joshua Ibn-Nun (the Night Sky also symbolized as the skin of the panther in MesoAmerica) stuff...

Mom's pissed and gonna smack the nasty out of us huh? Ya think? I sometimes wonder if it isn't crank up the libido and churn out the kids time on planet Earth, for the last few thousand years maybe, 'cause she knows something's comin' and she wants to make sure she's got the nerve for what's at hand...tick...tock...apparently we've bottlenecked before...maybe her awareness is preparing for another reduction...and transformation...

Anonymous said...

What I mean is that women have no trouble going into the depths and then rising to the surface again (going down into the unconcious and then coming back to conciousness again) but with out access to Divine Feminine archetypes that resonate with the feminine soul (I am thinking mainly of Western women, here), we cannot go higher in a feminine way...we have to become erzatz men and then we become aberational. In other words, we are comdemed to walk the Earth forever. Of course the Earth is feminine, fertile and wonderful...haven't I said so before? And maybe the Virgin is an archetype for Space, but so what? I am talking about the paucity of feminine archetypes here. Always we are forced into a Masculine mould, always defined by a foreign conciousness, and when we attempt to define ourselves, we are called Gorgons and Harpies, as if self-definition is monstrous. Both sexes are furious over the present situation...all we (both sexes) want is connection and we dont know how to go about it! Yikes, what a mess. I would like to suggest we start calling "aliens" Gnomes of Gnosis. Maybe I got that from somewhere else, I can't remember anymore...but I like the sound of it, and it makes them much less threatening

Sounder said...

AK wrote…
'So Earth is the mother aspect of the feminine, Moon the crone, and the third aspect, the Virgin, corresponds with Infinite Space.'

AK, do you see correspondence between earth as mother, and the unicorn ‘chained’ to earth that is on the right side of the entry to the capital building of Winnipeg?

Anonymous said...

There is a feminine archetype that corresponds to neither virgin, mother, nor crone...the magdalene. Owned by no man, like a virgin, childless, unlike a mother but sexually knowlegeable like one. She is sexually mature but unowned by a man, and in fact it was she who annointed the Christ, his feet with her tears and his head with balm. And the fact that she is forgotten and ignored speaks volumes.

Jasun said...

that is the whore. corresponds with the mother - or rather, is the movement from virgin to mother, as in Virgin Mary/Mary Magdalena carrying Christ's seed.

Anonymous said...

But what makes her a "whore" is not that she has had intercourse, but that she is not owned by a man...that is what makes her disturbing, not that she has had sex and maybe born a child, although a child born out-of-wedlock (an interesting term in itself) would complicate things for the patriarchy, wouldn't it? Especially if it was the man's first-born? But why should it be a whore who annoints the Christ? Why is it important that he be annointed by an unmarried but sexually knowlegeable woman, who may or may not be a mother (we don't know whether or not Mary M had born a child when she annointed Christ). Could it be that what the Christ needs is something that men don't have? Could it be that what the Christ needs is Feminine Gnosis, which is so different that the Masculine, maybe because the Universe is essentially feminine, like Castenada said? And even if that is true, it still doesn't answer the question of why the Annointer of Christ should be so diminished, forgotten and discarded, unless the Masculine just cannot bear to see itself as beholden to the Feminine in any way. Or maybe that the Masculine can articulate Gnosis, but it cannot discover it on its own? There are many possiblilties, and I am only exploring them.

Hey, Sounder, the next time the Witnesses come around your area, why don't you walk along with them? The streets are public and they couldn't stop you. In fact, they might start running to get away from you lol

Zane, I wrote something similar about the "problem" (whose problem?) of "over population" (which population) awhile back on another forum...if disaster (bad star?) is coming, we could use a few spare people around. If we are going to freeze instead of drown this time, could that be why they are so intent upon clearing out the tropical countries of their native populations?

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Aurora Girl, I did some thinking & I think that you would be the first to appreciate this link, a "chalice" maintained by the womynfolk of The Star House, a kind of deeply spiritually resonant group that you, your(s)elf, may find an affinity with.

Ceremoniously artistically yours,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

skrambo said...

AG - Actually, the "feminine" archetypes you're looking for are in the "submissive" sector of the mind, for reasons unknown to me as women have dominated my life in great, awful and neutral (wonderful) ways, as the Bull and the Angel, yellow (earth) and blue (water), so when people speak of Lucifer they speak of the "feminine". Plenty of recognition, though intentionally manipulated. I agree that the feminine aspect is somewhat "hidden" like everything else that's important, really it's overshadowed because we can't have "weak feminine types" running around pointing out injustices and stuff... ;[ remember that you do not have to take position in any of the archetypal minds, we are the center, the observer.

James - I love that song. Metallica and I go way back. Thanks for posting it. Trapped Under Ice is good in this context as well, just for being an awesome song.

Done showboating now, AK...

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for the wonderful, lovely link, Anadae. Why is peace and love so threatening to the Patriarchal psyche, do you think? Oddly enough, I "married" my animus last night. The ceremony came to me quite spontaneously (I haven't worn my "real" wedding ring in years). Although I don't know why, I was thinking of the "right hand rings" for successful career women that jewelers were advertizing a few years back when I suddenly felt inspired to do the same thing. I polished up an old silver ring and as I put it on my right hand ring finger, while thinking about my animus I said, "with this ring, I thee wed". That seemed to be enough...I felt something turn over inside me, but just what it was only time will tell.

p.s. I am an artist, too. I draw beautifully and paint and am a very good dancer. I also weave and spin. How I would love to be able to go to the Star House, but it makes me happy just to know it is there.

..."almost cut my hair, happened just the other day. It was gettin' kinda long, could have said it was in my way. But I didn't and I wonder why...guess I'll let my freak flag fly..." and I forget the rest.


"...can you cook, can you sew, well I don't want to know, 'cause that's not what you need on the make the go..."

Anonymous said...

Hi tommy. What do you mean by "the submissive sector of the mind"?

The Secret Sun said...

I think in the future we will look back and see the myth of the Illuminati as a projection of the unacknowledged shadow side of Christianity- those who are unable to acknowledge their own unbridled avarice, their own overweening totalitarian impulses, their own sanctified genocidal fantasies project them on to amorphous bands of plutocrats. Couple this with the often-justified inferiority complex that many Fundamentalists are constantly nursing and it makes for a toxic stew.

Certainly there is strong evidence of some kind of sun worship among certain corporate and governmental interests, but these are the exact same people whom the religious right surrendered their souls to 30 years ago in a vain bid for earthly power (which is in direct defiance of Jesus' teachings). Already we're seeing a very chastened attitude among serious Christians. It will be interesting to see how that develops.

As I've written on the blog I love the Sun and I think solar symbolism is powerful and has beneficial psychological effects. I don't think sun worship in and of itself makes a lot of sense to me, but I certainly am fascinated by it.

Those of us in the Ancient and Exalted Brotherhood of Chronic Pain aren't real big on nature worship per se,and tend to be sympathetic to Gnostic opinions on the created world as a prison for pure spirit.

wordver synch- Ectotond "Outside the Eschaton?"

Jasun said...

I Love the Sun too, with every fiber of my being. Perhaps in part because it is a way OUT the prison-matrix of the flesh?

But also because, as a living, sentient BEING, alive to its deepest recesses, and source of all I am, I recognize it as the true Father I never (knew I) had?

But it is a poor son who worships the Father (as the Lucifer/Christ myth reveals).

"I and the father are One."

Jasun said...

PS. "Ancient and Exalted Brotherhood of Chronic Pain"

Now THAT sounds like a club I haveta join. Not for lightweights! ; )

The Secret Sun said...

It's true- we are all made of the Sun, so the Sun is in a material sense our "heavenly father." But at the same time the Sun is just a part of an infinite universe made up of trillions of Suns. I've always felt that a very strange awareness of the Universe outside of this world and to me it is very much a sentient being.

Having studied Sun worship right up to the present day (particularly the crypto-Mihtraic elements of the religious right) I see Sun worship as an expression of masculine energy, phallus writ large. Sun cults throughout history have attracted alpha males and stressed discipline, militarism, heirarchy, and aggression. All very left-brained, unambiguous, ascetic. But at the same time very rich and mysterious. I'll be doing a piece on Mithraism soon that might surprise a lot of people.

Cosmic Ti69er said...

I am a Sundancer. I have done it now for two years and I expect to do it every year for the rest of my life. Participating in it has taught me and helped me so much. The sun worhsipers I know are the most balanced and beautiful people I know. A sundancer as I understand it are the christ's for the indigenous people of the plains. originally the sundance was only practiced by men as a means to honour the pain that women go through during childbirth. it brought balance to the communities. now both men and women sundance, and this summer, probably for the first time ever, or at least for a very long time, there is sundance happening in which women will lead moondancing during the night. the ceremonies and their structure all come through dreams.

during a sundance one has no water or food for four days and dances in the sun staring at a tree in the centre. a tree that has attached tobacco ties infused with all the communities prayers. the only way to make it through the sundance is to pray for others and not to focus on one self. as an excercise for focusing collective intent i have yet to experience one so powerful. during the sundance, on the first day one prays for the world, the second day one prays for their community, the third day for one's friends and families, and the gift for the sundancer is that on the last day one can pray for oneself.

there is also the option to pierce at the sundance.
one way is to be attached by peg and rope to a tree from one's chest. then one runs back until the peg rips the skin and sets you free. it is mean't to symbolize the umbilical cord being broken at birth. i.e. rebirth.

you can also drag the buffalo skulls (which i did last time). this is a good way to learn about spirit and will that's for sure.

anyways, obviously the power of the sun can be harnessed by all. healthy and learned sun worship definitely has its place, even in the modern age.

as a ceremony for the rejuvenation and healing of a people, i have never seen anything as powerful as a sundance. in manitoba, this ceremony was illegal 20 years ago, but now it is spreading like a prairie wildfire.

none of us know pain like the pain of the indigenous people. we can learn from them.

Anonymous said...

"And you're right, Christians DON'T want to hear that!

To the lions with 'em!"

very clever

it's problematic exposing the Empire when you are the Empire

"But it is a poor son who worships the Father (as the Lucifer/Christ myth reveals)."

udder twaddle, not one of you has a clue what you're talking about

vanity, with a sideorder of vanity LOL

Jasun said...

spot the christian. : /

do you worship YOUR father then, anon? Down on your knees before him?

I am sure we all shudder at the thought...

skrambo said...

Aurora - I mean the functions of the mind which tell you to submit to a situation, whether it be good (flow with it) or bad, rather than attempt to dominate it. I'm not saying every female is submissive, or that submission is always a bad thing. Sorry I can't explain it any better, it's a form of psychology that I only have amateur knowledge of.

Interesting thoughts, everyone... I am inexperienced, but I do know that not much would happen without the sun around, so yeah... Sun's important.

Jasun said...

I think in the end the subtle nuance of what "worship" really means requires contemplation.

Is it healthy for a son to "adore" (worship) his father? I sure don't think so. Would an upright father (or god) want such worship. Again, can;t see why he would.

It makes more sense to me for a father to worship his children - for gods to worship men.

Yet i relate to Jim's post, and i think active worship of this kind, which is more like loving congress, a relationship of equals, yet full of love and thankfulness, is very healthy indeed. Even vital to our survival at this time.

So again, what do we mean by worship?

To my mind, there is no greater love than that of equals.

Cosmic Ti69er said...

well said aelous. it all depends on how one defines worship. true indeed. for me, i worship "god" through love and sacrifice for others, knowing that in the end this is still a "selfish act" as it is still love for myself, as I am you and you are me. when one sundances one becomes the sun, and the moon, and the wind and the eagles that always seem to fly above...

after reading jung on the weekend, i can really see how the suffering experienced by the indigenous people is clearly a projection of an unbalanced christian belief system. i also can now see how ayahuasca is good for helping people integrate their own personal shadow and therefore help all by doing so.

the indigenous communities i know definitely seem to be spiritual sponges for all western civilizations repressed baggage.

Anonymous said...

AK, I told you, you'd upset the christians!


~Julian West said...

AG: "Gnomes of Gnosis" ... I've been calling "them" 'gnomes' for years now, on behalf of the gnomic utterances "they" have often gifted me.

Zane: insightful comments, very much appreciated! (Pantera = Pan Terra = All-Earth (Whole World) ;)

As for the rest, does the term Cosolargy (formerly "Project X") mean anything to anyone here?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, tommy, I understand now...there is no such thing as a stupid question, I guess.

Anonymous said...

baptism, christian style: "...if you hold somebody's head underwater long enough, they'll come around to your way of thinking" author unknown to me

Newspaceman said...

"I think in the future we will look back and see the myth of the Illuminati as a projection of the unacknowledged shadow side of Christianity
As I've written on the blog I love the Sun and I think solar symbolism is powerful"

Chris, no disrespect, but you have been hoodwinked - either that or you are one of "them".

ps My missus - tipple the hate mail -is a proper Christian, as are her family.

Get your head out your arse


Newspaceman said...

p.s. - I am gnostic 2



Jasun said...

"p.s. - I am gnostic 2"

Not from where i'm standing.

The Secret Sun said...

Here's a book your readers should check out Aeolus- it's called "The Family" and it's about the REAL globalist conspiracy- the one that all the rest of big conspiracy hucksters conveniently never talk about:

A journalist's penetrating and controversial look at the untold story of Christian fundamentalism's most elite organisation: a self-described 'invisible' global network dedicated to a religion of power for the powerful. They are the Family - fundamentalism's avant-garde, waging spiritual war in the halls of American power and around the globe.

They consider themselves the 'new chosen': congressmen, generals and foreign dictators who meet in confidential cells, to pray and plan for a 'leadership led by God', to be won not by force but through 'quiet diplomacy'. Jeff Sharlet is the only journalist to have reported from inside its walls.

THE FAMILY is about this other half of American fundamentalist power - not its angry masses, but its sophisticated elites. In public, they host Prayer Breakfasts; in private they preach a gospel of 'biblical capitalism', military might and a global American empire.

Citing Hitler, Lenin and Mao as leadership models, the Family's current leader, Doug Coe, declares, 'We work with power where we can, build new power where we can't'. Part history, part investigative journalism, THE FAMILY is a compelling account of how fundamentalism came to be interwoven with American power and the no-holds-barred economics of globalisation.

No other book about the Right has exposed the Family or revealed its far-reaching impact on democracy, and no future reckoning of fundamentalism will be able to ignore it.

Jasun said...

thanks CK - why do i get the feeling I'm getting painted as the "conspiracy guy"?

I guess it's because the subject matter is so loaded that even when placed in a wider context, as I try to do, people still get stuck on the lead rather than the alchemical process which I am mapping.

You know in the end, I couldn't care less about global conspiracies, except they make great fodder for self-transformation. Gathering up the darkness so our light can shine forth, that's all I'm trying to do.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Very much appreciated, Chris, thanks for dropping it. Fear not, though, 'cause they ain't gonna win. I was EXACTLY in the midst of posting this excerpt elsewhere from an essay, originally written in 1984 but revised in 1999, by a Brian Dragon, the Prime Imprimatur of the Pictish Elven Draconian Witchcraft Tradition, "The Hidden Kingdom: A Look at Pictish & Elven Witchcraft", and I quote:

"Obsession with one's work is quite common in the arts and, although the common man may not quite understand it, artists are widely understood to be eccentric and obsessive.

What makes these writers (NOTE: Robert E. Howard & JRR Tolkien) noteworthy is that they shared (without knowledge of each other's work) basically the same rare obsession . The comparisons between the two can make for a fairly long list, though space permits only a few points be be summarized here: Howard's theory of time travel through genetic memories/atavisms of characters rendered unconscious by great psychic stress and reincarnation-based agendas easily compares with Tolkien's Olórë Mallë, the Path of Dreams that could allow the modern mind to travel to the dwellings of Elves in The Book of Lost Tales. Howard makes it central to the Picts' religion that they have been promised by "the Moon God" that even as they had been the first of humankind to walk the world, so should they likewise be the last surviving at the end of ages, a complement to Tolkien's prophesied grand reunion of the Elves at the end of the world that was toasted with every shared drink in Book of Lost Tales with the words, "To the Faring Forth and the Rekindling of the Magic Sun."

Writing at the End of the Age of Man,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

The Secret Sun said...

I don't think you're a conspiracy guy, Aeolus. But you know that!

Conspiracy theory is a kind of adolescence, a stage to a larger sense of consciousness; questioning received wisdom, looking for patterns not recognized by the lumpen herd.

There is little doubt in my mind that government, religion and business are by their very nature corrupt and conspiratorial. And now that everything is basically out in the open now, I don't feel the need to consume any of conspiracy material anymore. It's redundant.

Newspaceman said...

Chris, respectfully, you need to be thinking about who founded your country, and the reason why.

I know it does not go down well, but your whole way-of-being has been engineered, manufactured; for example and importantly, the credit crisis.

"The love of money is the root of all evil"

If one looks back as to who founded the US and what is happening in the homeland - Scotland, so to speak, one finds a miniature version.

This can be synchronistically confirmed by the fact that chairman of the almost nationalised Halifax Bank of Scotland was Andy Hornby, Hornby being the quality manufacturer of miniature train sets for the UK market. You will know , yet discount (I take it from your optimism) that James Shelby Downard cited railroads as being important to freeemasons.

I see a world being built, a working prison for humans - you think that is pre adult and redundant.

You are having a laugh? /have read too many comic books/watched too many films/are part of it/think you can make money out it.

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cheers, brian

Anonymous said...

p.s. Is a sorcerer simply someone who has learned how to be entirely alone without going mad?

Anonymous said...

CK -- "The Family" has nothing to do with christ or christianity, and simply accepting their self-representation of christianity, based on their appropriation of the term, is v superficial research

it's like saying the Moral Majority is christian

the modern West teems with organizations using christianity as a cover . . . The Family is just another satanic/illuminati cell, whose actual affilliations are with groups like The Global Elders, whose interest is continuing the global consolidation of the West's matriarchies under a (small and continuing) elite

and yup, anybody wanting to throw christians -- or anybody else -- "to the lions" can expect to hear from me

reading this thread confirms how brainwiped most of y'all are

too proud to learn . . . and proud of it!! lol


Anonymous said...

"reading this thread confirms how brainwiped most of y'all are"

Or perhaps, how brainwashed you are...

"too proud to learn . . . and proud of it!! lol"

ditto back to you....

Christianity, indeed all the abrahamic religions are Sacred Cows, whose adherents will not tolerate being critiscised.


Sounder said...

William wrote…
Christianity, indeed all the abrahamic religions are Sacred Cows, whose adherents will not tolerate being critiscised.

Political Correctness is not Christian and they don’t like criticism either, just sayin.

Ray wrote…

it's like saying the Moral Majority is Christian

Well Ray, if the Moral Majority fooled 90% of Christians then the discrimination value of the Christian model must be questioned. Likewise with Abraham Vereide, who also uses this ‘grant of authority’ model to convert an assumed divine sanction into money and power. This is a Christian impulse (imposition of dogma), where the Church had free reign from 327AD till 1031 or so. These were dark days, cruel, brutish and short.

It seems a little too handy to be able to say; oh, those people are really pagans, when they are using your language and belief systems rather than the methods of the pagans.

I forgot to save a link for the following, sorry

Over the years, The Family, according to Sharlet's research (which included a stint infiltrating the group and interviews with its leaders), and its cohorts aided the efforts of such foreign tyrants and butchers as Duvalier in Haiti, Selassie in Ethiopia, Suharto in Indonesia, Savimbi in Angola, Franco in Spain, Marcos in the Philippines and Pinochet in Chile.

The Family was founded by a Norwegian immigrant preacher, Abraham Vereide, in Seattle in 1935 as a businessman's anti-labor alliance. He met the president of U.S. Steel and convinced him to help strengthen, through an uncomplicated brand of Christian fundamentalism, a network of "believing" industrialists, organized through prayer groups to bind together and take on the striking unions.

His earliest arch-enemy was Harry Bridges, head of the San Francisco longshoremen's union, who led a "mass strike" in 1934. Prayer breakfasts including the head of Standard Oil and Folger's Coffee led to the creation of the Industrial Association of San Francisco to defeat the unions. They also went on to be staunch opponents of almost every aspect of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal."

"The divine will is revealed in the working of Christian businessmen unhindered by regulations," they claimed, as contrasted to "godless organized labor."

Having grown his influence among industrialists and other enemies of the "New Deal," Vereide moved his operation to Washington, D.C. in 1945, preaching that the essence of faith is wrapped up in authority, obedience, conformity, discipline and slavish loyalty to the nebulous notion of the "person" of Christ, rather than to any particular religion, theology or dogma. This Christ "person" is big, burly and manly, a CEO, a "man without hymns and sob sisters," who functions on behalf of a God "not of ethics, or of morality, but of power." [/quote]

(Maybe he does sound like a bit of an Illuminist in this last paragraph.)

Jolyon said...

Do as thou Wilt, tempered with Love.

Anonymous said...

"Political Correctness is not Christian and they don’t like criticism either, just sayin."

Sounder, Fair point. There are many Sacred Cows, which do not react well to being questioned. I'm sure most of us have some of our own, if probed deeply enough.