Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Latest Interviews
Two new interviews currently online, the best one is with James Haarp at Cosmic Horizons. You can download at:
I have yet to listen to this, but it seemed to go pretty well at the time. (Apparently the sound is a bit patchy, however.) Subjects discussed: sorcery 24/7, Crowley, Christ and Christianity, conspiracy consciousness, Masonic world control, revelation of the method and rigged elections, demons and alien abductions, divine astrology, etc, etc.
Then there's Kentroversy Tapes Podcast 25 (December 10, 2007):
This interview starts kind of dull but picks up after about 10 mins (when Kent tells me about his Ufo experience), then with a little meandering more or less sustains momentum to the end. Subjects discussed: The X-Files, paranoid mass media, Christianity vs. occultism, faith vs. practical magik, Christ's message, living in the end times, Crowley & Hitler, politicians and the occult, social engineering, 2012, humanity's enslavement to technology, Armageddon, Homo Serpiens and the DNA coil, stellar man, etc. Watch out for some cheesy music and a weird electro-sonic effect that makes me sound like the severed android head in Alien.

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