Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Picks up the debate on synchromysticism and the difference between animism and mysticism, answering questions from anonymous:

"What does it feel like when the very trees and fields are alive and interacting with one? How does one tell when one has made 'contact.' How does one know one isn't simply crazy??"

I discuss the bicameral mind, the parallels (and differences) between schizophrenia and shamanic consciousness, and ways to open a dialogue with the environment and mine our day-to-day life for symbolic meanings.


Anonymous said...

Jill Taylor's description of changes in her consciousness while she was having a massive stroke matches with what you are saying about the bicameral mind and animistic awareness, Aeolus.

The question is though, if we have evolved into a separate, rational consciousness, wouldn't we be devolving if we attempted to return to animistic awareness?

Jill's TED talk:

Jasun said...

it isn't a return but a progression. as i said, the world never ceased to be animate, we just created the impression of a corpse through isolate ego consciousness. The next stage would be to consciously surrender the ego-self into the animate universe, or the "gods"
which would (I imagine) then allow the world not only to be conscious, but also self-aware. In other words, we become the animate Universe, rather than exist as a separate organ of it. There would still be "ego" (POV) just not a personal, localized one. I would say the true Ego of the Earth realm is the Sun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question Aeolus. I'm not sure that I understand though.

Are you saying that we are currently in a state of self-delusion? That we have deluded ourselves into seeing what is animate as inanimate by inhabiting an ego that is somehow blind, but that we may be progressing into a collective Ego that is not?

Anonymous said...

Appreciating how you remind us to be players in our own lives, and to have a true relationship with our existence...
Had many realizations. Thank you Aeolus.

A few thoughts and curiosities... As the end times are here, just wonder: are relevant dreams possible visions of what is to come?
Other dreams feel like an experience, preparing. Can we be prepared??

Is death of ego what is required to create consciousness, or is the eventual awakening what will bring about the end of it?

Extra-Terrestrial invasion is inevitable, and though it is physically possible, seems there would be too much trauma for some. Could this also be interpreted as actually an invasion of raise of vibration?

If you can not cover all of this, a reply to one of them will satisfy ;)

Jasun said...

"Are you saying that we are currently in a state of self-delusion?"


"That we have deluded ourselves into seeing what is animate as inanimate by inhabiting an ego that is somehow blind, but that we may be progressing into a collective Ego that is not?"

Exactly that. Steiner is instructive on this, The Sun Mystery and other works.

We are blind because we look with the eyes rather that through them, we see only the flickering of our own projections.

also check out Richard Tarnas' PSYCHE AND COSMOS:

“What once pervaded the world as the anima mundi is now seen as the exclusive property of human consciousness. The modern human self has essentially absorbed all meaning and purpose into its own interior being, emptying the primal cosmos of what once constituted its essential nature. . . . It appears that this evolutionary trade-off has fostered the emergence of a centered autonomous self, one decisively set off from yet dynamically engaged with the encompassing world, a world that in turn has been voided of all those qualities with which the human being is uniquely identified. [And so] the achievement of human autonomy has been paid for by the experience of human alienation.”

Anonymous said...

Reich and Tarnas huh?

I guess I have some reading to do.

Thanks for responding Aeolus.

Anonymous said...

So I guess our race has a condition of collective ego inflation. We have this infernal God-Almighty-ness that is really insufferable.

Jasun said...

key difference: humans HAVE egos. The sun and stars ARE egos.

Anonymous said...

I got one- what do you know about project blue beam, and do you think the davinchi code is one of the illuminati efforts to plant fake archeological evidence to undermine religion, as that one of the first implimentations of said project. (there are at least 5 shows in just that. (i have done 5 lol..(try u tube for sound bytes) What happened on Oct 14th,and why would the "channels' Lie? does anyone buy the emperor's new clothes explanation of why we don't see the light ship? do you think the economic collapse in america is the pralude to the NAU, a bad copy of the EU? do you think the one world order is a sincere attempt at unification,or subjugation, and why. is unification nessesarry before we join the galactic federation? is there such a thing. in america there is the federal reserve scam, in europe how did the world bank take over the economy and what was the resoning for it? do you think that the reptilloids are real? pleadians? insectizoids? how many alien species are there in pop culture and how many, if any,do you think are real? you could talk about how aliens have moved from sci-fi to the history channel-ie. fairy tale to fact ? (on holloween i am airing "war of the worlds" so my thinking kinda revolves around that right now,heehee) You could allways lecture on genetic memory, i liked where you ran with that theory. If planet x is on the mayan calander why hasnt anyone spoken up about it,until now? if astrology originally included 13 planets, who changed it and when-why?

if thought creates-does a red spotted bunny live on a distant planet with a nitris atmosphere just cause i thought it, and if not why does it work on paper when string theory physics is applied? are electrons physicists aware?(Dr quantum utube/"creative conciousness"