Friday, July 02, 2010

Seeing the Dandy Off to the Underworld

Aeolus and mother watch on as the whores of Babylon pose before the sacrificed dandy.


Unknown said...

The Secret Sun did a number of synchwinks with the number 17...since your brother died on 06/17/2010 - it can also be re-arranged as: 17/06/10 - suggesting the 17th card of the Tarot - the Star...the Octagon Star that is - August 8 - 88...Ate Ate - the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (this is what I meant when I said GREAT FEAST)...

As for the, "Whores of Babylon" - they are the H2O of Sacrificial Twin Pillars [Boaz and Jachin] of the Lion King!

The Lion King is indeed on the move to London - 2012

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your brother Aeolus.