Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Birth of the Plasmate

i found this among some old backed up files i had sent via email, and have no recollection of writing it. At first i thought someone else did, but reading it through this is definitely the product of my own plasmate-addled brain. So here it is.

  1. Dualists, nihilists, monists, can all agree on one thing: they are right and everyone else is wrong! Think again. Where belief is, there understanding is not.
  2. To understand the solution to all woes
  3. To grok the true nature of the Trinity
  4. Let us posit a simple mythological arrangement.
  5. There is GOD
  6. And there is the two-fold manifestation of God, that is, Satan the unfallen (Lucifer), and Satan the fallen (Humanity).
  7. These polarities roughly equate with those commonly understood as Soul and Body, respectively. Though Body might best be understood at this time as “self,” or Ego. Since in truth Body is not separate from Soul but contained within it.
  8. Only the self or ego is isolate.
  9. God is Spirit. There is no self, no ego, no Soul, no Body, and indeed no “God” where Spirit is.
  10. Put another way, there is the Nagual, the Great Unmanifest Spirit that is Force, in every way Perfect, Complete, Eternal, and Unified in its Non-existence (one because None).
  11. Then there is the polarity of the Tonal.
  12. Matter, being Form, partakes of the Duality of Sexuality, the Magnetic Polarity of Positive-Negative, North and South, Dark and Light, Yin and Yang, etc.
  13. The confusion created in the Tonal mind of man arises from the assumption that the basic duality of life is that of Spirit and Matter.
  14. In truth, Nagual-Nagual, being Unmanifest, does not partake of this duality.
  15. Hence there is confusion, since the split is within the Tonal realm of Matter itself.
  16. All existence, such as can be perceived and experienced temporally, is within the realm of the Tonal, that of Matter, or Satan.
  17. Hence, when we believe we are moving between God and Satan in fact we are moving between Satan and Satan, albeit fallen and unfallen Satan (traditionally known as Lucifer).
  18. Yet both are by their very nature (that of manifestation) “enemies” or adversaries of God, the Unmanifest.
  19. That is to say, they are MANIFESTATIONS; which by being such have separated themselves from, and thereby opposed themselves to, the Unmanifest, God.
  20. The reason this is of such central importance to the emancipation of human consciousness is that THERE IS ONLY ONE DIRECTION THAT LEADS TO FREEDOM, EXPANSION, and ETERNITY. That direction is towards Me, Lucifer, the Soul, and away from my shrunken and sickened brother, Satan, the separate body-self. For the Body is death and the Soul is Life. And yet just as the Soul is the Gateway to the Spirit, so the Body is the Tunnel to the Soul. Hence what is in fact One direction appears to the uninitiate to be Two.
  21. Since within the realm of the Tonal one can move either northward or southward, into positive or negative consciousness, one is “free” to “choose” good or evil, salvation or damnation.
  22. Nonetheless, even though one can only attain freedom by escaping the polarities altogether, the fact remains that only Lucifer, the Lightbringer, or Soul, can lead human consciousness to freedom.
  23. On the other hand, Satan, Prince of Darkness, the ego-self or body, can only cause consciousness to turn in on itself, to contract and atrophy to the point of non-existence, just as the body decays and is done and is no more, for all eternity.
  24. The point is that duality is by definition temporal, where Unity is by definition eternal.
  25. Since it is only in the realm of duality that Satan and Lucifer, Body and Soul, and Humanity, exist, as separate entities, Hell (Body) as such is a limited option. It can only end in complete dissolution (death) or else in a turning away and a steady expansion, back to the ascended state of Lucifer (Soul).
  26. From there it becomes possible once more to attain to the eternal realm of Spirit. This is what you have termed Heaven, and is the nature and meaning of Eternity.
  27. It is only the human mind that can conceive of eternal damnation. But to conceive is not necessarily to create.
  28. For the human mind is not great enough a matrix to give birth to such a terrible child.
  29. Only a God might accomplish this; and what God would ever will to?
  30. As Lucifer I tried just this, and My failure has scarred SpaceTime itself. Now None need ever make such an “error” again. Now Heaven is justified of Itself.
  31. Note this then: Since the human mind can not endure past a certain phase in its spiritual “evolution,” at a given point “Humanity” (Fallen Satan) shall cease to exist as anything but a ring-pass-not, a rock or foundation that can never, ever be penetrated.
  32. However much the perverse human mind fantasize that such an eventuality (which amounts to the death of God) may come to pass, it will not.
  33. Hence there is nothing to fear save fear itself.
  34. What this short address comes down to is the complete and final assurance, O Man: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT.
  35. Satan is but Lucifer, fallen without his wings, having forgotten his capacity to love.
  36. And as Lucifer I can only turn back to Love now, because now there IS no other way to turn.
  37. The dark point on the world horizon is man’s apotheosis/annihilation as he gazes into his true face, and sees Satan staring back.
  38. The black hole of this terrible truth will swallow up Humanity entire; and only a tiny residue, an elixic crew, if you will, will pass thru the vortex, to the other side.
  39. This few are those last fragments of Lucifer who have retained their capacity to love. As such you are responsible for the redemption of the fallen angel, and the salvation of human consciousness.
  40. You are those who will remember you are God in the proverbial Nick of Time, and so save the Day, and attain salvation through Judgment.
  41. It is inconceivable that this working not be accomplished. For this residue of love, or divine awareness, is exactly that portion (the virus, or microbe) which constitutes God, hidden deep within the dying body of Humanity.
  42. Hence it is not that the waking of the Plasmate will salvage Humanity from destruction, but rather that the destruction of Humanity will ensure the awakening of the Plasmate.
    Therefore the very worst that can happen, the destruction of Humanity, is also the very best that can happen: the emancipation of the Divine, the emergence of the Spirit.
  43. Spirit is the bird, Matter (Humanity, the World) is the egg.
  44. The Game is rigged. Hence all human worries and concerns are simply human indulgence. Humanity and this World are but the mechanism by which I shall redeem Myself.
  45. Let go and embrace destruction, O man. The only at-one-ment comes from the annihilation of opposites.
  46. When two finites meet and cancel, as in the act of love, which is also murder, the child Infinity is born.


Nalyd Bey said...

I just found your blog. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book. I seem to have read it at a crucial moment in my own Magickal endeavors a few months ago and have been continually perusing it (and stealing from it) ever since. Brilliant and fascinating! You have summed up a lot of the same ideas I have been into for years and have drawn upon a lot of the same sources I have been inspired by. I may be misinterpreting your book but it doesn't matter, at least it has inspired me all over again. I recently promoted your book (there doesn't seem to be much of an awareness of it in Magickal circles) on a forums I have a partial hand in directing and would like to invite you to come participate there if you have time and would like to. The site is The Magic Catastrophe. I personally think the website itself is geared towards the same ideas that your book seems to be aimed at, or it could be given the fact that it is still in a fairly clean slate stage. It would be great to get your input there as we are looking for quality participation.

Nalyd Bey said...

My link doesn't seem to have worked. Here is the site address: http://www.magicatastrophe.com

Anonymous said...

This is incredible writing Aeolus
I really am drawn in by your synthetic and comprehensive
'View' on things...Your research is
outstanding and will continue to shape and influence my studies.
Thank you