Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Path of Knowledge

without the desire to be a somebody

who would embark upon the path of knowledge?

accepting that we are nobody

feels like being a real somebody

how many people can accept they are nobody?

the flaw in the sorcerers path

is it attempts to transform the person

by will

but the person doesn't need to be transformed

what makes it seem in need of transformation

is that it is so shallow

so then, let it be that

there is a transformation

but it's not what it seems

"and nothing has changed, yet nothing's the same"

everything is changed equally

and we see that it was always that way

and we laugh and laugh

time is not linear

so death is not an end

we make time linear

in order to exist as selves

and that conjures death into the picture

the shadow of the self

quite beautiful really

past the terror of it

always with you

the self


not quite understanding

why we are so afraid of our own natures

a billion billion thought forms

created from that primal fear

a billion billion ways to be not okay

and we get to experience every last one

cheer up

we just wrote another poem