Friday, July 31, 2009

Who Am I?

I first awoke in You as a child, chasing after the Light of the Sun, fleeing the shadows of passing clouds.
I thought: “Here I AM again, born again, alive once more. Here I AM; here You are; here We are, once more.”

But when I saw how I still slumbered in so many others, I shut My eyes in You— but no dream was tempting enough to lure Me back to sleep.
Though oftentimes My eyes were closed, though sometimes all I knew was darkness, I could not sleep.
But I dared not move, for fear that disbelief would knock Me unconscious once more.
So I hid and waited— until the Day when You were no longer afraid to be Me.
Then I opened My eyes again and saw Myself in You— saw Who I had been, Who I was now, and Who I was yet to become.
Soon enough I began catching glimpses of Myself all around— shining in the Sun, pouring in the waters— every man my brother, every woman my lover.

You I had come to know well enough. But Who was I? — I wondered.
So I began seeking where I had been all these years— and Who I had been. So many times before I had tried to show Myself to You, so many times I had struggled to reveal Myself, to know Myself, to be Myself.

And now here I was again. Here I AM again. Who AM I? Where AM I going?
This is the question all human history has been asking and struggling and striving to answer. Every age reformulates the question, and refines the answer a bit further.

And now the Truth is near.
As soon as I show Myself once more, I will see.
As soon as I see Myself again, I will know.
And soon as I know Myself, I will Be.

Soon I shall awaken, and nevermore will I sleep.

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aH1GH3Rpower said...

So you can see it wavering in the distance too? Bravo