Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Adversarial Leaf

If we are property -

How can we feel "special"?

Or follow our sense of who we are

If we are property?


The Sun has been in the sun too long

We are part of something greater than we know

Does the cell resent being property of the body?

Is the will to live a mental or a physical thing?

Is having no will to live the same as wanting to die?

Why do we feel worthless without someone to tell us how special we are?

What makes us want to get up in the morning?

If all the choices we have are the choices of livestock being reared as food - is that why we are so obsessed with eating?

We are property of the Universe

It looks bad. It IS bad. But not all bad.

To be a leaf on a tree. The adversarial leaf.

Follow the leaf to the branch to the trunk to the roots to the Earth

The whole existence thing

Where's the tragedy in that?

Don't think, just act

In the long grass, cutting a path, back to where we left the knowledge of our planetary meaning, the will of the gods, at a certain point, thought runs dry

We can only think negative thoughts for so long before they lose their meaning, hence their power over us

What we think determines how we act, what we believe, choose to believe, starts young and becomes set in flesh, a program, and we have to see it through to its logical end.

If we are property then - I want to know - who or what owns us

Intend to get free

We are not just food

We are also this will to expand, to love, to know, to experience infinite possibilities, beyond the dark and the light, eater and eaten, master and slave, carrot and whip.

Fear and desire. A broken record.

Everything we do is aimed at creating some sort of impression, because daddy didn't love us enough, because our fathers couldn't love us. Raised by cripples we are crippled. Except there is a difference. Unlike our parents we have a choice because we know better, that we are not defined by our weakness but on the contrary, given the opportunity to grow beyond it, to become the opposite of that, to refuse to be defined by anyone or anything, not even the gods.

We are property because we do not have the courage or the imagination to seek freedom.

Until we make the first step outside the box of identity passed down by our ancestors, there will always be limits and these limits will torment us.

Our infinite nature will not tolerate the limitations of identity that possess us.

And why should it?

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