Saturday, October 25, 2008

Masonic Sorcerers Play Fair

This week I devoted the show to answering the questions posted at this blog. Subjects covered: Gnosis as an antipode to belief and opinion. How not to get lost in the data-deluge of paranoid research. Alex Jones and David Icke as unwitting disinfo agents? Mysteries of dream life, the second attention, and the other self. Movement of the assemblage point, ego transformation and death of the personal self. Lunar vs solar being. ET invasion as the ultimate manifestation of the Other: archetypal energy that creates a vortex which draws all our disowned aspects to it, like iron filings to a magnet, and from these creates "form." Grays as aspects of our collective Shadow. Movement from individual consciousness to collective, local awareness to non-local awareness that will include the consciousness of the planet, solar system and on, over the next 100 years. Humanity is the mind of the Earth. Earth awakening through a self-imposed crisis. Awareness of the body as a hive mind, a collective of cells just as the Universe is a collective of cells. Manufactured mythic narratives, the current financial (environmental, population) crisis setting up the conditions for us to accept totalitarian control system and become slaves of the State. The opportunity of the Revelation of the Method. Even Masonic sorcerers play fair (obey divine law).


Anonymous said...

Okay. Let's see if I can bring this down to brass tacks.

You, Aeolus, are creating a mythic narrative (and a fine one at that.)

When we, your listening audience, come here and communicate with you, we are leaving our passive/Lunar roles behind by engaging with the narrative through you, it's creator.

We become co-creators of this mythic narrative, is that right? But then what? How do we get from there to solar beingness?

Anonymous said...

And can you please explain how Shakespeare was a psy-op?!


Anonymous said...

you piqued my interest with this one as I am a subscriber to Alex Jones' and enjoy listening to David Icke as well.
I think I made it halfway through this one and I nodded off... beer and a comfy bed! Round two, here I come.
Thanks again for such an interesting podcast!


Anonymous said...

Ive been catching up on some of the older podcasts as well as listening to the new ones. Really great stuff. I especially liked your comments about Icke and Jones being unwilling agents of disinfo. I couldnt agree more. After watching Jone's Endgame and Icke's Freedom or Fascism performance at Brixton Academy I felt exactly as you said. Powerless and overwhelmed in the face of it and with zero idea on how to change anything. I have since tuned out to both of them. Alex Jones especially who I feel is really misguided more and more lately in his mission. Sending out 14 year olds to try and confront David Rockefeller or Brynzienski about 9/11 or their part in the plot is pretty worthless and does more harm than good. If anything it only shows the scope of what youre dealing with and how powerless these people were in face of it. I really enjoyed your last comments about admiring the weavers of the narrative and how that can help your own empowerment as well as their focus on the all seeing eye as their ultimate undoing. True, there is no escape from the divine. Things here in the states are getting a bit out of hand especially with the Presidential election only a week away. What are your thoughts on Obama? People want to trust him here but if he's running for President of the US who is he really? He will undoubtedly win the election, the overseers saw to that months ago. He beat the Clintons in the primaries. Thats not an accident. The MSM is even more in the tank for him than they were for Bush back in 2001-2003 who they now villify beyond belief. His running mate, Joe Biden, has let slip that there is a manufactured crisis coming up shortly after he takes office but since he is less the eagle or hawk and more the angel the public will more willingly follow him in whatever course he takes which his running mate Biden also said would be "unpopular". What are they talking about? Ive been doing alot of research about MK Ultra/Monarch project. I believe I knew a subject. Any opinion about Mark Phillips and Cathy O Brien? More disinfo? How about Michael Aquino? Have you ever read the Franklin cover-up? Interesting stuff. In any case, I will continue to listen to your podcasts.


Jasun said...

vicki, et al., answers forthcoming. patience!

Anonymous said...

There was an article in the Miami Times a few years ago about a mythic narrative created by homeless children in the city. I suppose now that these children, being outside the "system," were not participating in the consensus reality and that creating and projecting mythic narratives onto the world, maybe especially in stressful situations, is a natural function of the psyche.

It's a fascinating read for those who don't know it:

"Captured on South Beach, Satan later escaped. His demons and the horrible Bloody Mary are now killing people. God has fled. Avenging angels hide out in the Everglades. And other tales from children in Dade's homeless shelters."

Jasun said...

In the case of Shakespeare, perhaps the "psi-op" was to propagate the myth of the Individual genius/ artist, the common man who raises himself up by dint of his extraordinary ability, against all odds etc -an early model of celebrity in fact. It is generally accepted now that his works were created by a collective, and clearly they contain most of not all of the main alchemical elements of the mythic narrative. An early blueprint for revelation of the method? A sort of collective programming to plant various "keys" in the human psyche to be triggered thereafter by events, such as the JFK murder and its tie-ins to the Macbeth myth, etc? Everyone looks to Nostradamus for clues - a total waste of time to my mind. The real Masonic keys may not even be in Revelation so much as Shakespeare - hence "his" influence, arguably as great as Christ's, on western thought.
Also further evidence that the minds behind the mythic narrative creation can't be judged by moral criteria alone.