Friday, September 05, 2008

Stormy Weather

keeping up the podcast, two more shows, with Cary McCoy

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

I found your conversation today fascinating. I would like to hear more about Cary's messianic complex.

Joseph Chilton Pearce says that it is common for adolescents to feel a powerful sense of special purpose- that it has to do with what should occur at that age but which is culturally subverted- namely the activation of our “higher” or most recent mammalian brain.

But I wonder if it has to do with ones Personal Self intuiting a Deeper Self and It’s purpose and/or that in adolescence the identity hasn’t yet contracted and set so that at that age people are more able to identify with their Deeper Selves?

In which case, is a messianic complex a natural expression of our human beingness, or a pathology? Or does it only become pathological when one takes it personally (isn’t it a cultural imperative to take everything personally?) and builds an identity around it?

Also I wonder if Aeolus has any insight into this Windigo/ cannibalism phenomenon: