Saturday, September 18, 2010

sweda exchanges made poems

holding space

what you care about
you cannot protect
from this world
from you
we only protect that which is important to us
guarding our investments
you cannot afford to care about
what is in your care
no stillness
no inner silence
no protection
when we protect our interests
we forget that it is all going
that we can't secure anything
nor do we need to
it enmeshes
and keeps the person we are "protecting"
from growing
so they don't grow away from us
and so we can't grow either
as if by expanding
we are moving further away
when the reverse is true
you can hold a space
for those in your care
and never let it not be there
that space of stillness
and inner silence
that is protection and care
only that space


when there is a feeling
of where the boundary is
with the other
that is a very good feeling
the feeling of do not cross!
which makes it ok
to say anything
how does it manifest, not having boundaries?
in lack of spirit
forever giving up one's own space
to make room for another
one result is
we can only ever see the other
either as a threat
or as a source of need
or to meet a need
enmeshment is a jungle


Unknown said...

Hi Jason, Im an English journalist for a national paper and woudl love to talk to you about a piece we'd like you to be involved in. If interested, please do contact me.

Jasun said...

How? Your profile is not available.