Monday, March 19, 2012

The Joke

i begin to see why

words beg for play

seriously trying to express truth with words

has to be a joke

so far as we can satisfy our minds

by describing truth with words

we only become that much more attached

to words

and that much further from truth

the better the menu looks

the more likely we are

to eat it




Will said...

theres a small story i share with people when i come across the attatchments are further from the truth thing.

buddah was sitting in a cave meditating, fasting, slowly dying and feeding off light to asscend to the plain of truth and nirvana.

his cousin comes to him with a bowl of soup. "eat buddah, you are dying".

the buddah looks up with glazy eyes and sees in that moment the love in his cousins eyes. she hands him the soup and he eats.

as he eats he realizes that worldliness is not separate from the spiritual world. and the true vibration of the ohm carries strong throughout the all. that the finite is contained within the infinite, and is whole with it, as the subjective is contained within the objective.

he realizes that attachment to ideas, words, soup, cats, psychology is part of life and through living life and experiencing our dreams within the great reality we can we experience the truth. because the truth is not fragmented, it is whole, infinite of the allness.

Force your shits... said...

K, you've shitted a shit for my ego to wolf down.

Heaven KNOWS what you're looking for. Struck the period key. As the serpent wants to get you off, Asap, the tree of life.

The really stupid thing is (here we go again), the tree of life comprises the growth rings of knowledge of good and evil.

Therefore I am NOT providing any signifcant delta for Zeus to move in. And my miracle mile is postponed till another day.

Nobody's sayin' words don't work magic, just that they're not to be one's finale. Luke 8:24-25 "Where is your faith?"

I'm sure you've heard voices in your head before, surely you know that they take after who...

So instead of my distasteful Sermon off / on the Mount...

I'm appeal to that just came over the radio.

The protagonist of the song had to say goodbye to "Rosie, the Queen of Corona".

You'll get piles...

Anonymous said...

You've JUST shitted a shit.

If you could cover mine over... that would be great. But I need a sign that it's buried asap, might save me a few days of chronic diarrhea.

Ekkar said...

A wise toddler once told me "...da guy go-e owiee dika dika mamma guy go-e."
Process of truth becoming word. An abyss exist between the processed mind and the still wide open space of pure form experience of the unprocessed/uncreated baby mind. My mind has to talk about what it is doing insistently to itself to make sure stimuli is being processed correctly, in order to be ok to be happy. Obviously the baby mind does not operate in awareness of its awareness. The void must be cast to reflect the non-void.
The wise toddler presents all the truth of the universe in a few utterances.Contrast this processed mind that takes paragraphs to say very little.