Saturday, October 23, 2010

Warts & Storms # 10: Diagnosing the World/Diagnosing the Self

A.k.a. Satan’s Blues. Jason Kephas’ unauthorized collaboration with philosopher Slavoj Zizek, using clips from The Pervert’s Guide to the Cinema, discussing together the impotence of male fantasy, fear of the feminine, focused and unfocused awareness, the cowboy and the fool, the natural state of oneness, the psychic womb of the mother, developing identity consciousness, the overlap between entanglement and enmeshment, splitting the atom at birth, Norman bates’ mother and the three levels of subjectivity, the threat of the father to the son and the son to the father, father as original agent of child’s wounding, the Mystery Man in Lost Highway, father bonding and mother bondage, how focused awareness evolves out of unfocused, the co-ordinates of fantasy, Frank Booth of Blue Velvet, the psycho-baby and the spectacle of the father’s impotence, Dorothy’s passivity, the wounded husband, turning the wife into a model of satisfaction, the original wound of birth, the tragedy of Vertigo, the game of appearances, the ideal of the fatal woman, the ultimate abyss of the other, filling the void with fantasy, masculinity as an escape from subjectivity, the primary threat of female sexuality, tuning into dark matter through the womb, the supreme desire for merging, crushing female sexuality, Frank Booth and reality as an escape from dreams, the war between light and darkness, masculine and feminine, obliterating female desire, Scotty’s obsession, fantasy realized as nightmare, losing the imaginal realms through sexuality, individuation & fragmentation, the first impulse of anger, the hardening and closing of awareness, the beginnings of intellect, the psychopathic male, phallus as insignia, the drive to denigrate the female, replacing the anima, the male fantasy of control, Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick’s self-diagnosis, Masonic Sorcery Theater as a result of masculine impotence, the old seers’ dream realized, Kali’s desserts.

A six minute youtube clip for the first part of this podcast is here.

Songs used in this podcast: “How Do We Slow This Thing Down?” by the Gothic Archies. “Apple of Sodom,” by Marilyn Manson.

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