Thursday, April 07, 2011

Defying Dad At Last

Better late than never, fellas! (and ladies)

Graphic art by Soundless Dawn. Thanks Steve!


Jasun said...

Little Johnny Golden Hands
Eating out of Garbage Cans
Did you get a whiff to what is true
While you were breathing cobbler’s glue?
You came to me in my dreams
You took me in, or so it seemed
Riding around in your 4 X 4
Prince of Peace or Lord of War?
My Clint Eastwood man, my perfect dad
You were the father that I never had
Imagine my surprise at your feet of clay
I might have known, there’s just no way
That you could be what you claim
The living truth, the sacred flame
Johnny do you practice what you preach
Or is your truth out of reach?
Is this really what you want to be?
Or are you waiting to be set free?
You were only doing what you knew to be true
So who the hell would question you?

Why don’t we make a clean breast of it?
Bare your soul now to this novice
Why don’t we make a clean breast of it?

Miracle man, look me in the eye
Tell me you never told a lie
You taught us all to settle for less
But oh Johannes, won’t you confess
While we were giving up our lives (sex drives)
Were you making whoopee with our wives?
Stealing chicks from out of their nests
Oh Johnny baby, who’s getting your best?
You told us “This only looks bad”
So why do I feel like I’ve been had?
Now I know it’s hard but I have to ask
On behalf of the men, we’d like our manhoods back
Who’s the chicken and who’s the fox?
Ice Messiah, on the rocks
While you were building empires in the sand
A drought has fallen across your land
Fisher King, upon your throne
You net is cast wide but you’re far from home
Oh Johnny, is it getting all too much?
Have your golden hands become a Midas touch?
Now maybe I have read you wrong
So forgive the impertinence of my song
But I am asking tenderly
Listen to your heart and listen to me
It’s time to set your pigeons free
From cosmic codependency
Johnny, are you ready to pay the price
To draw back the veil and crack the ice?
Coz the fragrance has gone from the rose
And the emperor of Truth he has no clothes

Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain
What is truth, who the hell can say for certain?
Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain
Pay no mind
Pay no mind
Pay no mind

Do well to shut my mouth said...

The woman whom I am with
has no response to that.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if you've seen this interview:
And if (or when) you have, I want to hear your reactions.

And thanks for the song. Very pokey. Good fun.

Floyd Anderson said...

this Little Johnny Golden Hands video floored me

ay caramba that's a good video

Jasun said...

Yay! Floyd's my fan again!

Floyd Anderson said...

Yeah I suppose I am. Well yeah I am a big fan. It's funny how things go

Jasun said...

You also got the closest to guessing what I've been up to while away, Mr. Anderson... (The info's in the SONG)

Jasun said...

actually Floyd, a "big fan" would be someone who owned all my books or wanted me to sign "Catcher in the Rye."

you must be a medium sized, with fries.

Child of Oasis said...

"(The info's in the SONG)"

Pigeon fancying?

Floyd Anderson said...

Perhaps medium sized with fries is correct. I have just one of your books and have never wanted you to sign Cather in the Rye

Happy April 9th!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to realize how big thing johnny was to you, great way of channeling your feelings and production was damn nice.

Jasun said...

that was a teaser

Douwe Jan Schrale said...

I recently lost my father figure my fisher king... I gave him a crown I gave him a kings rope ( literly) I loved him so much and I let him go

he died... of drinking to much,.. and somehow this reminds me of him. he was so much and so little , and I fucking miss him.

Anonymous said...

Well done! More to come I hope!