Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are there any questions?

questions for the Podcast, please, or there may not be a show this week!


Anonymous said...

Hi aeolus. Do you think we are returnin to a hive-mind kind of conciousness, and if so, what would such a state of conciousness be like?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could examine the Blossom Goodchild the-aliens-will-appear-on-oct-14th
why people believe, why channelers think they are channeling etc.

Blossom released an apology and doesn't seem to have any idea why 'they' didn't show.

Personally, I think that channelers are hucksters or simply, seriously deluded.

I am deluded also of course.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing: Presumably your Masonic Sorcery Theater is the "influencing elite's" device for high-jacking our collective mythic narrative, right? It works because the part of our brains that perceives the world animisticly is still functioning, it's just that our dominant rational minds aren't aware of it.

So how can we tell the difference between a manufactured mythic narrative and the real thing?

Take the current "financial crisis." Is it theater or indicative of a shift in our collective consciousness? Could it be both? How would you analyze it?

Floyd Anderson said...

I'm very interested in hearing you talk about kundalini energy.....Homo Serpiens.....DNA, the serpent

What do you knwo about reptilian aliens?

Anonymous said...

From your review of Michael Hoffman's book -
'At one point, Hoffman admits that, by revealing the schemes of the dark cabal, he may be unwittingly serving its ends. Then he goes ahead and does it anyway. Quoting British Intelligence, he writes: “Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure our activities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them, they will release information into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirror our initiatory procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us. The meme that constitutes our essential structure is then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Success can then be measured precisely to the extent that our work is ‘exposed.’”

I'm interested in this 'Revelation of the Method' idea, that the more secrets conspiracy researchers bring to light, the more they serve the 'agenda'. Maybe a few comments?

Jasun said...

well, that should keep me going for a coupla hours!

thanks, fellow psychonauts

Anonymous said...

can aeolus explain connection between alien abduction and DMT? why these things similar? why do aliens often look like elves or clowns?????????????? why locations people transported always same? laboratories and playrooms. why do aliens want you to nurse babies? and if alien abduction a form of self help theatre what are abductees supposed to be learning???????

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I left my car keys?

Louis said...

I suggest we really put Aeolus to the test. Forget about aliens and viruses and consciousness and leprechauns and whatnot. Let's see if he can answer the greatest Zen koan of all time (as conceived by the late, great Bill Hicks): If a hard-on falls in the forest and no one's around, will you go blind? :D

Anonymous said...

if a tree could bear witness to its own growth.....and decay...and dissolution...it would be doing everything BUT enjoying the scenery..

the universe itself is an assembledge point....

everything pondered, assembled, concluded...is a personal story of an individual struggle to survive dissolution...to survive birth...

parcels...cannot open themselves...there is nothing to be opened into....because the universe itself is a parcel...what animates all, and continues to infuse all with life remains "not this"

a tree works...all things work here from ?....to !....and we are not and will never be what we are not right now...potential....we are a living reception of particular circumstances...being infused and having the nessessary response to that given the state of the union so to speak.....we work in a way that we do not understand....because understanding is parcel...
because self survival is absoluelty non essential to the process....

rest already exists.....as does completion...

who is there to surrender to in ourselves?

what is there to gain by surrender or lose through defiance?

this is what it IS to be here....not something we can alieviate ourselves from....but we are willed, empowered to do just that...try

to imagine ourselves as someone "else"...is not only imagination....its the case...we are "other"....

why is all this important?

it is really an exercise in selfexistense....everything here is NESSESSARily so....

we have only one thing that we cannot do....extinguish ourselves....all else we do is an attempt to gain this power....to "unbe" what we are...gain power to be the unbeing we are percieve we are not being

and the beauty is it will all nessessarily find its resolve in something that does not need our limitation...

because the limitation is the beautiful dying powerless parcel that cannot be redeemed...dies..and the origin again appears...reassembled...new.....meaningful...birth

through personal effort...

water is the essense of moisture - Zoolander

Anonymous said...

I think Zoolander got it backward: moisture is the essense of water. But I think you're absolutely correct that the Universe itself is an assemblage point.

Anonymous said...

You cannot wish to get rid of the rainbow because you know it to
be an illusion of light and color! You will not understand it if you do not realize its
illusory character. But it is just the same with all that modern science gives you for your
imagination of the universe, it gives only illusions and that must be recognized. It is by
educating oneself through these illusions that one arrives at the reality.

It comes from the fact that present human thinking, the present
intellect, lies in a stratum of being where it does not reach down to realities. One can
therefore prove something quite strictly, and also prove its opposite. It is possible today
to prove spiritualism on the one hand and materialism on the other. And people may fight
against each other from equally good standpoints because present-day intellectualism is
in an upper layer of reality and does not go down into the depths of being.

In fact, it is essential today to give up much of one's subjective inclination, much of what
one is attached to and thinks pious or clever. Mankind must above all seek universality
and the courage to look at things from all sides.

The countless illusions and fallacies accumulating in
materialistic science to-day, all the research that is not only futile but is prompted by the
vanities of men - these are things which in their effects in the higher worlds make
investigation into these manifestations and free vision in the higher world impossible or
to say the least, extremely difficult. Free vision is clouded as a result of the materialistic
research pursued here on earth. It is by no means easy to get to the root of these things.
But only wait for the time when spiritual science has become more widespread and when
through its influence the materialistic superstitions prevailing in our world will be swept
away! Once the nonsensical analogies and hypotheses leading to all kinds of conjectures
about the interior of the earth are cast aside, you will see that when spiritual science has
itself been integrated into the karma of humanity, when it finds the way to men's souls
and is able from there to overcome the opposing powers and materialistic superstitions,
when further research can be made into all that is connected with the bitterest foe of
mankind, that Being who fetters man's vision within the world of sense - you will see that
it will then be possible, even externally, to influence the karma of humanity in the sense
that the dire results of such happenings may be alleviated. The reason why the Initiates
must be silent about happenings connected with the great karma of humanity is to be
found in the materialistic superstitions of men. Many scientific pursuits are in no way
imbued with the Faustian striving for truth but prompted entirely by vanity and ambition.
How much scientific research is promoted in the world simply because an individual is
seeking for something that will be to his personal advantage! If you sum up all these
things you will realize the strength of the force that obstructs vision into the world behind
the external phenomena of the material world. Not until this fog has been cleared away
will the time come when, in respect of certain mysterious manifestations of nature
emanating from the foes of mankind and trespassing deeply into human life, it will be
possible for help - and then in no small measure - to be given to mankind. Until that time
comes there is no such possibility.