Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jake Kotze and Synchromysticism

On the latest SW podcast, I chat with synchromystic Jake Kotze, in Winnipeg, Canada. I discovered Jake's work ("scrying" popular culture for hidden archetypal resonances) a few months back, and was curious to find out more about his philosophy. As you'll hear on the show, Jake and I have pretty much the same take on things, but seem to opt for a different emphasis. Jake is more playful and "optimistic," leaving me to play my usual role as somber doomsayer and devil's advocate. Is the species really heading for "galactic consciousness" or is it simply self-destructing? More to the point: is there a difference?

Jake argues that the conspiracy view of global events and culture is passé, because behind all the plots is a single intelligence guiding everything – thus propagating a religious view over that of paranoia. Yet isn’t paranoia a form of religion and religion a form of paranoia? My counter-argument is that the two views need to co-exist, at least for now, rather than for the one, "holistic" view to prematurely supplant the other.

In my view, Jake is trying to hopscotch over the global web of control we are ensnared in and go straight to the Source (via movies, no less!). I don’t think this is possible, or even desirable. Since we have no choice but to interact with our culture and society, we have no choice but to acknowledge the forces that are controlling it (and us). Jake says he no longer sees it this way, that since all is One, the controlling elite don’t exist. OK, but then neither does he. So who’s having this conversation? So long as there is a subject-object relationship between the perceiver and what is being perceived, surely we have no choice but to recognize (and honor) the layers of good and evil that come between us and "It." Isn’t that just good manners? More to the point, how can we counteract the manipulation if we aren’t fully cognizant of it?

In Jake's own model (one I have also written about in different ways), there are two views of reality. I have called them focused and unfocused awareness (tonal and nagual); Jake describes them, very effectively, as "side-on" and overhead views. Though he uses a mandala image, I would posit a maze as a more apt example: from the one POV, side-on, we see an endless series of corridors and walls; from above, we can see the pattern of the maze itself (and therefore the way out).

Jake himself admits that it's not about the "higher" view supplanting the lower but both viewpoints co-existing; yet isn’t he attempting just such a supplanting with his dismissal of the conspiracy layer (of pop culture) as irrelevant to his concerns? As I see it, the side-on view of the maze does not allow for intelligent movement down the labyrinth, while the overhead view takes us out of the reality experience entirely. Therefore, as Jake says, free movement between the two points of view would seem to be the key. Of course, the POVs aren’t equal, because being stuck in the maze doesn’t give us the option of rising above - while once we are looking down, from an “impersonal” viewpoint, we still have the option of returning to "the trenches" (though at the risk of forgetting and getting snared by a personal perspective again).

Put differently, once we move the assemblage point beyond the dualistic view of “us and them/good and evil,” we retain the memory/understanding of dualism, and the option of returning to it without being restricted by it. While we are still ensconced in polarity consciousness, however, we cannot ever see beyond it – it is all we know.

Though it's true that from the overhead view, there are no controlling elite, only movement of energy, this is a luxury that only avails as long as we are outside our reality tunnel. Once we move back inside it, the conspiracy comes into being again, along with everything else. If our movement to unitive awareness is premature, however, if it depends on a denial/rejection of the polarity view, then it is clearly a suppression of truth (and the personal) rather than its evolution.

It could be that I am simply attached to my viewpoint and too jaded to see Jake’s “follow your bliss” optimism as wholly authentic. Or it may be that Jake simply likes watching movies too much to admit he’s using them as much as a means to escape reality as to access it. I am not sure. Probably a bit of both.


Peggy Carter said...

"Truth is Comfort? Lies are Worse"

I became very "allergic" to the "Everything is One, "We" can safely ignore the politics, please" after living almost twenty years in and around an Ashram.

My guru, Swami Muktananda, told a story about a blissed-out fellow who ignored a rampaging elephant. The young man had been put into the state-of-bliss from the teaching "Thou art That."

After he was thrashed by the elephant the man exclaimed, "But I was told 'All is the Absolute'" The answer was: "Yes, it is. And so were the people who were shouting to you to get out of the way."


"Conspiracy theorists" make a tempting target - since the culture-at-large is coached to despise and belittle them. Don't you think Jake K. should take "higher consciousness" and "peacefullness" a step further and stop referring, in print, to "conspiracy whackos."?

Aren't *people-who-know-the-truth - or are much closer to it than the "mainstream," deserving better treatment?

Isn't that a spiritual arrogance? To have the attitude: "I am above all that, since I know the truth." "Nobody bother my *bliss, please?" "Please don't bother my bliss with inconvient facts."?

Shouldn't one use *bliss and synchromystical attunement to help one get through ... what are obviously horrendous times? - not as a vehicle of escape or denial?

(which I think is what "stormy weather" said more politely than I was able)

When Kotze starts talks about the "Mega-ritual," as if it's the greatest thing *ever to happen to the human race, I start to feel as though someone just slipped a bucket of maggots down my back i.e. seriously creeped out.

Yes, that is *my *own *problem. As "spiritual" people are wont to point out.

I was around people for *years who, if one criticized anything or complained, it was then considered a "faux pas" and "not getting it"

It just became New Age Fascism, a way to insure power structures were left unchallenged and a dead end street: stultifying and boring. The ultimate "cult" teaches you to control your own thoughts to avoid "negativity."

Jasun said...

thanks for that Peggy - i had a feeling there would be a lot of people who felt this way, which was precisely why i felt compelled to play devil's advocate with Jake even tho (between you, me, and the Blob) i have taken Jake's position myself before, and probably will again. ; )

For one consciousness to maintain a dialogue, there must be disagreement as well as agreement.

Jasun said...

oh, there's a debate on this going on at Rigorous Intuition also:


Anonymous said...

Couldn't it be that New Age Fascism is an example of a successful and diabolical psy+entity op? To engender in people a visceral distaste for our common enough gnostic experience of Oneness?

Westerners being encouraged to pursue Eastern (style?) Mysticism (the Beatles anyone?) even tho Westerner's egos tend to be too massively reinforced to be undone by any of the tools in the Eastern Mystic's box?

The result is the horror of the Spiritualized Ego, where openness and softness are the norm when in a carefully contrived, consensual environment but which lashes out viciously when the devotee is not getting their own way.

This seems to me to be a good place for paranoids and mystics to get together, peel the onion, shed the tears and uncover the Source.

Anonymous said...

Hi aeolus.  I have had many run-ins with the New Age fascists myself and am alway amused at how just plain NASTY and vindictive they can be when one finally pierces the veil of their "love" (in other words, when they get angry), so it seems to me that their so-called "love" is really a defense against their own hostility.  They are all lovey-dovey until someone genuinely disagrees with them, and then watch out!  I highly recommend a book called "The Guru Papers:  Masks of Authoritarian Power" (one of my "reading list for the perplexed" selections).  It seems to me that we live in a both/and as well as an either/or situation at the same time. Allow me to explain:  human love, for instance, is both conditional and unconditional but switches between the two depending on the situation (the context).  Anyone who insists that they always practice unconditional love (for instance) is probably a one is that super-humanly good, and what one sees with such people is not genuine detachment but a pseudo-detachment that quickly dissolves when they are challenged.  As far as synchromystisism is concerned, I think it would be a total disaster for mankind as a whole to practice a similar pseudo-detachment, a la Jake's hopscotching.  It would be just another form of denial about the true situation we are in as a species and play right into the hands of the controllers, like Leary's "turn on, tune in, drop out" crap...just another way for the controllers to defuse the mass awakening.  I used to go to Jake's site for a while but got bored with it.  I got tired of looking for the hidden meanings within everything...sometimes a cigar IS just a cigar (besides, alot of movies are really not worth watching). I do appreciate what he is trying to do though. 

Anonymous said...

Ohhh wow Man...Excellent stuff.

Now this is weird...I seriously cannot believe ur Afghan..What a small world. Not for a second did i think that an Afghan(like myself) would be in the SynChro_Sphere. Im glad to know that im not the only Afghan. BisyaaR khoob!!!

Keep up the fabulous work.

PeaCe out mate

Anonymous said...

Is Jake Kotze being accused of New Age Nazism?

He doesn't seem so to me.

Besides, I think his work is valuable in thet it demonstrates a decided chink in our culture driven mechanistic paradigm.

It may not be the whole story but imagine tens or hundreds or thousands or more young people deconstructing their received media/entertainments with Kotze's enthusiasm....

the blow-back to the paradigm genrators in the Hollywood machine would be considerable.

The praxis of looking through the overt messages of our cultural overlords to that of a more subtle and perhaps divine intellegence is worthy of pursuit and ncouragement.

Jasun said...

no, no one accused JK of beng a new age nazi, just of possibly, unwittingly, pandering to the psi-op that has engendered this meme.

to be frank it's pretty much unavoidable, it's such a powerful meme, and i have done my share of pandering to it also.

Z said...

Excellent interview. I wonder if you have listened to an interview Jake did with Ben Fairhall on Red Ice- a similarly flavored dialogue with Ben taking your role in so far as also cautioned against moving past the conspiracy angle too quickly. I think it all depends on where you are on the path. I think the conspiracy angle is more important until you have fully accepted the gravity of the conspiracies that surround us. Jake's view is sorta like conspiracy grad school. A poor analogy perhaps, but that is my view.

Peggy- when you read Jake referring to "conspiracy whackos" (actually the preferred terminology is conspiraloon) please trust that this is a term of absolute endearment and kinship.