Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not for You

whatever we are not ok with
is what we must experience
otherwise how are we going to be ok with it?
either i find a way to be ok
with being like my father
or i end up like him
i have no third option
it's the same with everything
all down the line
that's why nothing works
but surrender
surrender is being ok
with absolutely everything
total freedom
it's the easiest thing there is
okayness is the only thing we need
any time
and its always right there
inside the knowing
it is right next to the truth
of our utter insignificance
that ability to move
while being within the utter insignificance
is hard
in my case, literally
so then, I get to be ok
with an inability to move
that is the essence of it
never ever move
when there is even the slightest resistance
that's the pathless path
that's surrender
and that's freedom
there is no way to ever fail on that "path"
because the moment "doing" isn't working
you go back to being
the trick is letting go
the first moment you know
that your doing
is taking you away
from what you know
just let it go
not making it 'work' for you
because everything already works just fine
just not for you


Pearl said...

I was going to write that the hard part for me is wanting to know the why of "just not for you", and then I switched the question to "what is the 'just not for you' FOR" and the answer came back "so that you can know the peace of that place of absolute surrender".

Anonymous said...

This explains exactly what I have gone through the last two days. An excrutiang and painful death of the ego. The hard part is coping with the physical pain.

joe@ diy shed plans said...

The path of least resistance is the warrior path. The world is blinding us from experiencing our true selves. One must wake up from the dream to experience the all.

su said...

shfting from the doing to the being.
knowing there is no error.
resistance is futile
resonance abounds
except when it does not
and that is okay too.

really like the voice used here.

Jasun said...

thanks but its not my voice, it's John de Ruiter's.