Saturday, October 16, 2010

Warts & Storms # 9: The Energetic Nature of Enmeshment

Part One, Big Picture: JK discusses soul loss and spirit possession, fragmentation of the psyche through trauma abuse, the creation of sub-personalities as a means to control the victim, MKULTRA and sex slaves, installing energy threads into another like strings on a puppet, the cosmic predator, mining the earth plane for awareness, psychic vampirism, the foreign installation or “flyer mind,” enmeshment seen shamanically, the grid, being driven by psychic wounds, fragments and hungry ghosts, the anxiety of want and need, patterns of thought and feeling, the perpetuation of trauma and abuse to create psychic fragmentation, the virus of abuse grows exponentially, “do unto others,” scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, co-dependency, sexual relations, considering the other’s feelings as a way to get what we want, the pressure of fragments, matching others, working for the cosmic predator, fragments as plug-in-pods in our matrix pod, hooked into the grid, the agitation of fragments, the fundamental purpose of existence, putting our life force in service of want and need, what SWEDA is for, exposing the flyer mind, identifying the patterns of enmeshment or “plug-in” points, how our conscious minds are grown by alien intelligence inside the matrix of the collective unconscious, one size fits all, the same patterns at play in all of us.

Part two, Small Picture: JK talks with Mark on compulsive behavior, being used by our fragments, Mark’s very own hungry ghost, entity possession as the result of soul loss, nature abhors a vacuum, containing the fire of desire, experiencing the split, being still inside the agitation of the fragments, recognizing that the part is not the whole of you, the beginning of integration, not blaming the fragment, children as receptacles for disowned fragments, parenting our fragments, finding the more of you, being a loving parent and not a reactive one, communicating with the fragment, holding a healing space, sending okayness through time, spanning the abyss between child and adult selves, old trauma in the body causing current anxieties, the prison of sex, being seen in distortion, the pressure cooker of SWEDA, facing the truth, changing orientation from self-interest to what you know is true, impotent revolt of the ego, letting our patterns burn us, the wound manifest.

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