Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Bottom Line: Bridging the Disciplines

Moving on: a private message to me today allows me to take this "discussion" (if that's a fair description) into less personal and more specific areas:

"AK, you just nailed for me why I instinctively disliked synchromysticism, right from the start!"

This was a response to the following:

My next project (if i ever find the time!) is a book on Paratainment - which I believe is where the Masonic Sorcery Theater reaches its fullest expression, and hence is an area very little investigated or written about (Dave McGowan is doing it, and Peter Levenda also, but few others).

Of all the tentacles of the Masonic military-intelligence-medical-industrial-entertainment-complex Leviathan, I think this is the one that has the mass-mind most firmly in its grip.

Every level of the entertainment industry is as precisely controlled (not just monitored but directed and created) as any other intelligence operation - Hollywood, the music and television industry, and probably even sport culture, is one big Psi-Op, and everyone who's part of it is either a witting or an unwitting agent in the agenda.

It is here that synchromysticism, occult research, and paranoid awareness not only intersect, but must be woven together, for a fuller, deeper context to be discovered.

The archetypal resonances of movies and pop culture cannot be understood, or properly described, as belonging to some great "galactic blueprint," UNLESS the crucial element of "paratainiment" (conscious manipulation of media and personalities to a specific end) is first taken into account.

Aeolus has spoken.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, this also accurately describes the way I feel. It's all a big mindfuck, be a part of it, or turn it off. This was the story of the Dark Knight. How we fuck with you , and why.

Jasun said...

Yep, revelation of the method.

Significant that Ledger's meltdown has now been echoed in the HW gossip machine by Bale's Terminator tantrum - brilliantly transmogrified into a dance track by RevoLucian (listen to Christian Bale Remix, here:

Don't it make you happy to be living in the end times? ; D

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Megakudos to you, Frater Aeolus Kephas, for pursuing the Paratainment question in the public arena. Hadn't Kenneth Anger, Satanic filmmaker, long ago say something to the affect of, "Mankind's darkest hour was the day cinema was invented" ????

It pains me to real-eyes how forgotten is the 1997 TV series, "Roar", conceived of, written, and produced by David "The Partridge Family" Cassidy's kid brother, Shawn, in which our fallen hero, Heath Ledger, portrayed Conor, the teenage chieftain of a rebel resistance force against the Romans in Ireland. Thirteen DVDs are available, two unaired.

And yo, whatever the FUCK happened to any talk of the Hollow Earth, bro?! Later, man. You're doin' stellar work here, Aeolus ~ Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

suki said...

Galactic blueprint?? Pleeeeeze!! what a cop-out...

To echo Effro, you are doing a stellar job. Keep it up!

Sounder said...

I wish Christians had more appreciation of the editorial element within writing.

Acharya S says that the fortune teller quip was a mistranslation of herbalists. And these midwife and naturopaths competed with the priest class for scarce resources, in their respective attempts to exchange perceived value for money. Their vilification seems like an editorial add-on.

Aeolus, awhile back you presented an analogy of consciousness as water. I liked the notion of current belief systems locking consciousness into the ‘fixed’ form of ice. One may then presume that it is Galactic consciousness that serves to melt the ice thereby creating a flow of water, or a process oriented expression for consciousness. I can imagine that this river may flow for a ‘thousand years’, as the Christians say. Some may also call this; ‘the binding of the demons’. Yet the ‘heat’ of GC has not yet even melted the ice of our fixed forms, so it seems premature to consider that we need to get right to the boiling.

My interest is in the shape that GC provides for the psyche during the time that it flows like water. What then are the criteria for understanding that will reveal the essence behind currently corrupted forms? A new way to process the inputs of GC and apply them to create better expressions in our temporal world, enables continuing existence of this temporal expression rather than having GC make the temporal redundant.

Anonymous said...

The MMIMIEC leads people's conciousness right where it wants it to go, and the Synchro-crowd just follows along, all the while thinking they are doing something special. Who do the Synchros think is dropping the clues? Its like a degraded version of what the Imaginal does to the species as a whole because wasn't it J. Vallee who wrote that the proper analogy for the UFO/alien phenomenon was that of "intellegence", or maybe counterintellegence...that the phenomenon we are investigating is the same one that has all the information and is dropping the clues for us to find? Is the Synchro crowd looking at the finger instead of the moon?

p.s. Maybe we need some sort of cosmic whistle-blower?

Newspaceman said...

mmm, I have come across your blog via reputable sources. I too have minimal time for Kotze.

However, I glean, perhaps erronously,that you doubt sychronicity,a term that I believe Jung devised.

Yet you praise Jung and encourage others to reap his messsag(es).

Can you confirm please ?


Newspaceman said...

ps.I have just listened to your podcast. I am digging you. Gregg should be looking towards Prince William.


Anonymous said...

But Robin Tunney is so hot!

Ditto what auroragirl said.


Jasun said...

Hi Newspaceman.

First off I have all the time in the universe for Kotze, just not for his brand of Synchromysticism per se. The point about SM is that it adds nothing beyond branding to Jung's concept of synchronicity, simply applies it to popular media rather than to the environment as a whole. Synchronicity as I understand it is always an experience of an overlap between the psyche and it's environment any description or study of it has to be anchored in an understanding of psychology, not mysticism!

It's no coincidence that of all the SM's the one who seems most anchored in reality is also the one who cites young as his mentor - Chris Knowles.

Anonymous said...

jung! ;)

zane said...

Interesting interview with Vyzygoth...thanks for getting him on. Not really a surprise, his take on things...bless his heart. I have learned a lot from him and his show, particularly about history...and he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

It was interesting though that you AK, went into more detail about yourself and your background than I've heard before...and it was interesting to get your take on some of the Christian themes.

I'm hoping this topic (the Christian-Egyptian meme-field...and it's role in the current un-folding) will get further development and inquiry.

Anonymous said...

AK, further to Zanes comment, I'd be interested if you could explore further what you think the bible represents (old and new testament) in terms of jung/shadow/archetypes/symbology etc in one of your future podcasts.

Great show, very much enjoyed the interaction between yours and vyzygoths very different perspectives.


Ben Fairhall said...

Did you notice, by the way, that Jake's response to your posting on his work was limited to a brief 'synchro' homily, and a standard obsessive movie reference?

Not just that he watched a film with his friend, but K-PAX with a friend; the movie seeming to be more real in his mind than his companion.

This policy of ignoring criticism, general imperviousness to any and everybody who disagrees with him; even 'mentors' like Goro Adachi, is standard operating procedure.

Like Stalin, Jake likes to pretend than anybody who fails to share his enthusiasm for the digital police state is spiritually deficient, ignorant or just plain nasty. He won't- and actually can't- debate the issues.

Adachi described his behaviour as 'pathological and parasitical'; terms I disagreed with at the time. But the more I see of this bloke- whose talents you vastly over-rate, in my opinion- the more I start to agree.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, thanks for the clarification, I was slightly bewildered. I don't hold anything personal against JK, although appreciate it may have seemed that way.

It is the concept of a post 2012 one-ness which worries me most.

cheers, brian

Jasun said...

Hey Ben - thanks for stopping by!

Regarding JK - i listened to his chat with you and Henrik on red ice the other day, and I see what it is that gets your goat (JK suggesting that being microchipped was all part of the species psychic union) - but I can only guess that JK was being devil's advocate there: i highly doubt he'll be in line for the implant when the time comes. JK has trouble embracing the dark side, guys like you and I have the reverse trouble - embracing the light. But I value in JK is his MESSAGE, if not his methodology: he is one of the very, very few who fully grasps the futility of polarity, "us and them" consciousness, and who is able to view what is occurring from a holistic, evolutionary (across-species) perspective rather than a down in the trenches, they're out to get us one. His mistake, IMHO, is in using the SM method not to transform the satanic agenda of life on earth but to "transcend" (read: escape) it, which as you point out, he seems to do at a very mundane personal level by escaping into pop media obsession.

The function of SM, as I see it, is to provide a greater context for paranoid awareness to evolve and mutate into; but to do so, it has to allow the components of paranoid awareness to serve as components within it, not (as JK does) simply create *another* dichotomy - this time of conspiracy consciousness vs. SM galactic consciousness.

This strips SM of its actual purpose and, at the same time, renders it toothless and clawless, just a more sophisticated kind of New Age la-di-da positive thinking.

Again, the knowledge of psychology is what is most conspicuously lacking: when JK talks about us all being one, and the Illuminati being us, I am in full accord: but the context for this awareness can't be mystical, it has to pertain to Jung's descriptions of the psyche, and of the Shadow. Then it all makes practical, applicable sense, both as sorcery (alchemy), and as psychology.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great string of conversation here. It's very obvious there is a tendency to idolize the teacher, which is foolish, and dangerous. Sometimes the teacher needs to become his own student, and move beyond.

If he has provided a door to paranoid awareness, I feel the work is valid. Once it ceases to open doors it must be left behind. If he is stuck there, let him be stuck.

I stopped following his work a while ago. Not because I found it invalid, or bad, just because I wanted to move beyond it.

The creation of some new belief system solves nothing. Picking up on que's in popular culture in news, events, movies ( ala Secret Sun )as a whole is extremely valid in my mind.

Spending the weekend watching and re watching movies to find 3 stars in the sky and the time of 1:11, or whatever, is beyond ridiculous.

If you would like to find connections, you will. Many exist that are mind blowing, many don't exist, but are created in the mind. Synchronicity bears much more meaning when applied to your own personal story.

I won't finish this be saying it is my opinion, because that's all there is anyways.

Anonymous said...

JK. I've quickly read over some of the perspectives on Jake and his methods. For one, JK is pretty young, so I am humbly delighted to see someone so intuitively grasp the nature of the depolarized unitary solution. He just gets it. Many don't. As for synkromysticism, it's like a 9mil wrench in the toolbox. Very handy. Lots of applications. But its only one tool. It does however illustrate the integrated mechanisms of the great fractal spiral. Danger is, one can disappear up one's own proverbial black hole (or should that be brown hole?) with the endless self-incrementing resolutions. For me, that'd be the danger. I think JK is more balanced than I would be. He's a good egg.

The Secret Sun said...

Cheers for the kind words, Aeolus and Knowie. I always like to think I'm a Jungian in caucus with the Synchromystics. Whatever understanding I have of depth psychology is a big part of my analysis. I find it tends to be pretty helpful in approaching the work.

As for being grounded in reality, well, chronic pain tends to do that.

word-ver synch: "critrati" (Criterati?)

Jasun said...

hi CK:

chronic body pains, huh? sounds like we have more in common than a love of CG Jung.

You are right, nothing more grounding than physical disorders!

Jung wrote: "our gods have become our diseases" - a great, mysterious truth with many different angles for interpretation.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the latest podcast with Vyz, which was very enjoyable. One thing that struck me about the Obama/messiah thing was that, like Hitler, wouldn't it be better if a potential messiah didn't have too emphatic a personality, being that much easier for the masses to project upon that way? Obama seems to be pretty much a blank page, or maybe a mirror would be a better analogy, meaning everyone who is so inclined can see himself there.

Kind of like Chance, the Gardener in "Being There".

Newspaceman said...

When you going to start posting the James Shelby Downard stuff, as advertised ?


Jasun said...

guess you will have to dig deeper, NSM. Or buy Lucid View (AG's quote refers to that book specifically).

As Jonathan Richmond used to say, "I don't do requests!" : )

Newspaceman said...

I have only read KK-33, but liked his style of breaking down everything into small parts. A sort of alchemy.

I am too stingy (poor) to buy anything new, usually I just trust that something will "appear" at a jumble sale.